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  • Ali Hayat

    Awesome list. Number 1 was a bit surprising, but deserving nonetheless.

  • MagnuS

    Stanley found Livingstone on May 27, 1876 in Ujiji. He was standing in the midst of a group of Arab slave traders and Stanley approached him and uttered the famous greeting “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

    When Livingstone died in 1873?

    According to the text, seems that Stanley was speaking to a dead & mummified & propped up Livingstone?

    • Sorry about that, the date has been corrected. Now where did my site editor go? 😉

      Stanley found Livingstone in the town of Ujiji on October 27, 1871. And he was quite alive at the time.

  • williemex

    Cortez did not burn his ships, the materials and fittings were much too valuable for that. He dismantled them and reused everything. Also this happened in a small bay in the state of Veracruz, about 800 miles west of where he first landed, Isla Cozumel.

  • Topher

    What!?! Land of the Lost should have been #1, everyone loves Marshall, Will & Holly.

    Great list BTW, very fun to read.

  • Healthy Aging

    Oh! The last entry of the man on the moon was a bit of a surprise there!

  • dogus

    hi, i am really really really really confused who is the first guy ever to land on the moon? because u searched on google + you-tube + BBC they all say that Apollo and Neil strong both landed on the moon in the same year? did they both have a race to the moon then have a tea party? if so then why is there only one foot print on the moon it cant be both of them who went =S

    • Justin Jurek

      Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were both part of the same crew (Apollo 11). Buzz was the second man to walk on the moon, getting out after Neil.

      And the reason there is only one footprint we know of is because that was the best picture of one they had, so it’s the one NASA used in press releases and such. Follow me?

  • You can digitally experience the explorations of Roald Amundsen, Hernan Cortes, Charles Darwin, Marco Polo, H.M. Stanley, Lewis and Clark, and over 20 other famous explorers in Google Map at MyReadingMapped. There you can zoom in close to see the actual villages, forts, ruins, pyramids, etc. and read the eBook written by the explorer, or historian, that is page-referenced and quoted within the map on a location by location basis in order to prove the accuracy of the map. In addition, you can use the associated Google Earth KML files to digitally walk the path the explorer traveled from location marker to location marker.

    • Joe

      y didnt they take videos like neil and buzz?

  • Google Earth

    Now we have many apps to use with GPS and maps with Android apps and others, Technology facilitates humans to investigate and learn

  • adstow

    And not even a peep about James Cook – probably the most important explorer of them all outside of Christopher Columbus.

  • frank

    james cook

  • chimaobi

    Am just confused who was the most famous explorer of the ten

  • Kiza

    You really need James Cook in here. He basically reinvented cartography and was the first (of any people) to determine there was no Terra Australis Incognito. No one had circumnavigated the globe to the extend and meticulous detail that he had done. He should be at least no. 2.


  • Oren

    No vasco de gama, no james cook, no john smith, instead at number one they give us a hoax.