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  • TJ

    The Doctor

    • Nikoline

      So Captain Jack Harkness isn’t on this list? I thought living 3 billion years would at least qualify him for it…

  • Space Dementia

    How does one make a list of top fictional characters who lived over 1000 years include a fairy from a modern kids cartoon but not The Doctor???!!!

    • Cynthia

      the real question, my friend,is WHY WOULD one make a list with the top FICTIONAL characters who lived over 1000 years…that is the question.

      • Our old friend Cynthia. We have missed your “This list doesn’t interest me personally, so this list is boring” diatribe, it’s been a while. 😉

        • cynthia

          hehe Oh, great Master! it has been a while since I’ve found a reason to complain…give me some props!

    • tchudson

      As I recall, the Doctor is only 900 years old. Still, he should receive an honorable mention!

  • Squilt

    Bill Murray in Groundhog Day!!

  • 5minutes

    The Doctor would be a great addition, if he knew his actual age. He doesn’t, tho. He’s claimed everything from 700 to 1,200, and in 2005 was declared to be 900. And then they increased that, so…

    The 2 omissions that I noticed, tho, were from Futurama:

    Philip J. Fry: in his early 20’s, got frozen and aslept 1,000 years. Other time-travel hijinks ensued and he did it again.

    Bender B. Rodriguez: Got sent back in time to the 1940’s and ended up buried in the desert outside Roswell, NM where he stayed buried until 3002. Later on, got sent back in time, repeatedly, to steal artifacts from Earth’s history.

  • Jim Ciscell

    If it makes you feel any better, last week I wrote an entire list devoted exclusively to Futurama that should be on this site soon. 🙂

  • tchudson

    What about Lazarus Long from Robert Heinlein’s novels?

  • Dan

    You’ve omitted The Doctor (who’s pushing1200 at last count)

  • Waldo Jeffers

    Galactus– he’s older than our Universe.

  • shoboni

    I can tell from the Methos entry that the writer isn’t a big Highlander fan.

  • Hellion


    • Jim Ciscell

      Technically, in Jedi, Yoda stated “whn 900 years old you reach, look half as good you will not…”

  • Reid

    What about Casca? In the series of novels he was the Legionnaire that pierced the side of Christ, after which Christ essentially cursed him to live until His return, forever a soldier. The one I read started out with him in a field hospital in Vietnam with much of his head explosively removed. Anyways, I think maybe take a look at the character?

  • FMH

    Well it’s probably not the “Top Ten”, because that would be difficult to do, but it was a interesting read. A quite silly idea to do a list on that subject. Keep it up!

  • xmtrdude

    You listed Wowbagger but not Marvin? By the time he shows up in So Long and Thanks For All The Fish, due to all his traveling back and forth in time, he is more than three times older than the universe itself.

  • fdx

    those are interesting choices in different medias, thanks for this list.
    BTW since you mentionned Apocalypse, you shoudn’t forget Vandal Savage who is much older…. Born around 50.000 BC 🙂

  • J

    Roger the Alien from American Dad turns 1600 years old in the (I think…) fourth season.