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  1. Batman666
    Batman666 at |

    Nightmares, I will have them…

  2. David Lincoln
    David Lincoln at |

    I don’t know if I’ll have nightmares or wet dreams after seeing this.

    1. Jason O
      Jason O at |

      Wet nightmares maybe?

  3. cynthia
    cynthia at |

    I read this site everyday and havent given up reading it because of list’s like this that come around every so often. Speaking in truth, this list is amazing. Not only did you provide photographic evidence of the women but it was a very interesting information as well. I am not always nice to the TopTenz Master but I am a fan of the site…

  4. Jessy
    Jessy at |

    Loved this article!! Thanks

  5. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    I would love to see some type of illustration or computer imagery of what these women would have looked like in their youth…or at least alive. 😉

    1. ParusMajor
      ParusMajor at |

      That’s what I was thinking as well. Great article, but I’m sure those ladies looked better in their youth.. maybe? 🙂

  6. AlphaBase1
    AlphaBase1 at |

    An excellent list. Fascinating.

  7. DuhMan1
    DuhMan1 at |

    3. Profile of the Beauty of Xiaohe is Michael Jackson

  8. FMH
    FMH at |

    Maybe it should be added that the Lady of Dai can not longer be called the best preserved mummy in the world – simply because several similar mummies where found in China over the years. The proposed “Elexier of Immortality” is probably only water that crept into the coffin and made the wood swell, locking making it airtight.

  9. Mehmet ASLANK
    Mehmet ASLANK at |

    Ooooo. Looks very scary

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    fake story of europoid at |

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