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  1. Josh
    Josh at |

    The SR-71 is rumored, or actually, in the middle east doing recon flights. Seems that someone is the military found out that the high def cameras can actually see disturbed soil and it helps spot road side bombs. As we know the road side bombs are one of the if not deadliest weapons in the middle east. The infared cameras can actually spot people planting them at night too.

  2. Pile of Pooh
    Pile of Pooh at |

    You could add the Aurora to this list… if it weren’t classified.

    Damn. I have to kill you now. Sorry, my bad.

    1. marc payne
      marc payne at |

      WE ARE TALKING SERVICE AIRCRAFT NOT POSIBLE PROTOTYPES that prob don’t exist some dude reckons he saw and filmed it but is refusing to release the tape for national security reasons what a lying dickhead he must be if he thinks anybody believes him

  3. GR
    GR at |

    I was surprised that the Aurora wasn’t included on this list. Its rumored that it can reach speeds of Mach 6+

  4. Nuraly
    Nuraly at |

    Serriously only one USSR plane?

  5. Peter David
    Peter David at |

    Seriously? Nuraly can’t count the FIVE Soviet planes on this list…in other words fully HALF of the aircraft shown?

    Also, the MiG-25 Foxbat could only do Mach 3.2 as a one-time shot. It would always blow the engines. But the West didn’t know that for years until Viktor Belenko defected.

    1. lgoggedhours
      lgoggedhours at |

      I agree with Peter David. The MiG-25 was a garbage can with massive engines that would engines that would overrev when spooled up to reach top speed to the point of destruction. When the U.S. was designing the F-15 as competition for the MiG-25 they got a good look at the ’25 and decided it wasn’t a threat when compared to the agility of the F-15. As of this date, the F-15 has a 100 to 0 kill rate in air to air combat.

  6. D
    D at |

    1. F-35 Fighter Planes need to go Faster beyond (M) 2.5 + too! The F-22 Need to go Faster too! is Speed is (M) 2.5 + too! YF-23 Needs to go Faster too! Beyond (M) 2.5 + too! They are Fifth Geration Figther Jets too!!

  7. JB
    JB at |

    why is the tomcat on here twice

    1. PeterDavid
      PeterDavid at |

      Because the F-14D and the F-14A are being considered as two entirely different aircraft.
      Regardless, I don’t think their figures for the A and D are entirely correct, vis a vis the D being slower, but top aircraft speed is rather difficult to measure and quantify.

  8. Phill
    Phill at |

    Rather surprised the English Electric Lightning wasn’t featured here. Although its reported speed was just over Mach 2.0, it can and did go much quicker, exceeding Mach 2.5 which would firmly put it on this list.

  9. nick
    nick at |

    the true fastest plane is F-22 Raptor

    1. Leo
      Leo at |

      Umm, no it isn’t the Lockheed Martin SR-71 blackbird is the fastest military aircraft to leave the ground. I’m sorry, but you are wrong.

      1. RAAF
        RAAF at |

        I think Nick means that it is truly the fastest FIGHTER JET The States has created

  10. Kevin Graham
    Kevin Graham at |

    Just researching independently to see how the Avro-Arrow compares with modern jet-fighters and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it still has what it takes to compete in this modern day era.
    The Avro-Arrow top altitude is a remarkable 50,000 ft and its top speed was Mach 2, not bad for a jet -figher designed in 1953. One would conclude that if modern day parts and equipment were substitued for the 1950’s technology it would be more than a capable jet-fighter for this day and age as well.
    This jet-fighter is special to most Canadians and has become a symbol of our technological abilities then and perhaps one day again. I will never give up on this jet-fighter or its enginuity, this technological icon will one day fly over our skies again, of this I am sure. Patience is a virtue and a national dream never dies, it just gets more and more of an issue as time passes this marvel of Canadian aviation by. If this is not the right time to renew this fighter jet then one day that day will come to pass. the time has come for Canada to compete in this very very competative industry, if not in the opinions of the some, then most certainly in the opinions of the many. Leaders lead and followers follow, this jet-fighter was at the time an industry leader in its class, and could be again.

  11. Alex
    Alex at |

    Su-24 barely reaches 1.3 Mach, where did you get the 2.4 figure?

  12. David
    David at |

    1. The Fastest Jet Fighter Is Mig Figher Faxbat : (M)3.2 TOO!

  13. anon
    anon at |

    sr-71 is not used by military anymore, it shouldnt be on the list

  14. Alex
    Alex at |

    Still didn’t get an answer, why is the Su-24 on the list? Top speed, with wings swept back and full afterburner is 1.35 Mach, and that’s at the optimum altitude, and only for around 2 minutes. So, why is it on the list? Nowhere near 2.4. Haven’t started checking the rest, maybe I can find more.

  15. marc payne
    marc payne at |

    x 15 mach 6.7

  16. richardparker
    richardparker at |

    Seen a Similar kind of list but this time its about Bomber Aircraft’s


  17. kago semelamela
    kago semelamela at |

    the euro-fighter typhoon is the one of speedy air machine


  18. Arkin
    Arkin at |

    You’ve just forgotten the infamous F4 phaontoms.

    They can reach Mach 2.23

    Upgraded versions of f4s’ still in use:
    f4 terminator 2020

    f4e-tm ?im?ek (pronounced “shimshek” means lightning)

    rf4e-tm I??k (pronounced as “ISHK” means light)


    when the HABU was still flying i made some neat pix & film of it.
    you can look at my special S.R.71 BLACKBIRD webpage if you click the link for the website.

  20. warren Panis
    warren Panis at |

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  21. Lee Lim
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