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  • Clifford Vickery

    I enjoyed this because it shed light on many sides of Napoleon that are seldom seen. However i feel like napoleans actions may have only contradicted his writings. He speak of a unity and equal rights but spends most of his life fighting and opressing others. He refers to a good woman as a “treasure” but spends most of his time off “jewel” hunting. As much as Napoleon was physically engaged in war. I fell he was also engaged in an internal war. It seems like Napoleon has a sence of Right and wrong however historically fails to take that into consideration and self interests always prevail.

  • Rachel

    #10 really caught my eye. I was like um, what? Never knew that about him.

  • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

    Hey everyone! Some huge Napoleon news: (Spielberg is apparently going to finally make Kubrick’s Napoleon movie!!!).

  • David Morrisnewell

    I think Napoleon was a great military leader, but I also think he needed to learn when and where to quit. Not necessarily give up, but if he had found a good stopping point, maybe he would have lived longer and possibly viewed less as an exploiter.

  • Joshua Y.

    My fiancee is a YSU graduate with a degree in history. She studied for a year in Europe. She has come to convince me, mostly because of his love for Josephine, that Napoleon was more good than bad. His life was far more intriguing than I had ever thought before this year. Before February, most of my knowledge of Napoleon was taken from The Count of Monte Cristo…

  • Regal A

    Number 5, I think its pretty true in some circumstances. Ive seen it reflected in some men that I know of that dont like dogs and they either committed adultery, divorced eventually, violent in their relationship, etc. Now of course i’m not saying this is always true. Every situation is different. Maybe its just coincidence between the two but in someway its true, but not always. Good analysis from Napoleon though

  • Christie Wade

    This is a great article- it really makes you realize that, while a powerful leader, Napoleon is a person just like the rest of us. His love for Josephine and dogs is what made this stand out to me the most!

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Christie,

      Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it! Wow! Seventy comments already! I am pleased that so many of you have found this list worth commenting on. Would you like to see more lists of fascinating quotations by famous people?



  • Ryan Kidd

    I think this article shows how Napoleon wasn’t a nasty leader like some think. He deeply cared for Josephine and even hallucinated about her on his deathbed. Napoleon’s main downfall was his ambition for land and to conquer the world, but honestly who can blame him? If you can conquer that much land, you are going to want more. It is human nature.

  • Yevgeniy

    By far i found this to be the most interesting article straight from the beginning. Kind of though maybe their should have been top 10 romantic Napoleon and top 10 Napoleon quotes. I saw the romantic part of it quite interesting from a guy like Naopeon.

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Yevgeniy,

      Good suggestion! Napoleon wrote many, many love letters to his wives that make him seem far less like the stereotypical tyrant.



  • Mark Jackson

    What I found interesting in this article was the fact that Napoleon was actually quite human. The majority of the time he is depicted as a little angry man on a horse. However, These quotes show that Napoleon had a different side to him. My favorite quote was the quote about dogs. I like how he compares dogs hand being faithful to a cause. Napoleons men, I am sure, had to be dog lovers.

  • Steve

    Well, Napoleon would have loved the EU..