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  1. John at |

    That’s a neat list, with some swords I’ve never heard of before. Feel free to check out as well for more swords.

  2. zawyar at |

    the sword’s name is zulfiqar its a q not g

  3. ajay at |

    khanda is the sharpest scored 328 kills in the showdeadliest warrior.highest kills scored by any other sword.wootz steel contains carbon nanotubes which makes it extremely sharp

    1. atok rockers at |

      salahuddin al ayubi sword is the sharpes sword in the world, it is damascus sword/persia sword..proof from the germany saintis Prof Dr. Peter Paufler and many west saintis..use nano can through crusader metal or amour dress, cutting two enemies sword, slash armourdress & stone with no damage at the sword.

  4. atok rockers at |

    number 1 must be salahuddin al ayubi sword..the most sharpest sword in the world..make by the secrect skill at damascus..alluminium are heavy than this sword metal..the intelligent iq Allah give to islam warrior to beat kafir technology in metal..

  5. Divyraj at |

    Why does no1 know about Indian history Maharana Prataps sword believe it or not it weights 25kg its in the udaipur museum he has cut a man in half with it. His sword should definitely be in this list. The indian sword Khanda.

  6. Astaroth at |

    How about Crocea Mors? The sword of the greatest conqueror and commander ever is definitely worth a placement on this list. Should be interesting to know if it is still there in Nennius’ tomb…

    1. Michael at |

      So what ? Some of the samurai swords in Japanese museum have documentations of them cutting through five men.

  7. Far1s at |

    I would like to add some more info about this hand-combat weapon,search about “Keris Taming Sari” the most famous Keris in Nusantara Archipelago,it is believed been made with many types of steel embedded into one mold,and also for muslims,the iron from the padlock used for Kaaba has also been added into it,throughout many folklore,it has been said that whoever hold the weapon cannot be killed or be harmed,also wielded by Hang Tuah given by the Sultanate of Malacca originally came from Majapahit,sorry for bad grammar!

  8. Bahri Guney at |

    The most beautifull sword in the world is the Sword of Fatih Sultan Mehmed
    its shown in the Topkapi palace in Istanbul …you can find also there the sword of Mohammed the Prophet and the sword of Ali “Zulfiqar”
    Turkish swords are the best sword’s in the world ..The metal and construction is superior to al swords of kind …even much much better than Japanese Swords ….
    The western people in Europa and America did copy the Turkish Sword even today
    In fact the sword of Napoleon is even a Turkish sword of design and construction

    1. Michael at |

      There are Japanese swords that have cut through five men. Could cut through Turkish sword as well in the hands of a trained swordsman.

      1. Adam at |

        Japanese sword barely cut 2 pigs on tests so cttting through 5 naked man claims rather stupid.
        Japanese sword made by techniques bestowed by Turks, and chinese.
        Metal in japan terrible quality it’s mostly piss poor corroded iron sand while Turks were APEX of blacksmithing world that acess to finest material in the world.
        Turkis conquered more land than any other etnic group in the history of man and their curved swords insipred created many like it such as ;
        Dao (sword)
        Mameluke sword: a derivative of the Kilij
        Tachi : basis for katana
        Yatagan: another distinctive Turkish sword

        ps: Kilij cuts better than a katana it’s tried and true.

  9. Vishal Rana at |

    There is no sword of the great indian Warrior Maharana Pratap.
    I think you also have to mention that one in this list.


  10. Rose at |

    Sword of Goujian – A historical artifact from the Spring and Autumn Period is an amazing sword should be mentioned in this page.

  11. Mick Mmlado at |

    There is also Zande sword used by Zande warrior ( an Ethiopian tribe) . They had a popular quote that goes: “We Zandes kill. We don’t have time to take you back to camp. That’s not our purpose when we go into battle. Our purpose is to take you out.”

  12. A1000 at |

    Sword of Chattrapati Shivaji, it weighted 80 kgs, it should be the heaviest sword in the world.

  13. Rishabh Singh Ghalot at |

    its incomplete without the indian king Maharana Pratap Singh’s sword cos that was over 50 kg & could cut a soilder along with his horse into two

  14. Lavesh rajpurohit at |

    yo rishabh, i agree u, maharana pratap’s sword weighs upto 50 kg & should be at the top………… And do u watch maharana pratap on sony tv

  15. Masood at |

    OMG Awesome Collection Of Sword But Sultan Salhudin Ayubi Sword Was Missing in Top Sword List ,ANy Ways Nice Work

  16. cap at |

    If we could only find the greatest sword of all, that of Alexander The Great !!

  17. The Unknown at |

    This is worthless. Zulfiqar is the most powerful sword. Keep it at #1 .

  18. Michael at |

    This list was awesome!

  19. Gina at |

    You’ve got an awful lot of swords on here that are more famous than deadly. As a general rule (HA!), generals, kings, etc. don’t actually do that much killing directly. Most of the swords on this list are more “famous and ceremonial.”

  20. A at |

    Maharana Pratap’s sword weighed 25 kgs and he did cut Behlol Khan and his horse during the war of Haldighati vertically,in just one blow.


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