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  • Hope everyone enjoys my list. Honorable mentions? Lord of the Flies and Mad Max.

  • Jay


    I was thinking of Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome and so you listed Mad Max in your comments. I just got the Fahrenheit graphic novel so I'm interested in reading it to see how it compares with the dystopian movies I have seen from this list.

    • I didn't know there was a Fahrenheit graphic novel. Sounds cool.

  • Josh B

    In a perfect world we could hope for an updated remake of THX 1138 but after the Star Wars prequels and that last Indiana Jones film, I hope George Lucas never gets the chance to do such a thing.

    • I second that!

      • jeremy

        Triple. Also, I heard that when Star Wars was first being conceived, Lucas had thought, at one point, about making Darth Vader gay.

        No, give any future franchises to our Peter Jackson – he'd deal to it and then some.

  • Alfredo

    I think "Equilibrium" is a good honorable mention.

  • Akolyte01

    Wow, clearly Equilibrium took a lot from THX 1138!

    That was a badass movie.

  • Stevo

    Hey… you know you're showing the end scene from blade runner… you should let people know so if they haven't seen it it doesn't ruin the whole movie.

  • JP

    Blade Runner is one of the best sci-fi movies of all times. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer makes one of their best roles in this movie. I love Blade Runner since the first day that I saw it.