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  • Claypot

    This is a great list.

    love the interesting facts 🙂

  • Rob

    I have to question how famous #1 and #2 are. I’m 41 and have never seen either. I realize that I haven’t seen everything, but to miss the #1 and #2 “most famous” photos in the world? Seems unlikely, as in: it’s unlikely those are the two “most famous” photos in the world.

    • Rob,

      A fair criticism and unfortunately the name of the site was a limiting factor I have chosen to ignore. When writers such as the supremely talented Bryan Johnson, write lists they usually want to stay away from the lists that have been written before or lists that have the same photos or videos and such. So the authors like to compile lists that have items on it that are famous or important, but will be different from what you have seen before.

      Hopefully you learned something and the fact that these might not be the ten most famous photographs to you is something you can overlook due to the interesting nature of the article.

      Sometimes I remove the “Top” from the title. I feel that is acceptable in this instance, hence the new title, 10 Famous Pictures from Around the World. Better?

      • Rob

        I understand your points, and was not commenting on the quality of Mr. Johnson’s writing. It is a good list, and informative. I think you nailed it; it’s the “Top” in the title that I thought a bit off.

  • Dennis

    # 1–American Soldier at D-Day is famous and rightly so–The others?….Nah.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      As you wish baby but the Great Patrotic War was what determined the winners of the war and was way more important than anything you did (except for the bomb of course :))

      • Dennis

        That is the most nonsensical post I’ve ever seen.

      • Western Front

        If that were true why did Stalin “Beg” the Allies to open a western Front?

    • Wayne

      Nasty, arrogant, ignorant, and disrespectful comment. nuff said!!

  • BryanJ

    Nice call. Thanks for the compliment. I like to create articles with entries that will teach people something new. I chose pictures that are famous, but haven’t been featured on a lot of different websites.

  • Little_Sam

    I can think of at least four pictures that definitely should be on this list somewhere. One is the picture of the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima. I know this photo was staged, but it still should be on this list somewhere. Another is the picture of the naked little girl running down the streets of Vietnam after a Napalm attack. A third is a picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Finally there should be a picture of the hijacked plane striking the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. These pictures should be on this list somewhere.

    • But we have seen all of those repeatedly. The idea was to show other famous photos. Now you have more to think to about. 😉

  • Jim49

    F Lee Bailey late claimed that Patty Hearst photo was determined to have been cropped by the FBI lab to not show another SLA member keeping her gun trained on Hearst. Also Hearst later claimed a hole had been cut in the jacket pocket and her hand affixed with wire to the gun in the advent of an attack by police, she could not drop the gun and would therefore be ‘martyred’ for the SLA cause.

  • Samy F Hedayah

    Those were very informative Photgraphs, including the their foot comments of course, thank you..just one Fact I’ve konwn for the first time, cocerning the comment on the photo of “American Soldier at D-Day”, Here is a copied part of it :[during the Invasion of Normandy, photographer Robert Capa was able to capture 106 action photographs. Capa sent his film to Life magazine in order to have it developed. After an error occurred, Life magazine destroyed the film and only 11 pictures were salvageable.]
    For Heaven’s Sake,, How Come..!? how could such rare photographs, which are considered Documentaries of Top Importance to the History of whole The World, not only to the Allies Nations…!!???

    • Western Front

      What I read was that the young film tech in London was too eager to see the film and so removed them from the developer solution too quickly, and the negatives were ruined. I could be wrong.

  • In the pic with GWB the “Mission Accomplished” was referring to the SHIP, not the WAR.