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  1. Gwen at |

    Amityville was a hoax. The family finally said they could not afford the house and created the tale to get out from under the mortgage… look it up if you don't believe me…

  2. The Red Hen of Hoova at |

    Gwen, while I would like to look it up, I'm also very lazy. Please provide a source.

    I personally don't believe in ghosts. If I saw one, I might have a different opinion. If there was any real evidence of ghosts, then scientists would study the evidence so we can revise the laws of nature and conclude that somehow energy can be transformed into a ghostly form. Every time people have tried to study it seriously, they can't find any evidence. (Part of that may be because ghosts refuse to put on a show when scientists are in a room, which makes studying them impossible).

    1. Jhett at |

      Now that?s sublte! Great to hear from you.

  3. James at |

    the information posted by Gwen is completely TRUE! Mr. Lutz and Robert Dofeo's( the guy in the house that murdered his family) lawyer came up with the idea whilst they were drunk off of wine, the lawyer came out and said it was a hoax


  4. don at |

    well idk about the amityville house anymore after reading all that info on that link so thank you for posting it and has anyone ever heard of the jersey devil

  5. LORI at |

    Why not make the images enlargeable ??? The Hawthorne photo is so small you can’t see anything.


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