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  1. oak at |

    the only one of these that i have seen is rififi..excellent film, especially the heist…i'll have to check out the others

  2. Tanya Bennett at |

    Breathless is one of my all-time favorite movies so I'm disappointed it's not #1. I haven't seen the Red Circle so I can't argue – now I really really want to see it!

  3. TriviaFan at |

    One of my all time favorites: Diva.

    Spectacular in every way, including one of the greatest 'chase' sequences of all time:

  4. Myself at |

    Les tontons flingueurs. Simply epic.

    Les barbouzes

    Ne nous fâchons pas.

  5. nikka at |


  6. Jack Daniel at |

    For the record, its not "à bout de soufflé" but "à bout de souffle"

    souffle is breath, soufflé is a french dish

    great list, and i would love to see a top ten list of new wave films

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      thanks – fixed.

  7. pauline at |

    Can someone help. I am looking for a French film I saw about 20 years ago. I do not know what it is called nor who the actors are. It is about a man who is planning a holiday. His wife falls out of the apartment window. The detective investigating the incident cannot work out if it was an accident or whether the man pushed her. There are no witnesses. Eventually the detective believes it was an accident and the man and the detective form a friendship, and go on the planned holiday together, the twist is that the man did push his wife out of the window. I have been searching for this quite a while with no luck.

    1. nico at |

      The description you give makes me think about “Pile ou Face”

  8. Henry Stanton at |

    If it wasn’t for Criterion and lists like this, I would miss out on some excellent foreign films – French crime included. Granted, I haven’t seen all of them yet, but I have a feeling that based on the description.

  9. Ravi at |

    These are some real classics. The Red Circle is one of my all time favorites. I’ve compiled a list of great French films from modern times.

  10. Dan at |

    The Pickpocket sucked. Awesome concept, but crappy movie. Rififi should be way higher, and so should Bob Le Flambeur.

  11. Ashish at |

    How come Les Diaboliques is left out?

  12. nico at |

    “Les diaboliques” is a major ommision of this list

  13. Abhishek at |

    Just one question… Did French stopped making good crime movies after 1960’s?

  14. prospero55 at |

    “Quai des Orfèvres” shouldn’t have been left out. It’s a great movie of Henri-Georges Clouzot, with Bernard Blier and Louis Jouvet.

    “Série Noire” of Alain Corneau (1979) is a striking and violent film, after a Jim Thompson’s novel. The characters are pathetic losers… It’s really a film to see. Probably the best adaptation of Jim Thompson…


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