Top 10 Reality TV Show Meltdowns


Having a meltdown is very natural for any person. An overflow of emotions can cause you to lose self control and act abnormally and we have all been affected by this at one point or another. But to have a meltdown on television in front of millions of viewers can make you seem a little more insane rather than a just upset. Most people say that these on TV meltdowns and breakdowns are the major reason why reality TV shows have become so popular. And with the voyeuristic society we live in, it seems a true statement.

10. Bad Girls Club – Tanisha Bangs The Pans of War

Sleep deprivation can cause drowsiness, clumsiness and obesity. And after Tanisha’s rampage on the second season of the Bad Girls Club, we found out that having an aggressive meltdown is also one of the symptoms. After fellow roommates Jennavicia, Darlen and Cordelia inconsiderately spent a night in the house partying with a group of guys while the other girls tried to get some sleep,Tanisha decided to return the disrespect by going around the house banging pans and chanting,’I didn’t get no sleep ’cause of ya’ll. Ya’ll won’t get no sleep ’cause of me.’The  whole incident was so bizarre and foolish that the episode was mockingly titled ‘Tanisha bangs the pans of war’.

9. America’s Next Top Model – Fo’s Haircut Hell

On every cycle of America’s Next Top Model there is at least one girl who has a meltdown when makeover time comes around, but Fo from Cycle 12 definitely takes the cake as the most dramatic aspiring model on the show to get emotional. Fo started out with shoulder length, brown hair which Tyra decided to cut into a bob to make her facial features stand out and make her seem taller. Fo took the improvement as an emotional let down since what she really wanted were long extensions. The tears didn’t stop at the salon either. At the following photo shoot Fo actually began to cry about the hair style while still posing. Her resistance to change made her end up in the bottom two that week, but thankfully for Fo, Tyra gave her another chance.

8. Celebrity Apprentice – Dennis Rodman Fouls Out

During his time on the Celebrity Apprentice, Dennis Rodman surprisingly caused more drama than Joan and Melissa Rivers combined. What brought Dennis to his final and most memorable melting point was after an unsuccessful task as project manager and his teammates accused him of having a drinking problem. Dennis responded to the allegations by turning the blame on the other teammates, complaining that they were always shutting him out. Dennis even asked “Is this about Dennis Rodman or the damn game?” After he was fired by the Trump he made one final comment saying, “Don’t count Dennis out!” Maybe a competition creating catchy word phrases would be more fitting for Rodman.

7. Finland’s Next Top Model – Janice Dickinson Falls Down and Out

When Janice Dickinson appeared on Finland’s Next Top Model as a guest judge, everyone got a little more drama than expected. It all started at a gourmet dinner party for the models and Janice was supposed to be giving them advice, but instead got intoxicated on red wine and began insulting all of the contestants. She stormed away from the table and screamed that the contestants were “all so f*** dumb.” Then out of nowhere Janice plummets down the staircase and ends up sprawled out on the floor. After the fall she began crying and screaming,  “Do something you stupid models! Call a f*** ambulance! You’re so stupid! Call a f*** ambulance! Figure something out! All you do is pose. You’re all so f*** dumb!” The Finnish first aid report was roughly translated to English and it read: The patient fell down the stairs, complains about her right foot/leg and her head. Is shouting, resists to be checked. No visible injuries. Insists a ride to the hospital because she says she’s a sex symbol. In the hospital Janice wants special treatment. The request is refused as unnecessary. Janice has recovered and wants to meet the girls. In their next meeting, Janice seemed regular and apologetic about her previous erratic behavior. She said that the cause of her outburst was ‘accidentally’ taking a sleeping pill, which she says she thought was a Vitamin C pill, with alcohol.

6. Big Brother 5 – Nadia Losing Her Mind Over Cigarettes
Living in the Big Brother house is very stressful. There is the constant changing of alliances, the plotting of other opponents to stab you in the back, the claustrophobia that most contestants feel having to stay in a house with twelve other people and not having any connection with the outside world weighing them down. For Nadia Almada the only thing keeping her from complete insanity was her beloved cigarettes. If deprived of them for a day or so, she would frequently collapse into shrieking tempers and wailing irritation, to the chagrin of the other housemates.

5. Dancing With The Stars – David Allan Grier Trips Over His Words

David Allan Grier acted like a sore loser after he was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. In his after elimination interview with Access Hollywood Grier bashed the judges by saying, “There’s several people that can kiss my ass, but [Carrie Ann Inaba] is definitely the first in line,” David spewed. “I am proudest that I didn’t climb across that table and slap the s*** out of every one of those judges.”

4. The Biggest Loser: Couples 2 – Bob Harper Takes Motivation Too Far

The Biggest Loser has two great trainers on the show, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, to get its contestants into shape. Jillian is usually the tough and aggressive one while Bob is the more understanding and patient trainer. But after The Biggest Loser: Couples 2 contestant Joelle gives Bob a hard time about exercising and he loses all of his patience. And to the amazement of all of the Biggest Loser viewers, he ended up screaming and cursing her out.

3. Real Housewives of Atlanta – Sheree Cries About Her Party

Real Housewife of Atlanta, Sheree, has had a tough year. Not only did she get a divorce, but her house was also put into foreclosure. Basically her life was in a downfall. To lighten her spirits, Sheree decided to throw an ‘Independence Party’, but when the party planner wasn’t making the correct arrangements they got into a huge argument that lead to cursing and insulting their mothers and family members.

2. Video Music Awards – Kanye West Steals the Mic and the Show
Kanye West has had numerous emotional outbursts over his career. Most recently was his intrusion on Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech for Best Female Video (You Belong With Me), who he believed didn’t deserve the award. Before she could even thank anyone, West went upstage and took the mic saying, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!” and then walked off leaving Taylor Swift and the audience stunned.

1. She’s Got the Look – Laurie Exposes Her Breasts and Her Bad Attitude.

No one was expecting Laurie to have such a dramatic meltdown on She’s Got the Look. Obviously the show was having an effect on her emotionally, but the way she handled it was inappropriate. During the eliminations Laurie lost control. She started rambling about how she didn’t like how the show was making her compete with the other women, who she said needed her to look after them. She also didn’t like how the competition was changing her. What really made this meltdown memorable was when she took her shirt off exposing her breasts. Later she explained that she did this to get eliminated, because she really wanted to leave the show, but ‘they’ wouldn’t let her go, so she did the craziest thing she could think of to make them have no choice but to eliminate her. Whatever the reason, Laurie’s expose was definitely the most shocking meltdown seen on a reality TV show.

Kita Austin

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  1. Floyd Greenwalt on

    It is a shame you focused on some of the crappy reality shows, since there are a lot of amazing meltdowns missing here, especially from the Amazing Race:

  2. ferick wilder on

    Great article! Really enjoyed it.

    BTW, Check out the REALITY TV Social Network!

    It's alot of fun!

  3. Very surprised there were no clips from the Grandaddy of all reality TV shows, Survivor. Here is a classic.

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  4. This is exactly why I don't watch this crap! List should be called "top ten reasons NOT to watch reality tv shows."

    You like watching this stuff? Try going out and doing something with all the hours you waste watching these people behave poorly. You might have more fun and you'll definitely meet nicer people than these…

    • Dahveed – I understand your point of view and agree with you, but we try to make sure we do a well-rounded selection of lists and that means that some people will dislike some of the lists we post. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and we can't agree on everything.

      Try this list: Top 10 Arguments That Can’t Be Won