Top 10 Best Video Games To Be Excited About in 2011


Gamers, prepare for 2011. There are some very cool game titles coming. George Lucas and his studio are releasing the first series of the Star Wars video game. Electronic Arts is trying to take Crysis to a whole new level. We also have Rage, Portal 2 and Gears of War 3, all delightful if you love to smash those evil monsters and see even uglier creatures.

Last but not least, Mortal Kombat and Dead Space will provide a new level of enjoyment for FPS fans out there. Let’s get started with the best video games for 2011!

10. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Release date: Q1/Q2 2011

Publisher: LucasArts

Star Wars: The Old Republic

What’s cool about Star Wars: The Old Republic

I predict a future statistic: “50% of StarWars fans bought The Old Republic!” This game will be a masterpiece from the studio of George Lucas himself! Prepare for some real (space) action.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be your typical MMORPG. LucasArts promises some exciting developments, like different classes, storylines, and more.

9. Crysis 2

Release date: March 22, 2011

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Crysis 2 Electronic Arts

What’s cool about Crysis 2

2023, New York, nano-tech… do I need to say more? Oh, and DirectX 11. Better plan for a new graphic card.

The action this time is around New York (yeah, you’ll be able to destroy the entire city mua-ha-ha-ha!). If it was “Nomad” in Crysis 1, now it is “Alcatraz” that’s the main unit.

8. Rage

Release date: September 13, 2011

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Rage game 2011

What’s cool about Rage

This game looks like a horror movie. If you like horror movies, then I bet you can’t wait for this game. Til then, pump your adrenalin with some Unreal Tournament (and the latest Puppet Master: Axes of Evil).

The story goes like this: an asteroid hits the planet (or, in other words, the apocalypse already happened). Now you’re playing in a post-apocalyptic world. And yeah, you’re one of those important guys who was created to re-build and bring peace to the entire planet.

7. Portal 2

Release date: TBA 2011

Publisher: Valve

Portal gameshot

What’s cool about Portal 2

You’ll have to use your brain in this one (which isn’t very bad after all!). This game was supposed to come out in 2010 but Valve decided to delay it for 2011. Unfortunately, we still don’t know the exact release date. As you can see from the pictures, you’ll be that guy with the portal gun who will try to solve various mysteries and puzzles through the game. As you go, you’ll face the strange laws of gravity in the world (and maybe learn some new things about physics) and learn how to use your gun in creative ways.

6. Gears of War 3

Release date: April 5, 2011

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Gears of War 3`

What’s cool about Gears of War 3


Gears of War

Hell, yeah!

Seriously though, this game is totally awesome. You’ll be presented with new characters and, as you progress, new weapons. If you ever played Gears of War 2, get prepared for the Grenade, the Digger Launcher (hey, I don’t know what are they supposed to do exactly but they sound cool) and many, many others.

Oh, and lovely guys like that beautiful monster pictured above. His teeth are so…unique.

5. Mortal Kombat 9

Release date: Spring 2011

Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Mortal Kombat

What’s cool about Mortal Kombat 9

I can’t believe I’ve included something by Warner Bros in this list. Those guys have learned the definition of a good game. This game is perfect for people addicted to details (various levels, a super meter, etc.)

This game is 2D. 2D game play BUT 3D graphics. The creators will try to resemble the time of the first 3 series of Mortal Kombat. What’s new, however, is the locations and some of the characters.

4. Driver: San Francisco

Release date: January-March 2011

Publisher: Ubisoft

driver san francisco

What’s cool about Driver: San Francisco

Enough with FPS games. Time for something exciting, something that will pump your adrenalin…cops…yes…and a car…let’s just hope it’s DirectX 11 and has a killer graphic.

The story…priceless. A guy is being shot and falls into coma. The game takes place in his coma dream (!!!). Some other strange additions are the inability to get out of the car and the low number of frames-per-second.

3. Dead Space 2

Release date: January 25, 2011

Publisher: Electronic Arts

driver san francisco

What’s cool about Dead Space 2

It’s all dead…in a big space. But now things are gonna get even worse in Dead Space 2 with mental illnesses, churches and yes, a space station.

Your job? Survive. Kill those monsters. Do whatever you can not to get dead and eaten by those sweet lizards.

2. Toaru Majutsu no Index

Release date: January 27, 2011

Publisher: ASCII Media Works

toaru madjutsu no index

What’s cool about Toaru (try to spell the rest)

Anime lovers, you thought we were going to forget you, no? Well here are your favorite chicks and they are finally in a video game where you can do whatever you want to them. Coming soon on January 27, 2011.

Honestly, I would love to include a future list of some anime games. So, anime lovers, if you can suggest some anime video game titles in the comments section, that would be very cool.

1. Assasin’s Creed 3

assassins creed


No Assassins Creed in 2011

🙁 Yes, they all were lies and false speculations. Anyway, Assassin’s Creed is the best game in existence. Allow me make it up to you with some juicy gameshots:

Asssassins Creed Screenshots

more Asssassins Creed Screenshots

So, there you have it, some of the best games for 2011. It will be an exciting year for gamers.

by Darko

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  1. GOW 3 was terrible. The only decent part of the game was the island at the end (best 360 graphics to date). Portal 2 was the clear winner.

  2. Mortal Kombat , I always play with this one. I just like their concept of the game-a contra battle. And this is one of my favorite. Second is the Street Fighter. Glad that it was included here.

  3. Those pictures aren’t from Assassin’s Creed 3. That is Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2. And the list… only Assassin’s Creed is in the right position :)).

  4. How the hell did a damn anime game make the list and not BF3, MW3, or Skyrim? Those are like the most popular games. Everyone I know, wants at least two of those games. Although I know if you put MW3 on there, a bunch of butt hurt bandwagon retards would freak out about it.

  5. 1.Skyrim
    2.Saints Row:The Third
    3.Assasins Creed:Relevation
    4.Fallout:San Fransico
    5.Batman:Arkhahm City
    6:Battlefield 3
    8.WWE 12
    10.Well………. if you didn’t like the last 9 then gth! peace out!!!!!!

  6. What about MGS Rising? If the rumours are true, (which a lot of the time they aren’t) then I would have to say that Raiden’s sequel will be #1. But AC3 looks epic, having left us with a huge wanting for 3 after the rollercoaster ending to AC2.. The lore that MGS is going to fill in with Raiden’s capture by the Patriots will be something that will tell us more about Gray Fox and the experiments that they did on Frank Jeager (who is Gray Fox) which were obviously improved upon to create Raiden’s new exo-skeleton. I’m a big lore fan of many franchises through out history and I must say this new game will be something special and not just because of the gameplay that I have seen up to this point.

  7. Good list but you forgot too add uncharted and rachet and clank all 4 one both great and very well.done games

  8. >no Skyrim
    >no Deus Ex: Human Revolution (aka Game of the Year)
    >No Batman Arkham City
    >No Battlefield 3
    >No Skyward Sword
    At least you didn’t put Cowwadooty Modern Warfare 12

  9. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is the best and most WINNER game ever! (sarcasm)

  10. Ezio Auditore on

    awesome list, assassins creed is the best franchise known to man!!!!update the picture though


    1.inFamous 2 looks freaking awesome make your own levels
    2.Batman Arkham City another unforgettable game
    3.Uncharted 3 One of the best franchises comes back
    4.Brink Like assassins creed fps shooter in a blender with MAG
    5.LBP 2 already came out but came out early 2011
    7.Battlefield 3 Frostbite engine
    8.Uncharted portable i have no PSP but sounds cool
    9.Minecraft portable Rumor but would be coool

  12. Well Dead Space is pretty fun but, there is no homefront or Duke Nukem and GOW3 is just like all the other shooter games. *sigh we need a new fallout game now to keep me interested in gamming. Or at least a new and good strategy game or sumthing.

  13. Worst list EVER!

    First off… WHERE IS SKYRIM?

    Skyrim might just end up being the best game in history.

    Second. Uncharted 3? I don’t see it on your list. I bet you only play 360, that has to explain why you didn’t mention one of the best adventure franchises ever.

    And Arkum city?

    That list is junkie and if those were the best games coming out this year it would be pretty depressing.

  14. i hated assasins creed (brotherhood)… mosty beause u can’t just go and kill stuff. You have avoid being seen, which is dull and frustrating. Also i don’t realy like gears of war. It’s all grainy and your charictar is fat, slow, and soulless. (Allthough i love the chain saw >;) )

  15. This whole list is all Rehash..MK9 how the hell can anyone be excited about that lol, GoW 3 ya ya same old few new weapons same GFX, SW ToR…SW KtoR 3… Rage morrowind meets madmax same old engine, Driver (no comment)….Portal 2 Meh…AC3 lets climb some more buildings, Dead Space 2 was great!!! best thing since System shock 2. And any Anime games with boobs are good.

    Whew my rant 🙂

    games for this year, i really want to see a game that is not number 2 or number 9, that would be a hard list to make.

    Diablo 3
    Duke Nukem
    Morrowwind 5 (skyrim)

  16. For some reason I like Retrogamer’s list way better then the original.
    Gears of War 3 and Dead Space will be awesome !

  17. They should change the picture of No 2(Toaru). Its a spin off anime of Toaru called ”To Aru Kagaku no Railgun ” . the picture got nothing to do with the Game theyre talking about. What it says only ” It will be made into anime. personaly i have no idea why its in the list. its 3D fighting game for PSP. it sucks.

  18. The video game industry is dying. Pretty much all the games mentioned by you all are sequels. There is no novelty in video games these days. For example, the assassin’s creed series is pretty much the same as the prince of persia series except that you have more freedom to do as you wish; I mean come on, the two series are made by the same people, they’re virtually identical. Gears of War 3, Killzone 3, call of duty one million — all these games are the same.

    • This is how the game industry works. If you do some research you’ll notice that since the 80’s games have always relied on sequels and on copying the format imposed by key figure games.

      And while you are right that there are a lot of shooters that resemble each other it’s clear you have little knowledge of modern games. GOW3 killzone 3 and COD aren’t exactly clones. In fact those are some of the games other companies copy because of their originality.

  19. Completely with you, but I think it was less exciting when they cut a lot of characters fans were excited about.

  20. It is so funny. on any other site.. many people look at portal and they are thinking wtf?? its just a game of the movie Cube…

  21. What’s up with that Anime entry all the way up at number 2??
    I’m not trying to offend any of you Anime fans by saying that but I just don’t think it belongs on this list.
    This is a list of the top 10 games that the AUTHOR is excited for in 2011 since it’s mostly subjective.
    There are a LOT of great games completely left out, games that are quite big and important names.
    Ask the majority of gamers if they’re excited about a “Toaru” game and most of them will tilt their heads to the side in confusion. Even if you ask those who do know the girls from “Toaru” and they will just give you a half-assed “Meh”.
    Crysis was an absolute PC melter and beautiful game amazing gameplay, Portal was genius, unique and a breath of fresh air, Gears of War has a huge following and Mortal Kombat has more history than all of the games on the list. Yet, their ALL in the bottom half!
    I highly disagree with this list.

  22. No matter who made this list it would be skewed by their own tastes, so it's a great list.

    My personal top 10 games I'm looking forward to in 2011.

    1) Rage

    2) Star Wars: The Old Republic

    3) Diablo 3

    4) Portal 2

    5) Dragon Age 2

    6) Dead Space 2

    7) Crysis 2

    8) Bulletstorm

    9) Killzone 3

    10) Batman Arkham City

  23. Strangerfromafarcoas on

    Top Ten Worst list more like it. All the games are horrible. I am really disappointed kotor3 is made mmorpg. And why isnt Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm on the list?

    • I know and what about Killzone 3, infamous 2, Socom 4, Resistence 3, Batman: Arkham City they are huge games coming out in 2011 bigger than some of those on that list…

  24. Assassins creed 3 hasn't been cancelled! Assassins creed brotherhood is coming out in November 2010! It is basically a sequel, and dont say it's an add on, because there is a lot more to this game

    • soooooooo true…. most anticipated game for the last 10 years apart from sc2 but still highly anticipated…. and not a mention?

    • Cause Diablo 3 is an obvious? Come on think about it Diablo 3 is a league all to itself, rather add some other slightly less famous game instead of adding a game that’d outshine everything else on the list!

    • Mass Effect is a friggin joke of a game.

      The graphics are choppy and the edge lines are rollers, it does not look ‘real’ whatsoever.

      The storyline is as if a guy from Bioware went downtown and found himself a Video Game Storyline Vending Machine. He put a quarter in and out popped a little booklet showing the entire storyline about Mass Effect from start to finish. Really, the storyline is amateurish and crappy and takes alot of joy out of the game. And what’s a good critic without a reason? The storyline has shallow characters whose only ‘depth’ is that they have different tastes in how to blow up something or somebody. It’s like a black hole..It tells you something and the whole thing is forgotten 2 sentences into the cinematics. All the game is about is shooting up things…

      Sorry, but I think I’ll go blow the dust off of my Counter Strike, thanks very much.

      Bioware’s biggest problem is exactly that…DA:O? The storyline? Exactly the same…it’s supposed to be an RPG, and an RPG requires that you FEEL as if you’re actually there…ME1 & 2, and DA:O all make me feel as if I’m standing in a 1980’s Arcade, my feet getting sore from standing up for too long.

      • Spoken like a person who has never played the game. I’ll tell you what, pal, play Mass Effect 2 all the way through and then make an assnine statement like that.

        • And I’ll tell you what, bro, read a dictionary all the way through so you can learn how to spell asinine. : )

          Mass Effect is genius.

  25. I hope they fix the interface in crysis 2 *Making hotkeys for suit powers, etc.* I hated the old interface in crysis.

  26. What the hell is wrong with you Darko?! thats not a portal 2 screenshot your pissing off allot of people mainly the portal Gods!

  27. People who buy TOR are traitors to KotOR. Part of the joy of that game was replaying it. And replaying a game in infinitely more fun without a level 15-max level grind of repetative quests. Every MMO claims its different and does things to cover up the grind, but after a while its apparent that working a job is more entertaining only because it results in money earned instead of spent.

    • I agree with jawa. Kotor was one of the best games i have ever had the joy of playing. I wasnt expecting much out of it, but was blown away. great game, i believe it set the bar for RPG's. which we need more of.