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  1. Terry Bigham
    Terry Bigham at |

    Would you believe Franklin is the state inventor of Massachusetts? Yep, he’s one of the Bay State’s many symbols. No surprise, Ben was born in Boston.

    1. TAG
      TAG at |

      in power mechanics:


  2. frib
    frib at |

    Good list, with a big mistake: it was NOT Alexander Graham Bell to invent the telephone.
    It was Antonio Meucci. Even the US Congress recognised it, in 2002: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/jun/17/humanities.internationaleducationnews

    1. Timeea
      Timeea at |

      The passion, genius and hard work of Antonio Meucci should be rightfully acknowledged. He is the true father of telephony.

    2. hobos r fun
      hobos r fun at |

      no alexander graham bell invented the telephone!!!

      1. paul
        paul at |

        Antonio Meucci!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HJRO
    HJRO at |

    Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, it was originally invented by Humphrey Davy, Edision was just one of many people who improved on the design, but W.D Coolidge is the one more recently who improved on the design with using tungsten filament

    1. VexxistheWise
      VexxistheWise at |

      Edison did nothing but thwart Nikola Tesla and discredit a complete mastermind.

      1. rickster
        rickster at |

        Totally agree. Edison is highly overrated, mostly because he unlike Tesla pandered to the press. Not only did he do everything in his megalomaniacal power to thwart Westinghouse and Tesla .. he was also the INVENTOR of:
        – the non disclosure act
        – smear campaign
        – plagiarizer of the actual source of the light bulb patent by Joseph Swan including his art
        work on the patent.

        Lets be very clear here, had Edison have won the war of the currents electricity would have been the inefficient plaything of the rich, and delayed modern power distribution by at least
        one generation. Think of the lost advances ..

        Edison was NOT the greatest inventor of his time, Tesla was.

        1. Paul
          Paul at |

          Thank You! Nikola Tesla deserves more credit, and Edison is truly overrated… Why don’t teachers talk about Tesla?

        2. Andreas
          Andreas at |

          After Albert Einstein received hes nobel prize, a reporter asked hes how it felt to be the smartest man in the world.

          Einstein answered “i wouldnt know, you should ask Nikola Tesla”

          I think that says it all.

          The info isent really correct here, tesla was very well known when he was alive. But thanks to all the people that used him and stole hes inventions, they stol hes very well deserved place in historie.

  4. Terry Bigham
    Terry Bigham at |

    Franklin was born in Boston, so it’s no surprise the Massachusetts legislature voted him the state inventor, one of a long line of state symbols.

  5. Little_Sam
    Little_Sam at |

    There is controversy over whether the “true” inventor of the first electronic telephonic device was Alexander Graham Bell or Elisha Gray. Both Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray developed electronic telephonic devices but Bell was awared the patent. Bell was accused of stealing many of Gray’s ideas. This is still somewhat controversial although Bell got the credit and the patent. This is just for those interested in these kinds of things.

  6. Bobby
    Bobby at |

    I have seen that there was an inventor with the named of Murray/Murphy whom had the secone most patents behind Edison. Does the name ring a bell? Can;t remember his first name.
    I woudl say Da Vinci is number 1 due to his idea although he was not able to use them. Just thinking of such ideas is hundreds of years ahead of time.

  7. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    You missed it with leaving out Eli Whitney. Not only did he invent the Cotton Gin, which made modern Cloth possible, but he also invented the “American Manufacturing method.” This is the basis of all modern production. It includes interchangeable parts in products, standardized tools and methods. He was not only responsible for the invention that insured the continued survival of Slavery (which was on its way out before the gin), but he invented the manufacturing method that insured that the North would win the war to get rid of it.

  8. timmy the dying boy
    timmy the dying boy at |

    I’m glad you gave Tesla his due.


    1. Gary
      Gary at |

      Very much agreed…..the things he could have gave the world if it wasn’t for Evil Edison and his Pinkerton ways.

  9. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    What about Hedy Lamarr? She co- invented wireless technology. We wouldn’t have Wi Fi if not for early wireless technology.

    1. shawn
      shawn at |

      wifi was from tesla

      1. VexxistheWise
        VexxistheWise at |

        /agreed Tesla is the original inventor of so many things including All types of wireless transmissions.

    2. whatname
      whatname at |

      Initially Marconi was granted patent for invention of radio but Supreme Court in 1943 thwarted most of these initially Marconi’s patents and awarded them to Tesla. Tesla sued Marconi for infringement in 1915 but unfortunately didn’t live to see his work win after waiting for it half his professional life.
      Biggest bummer is that most books and articles today still name Marconi as father of radio.
      But just google “tesla marconi supreme court” or similar and you’ll find out what’s up.
      For example:
      There was even an incident of someone breaking into Tesla’s office and stealing lots of papers related to his experiments with radio. This happened shortly before Marconi filed for his patents.
      There is so many “firsts” that came from Tesla that most people don’t realize today.
      Many scientists credit Tesla for obtaining firs x-ray pictures. Although Tesla gave a full credit to Roentgen, the latter actually wrote a letter to Tesla expressing gratitude for Tesla’s work in the field.
      Check this out for more info about that:
      And so much more that we need to be grateful to this man.
      But least of all he was looking for public gratification.
      All he wanted was to give light to people.

  10. reaper
    reaper at |

    This is funny indeed. Funny because they make no mention of the Black/Africian American inventors… once again pepetuating a fraud of historical facts….

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Let’s hear more. Give examples of this fraud or better yet, write a top 10 list of Black inventors.

    2. VexxistheWise
      VexxistheWise at |

      It is funny isn’t it? Nothing useful ever invented? Remarkable if you ask me.

    3. RealityCheck
      RealityCheck at |

      The only fraud is that in America Blacks are given false credit for inventing the weakest of inventions. To add insult to injury these “inventions” of halfwits are equated with true genius by placing their names alongside the truly great inventors of history. People like George Washington Carver who “invented” peanut butter or was it the traffic light? Either way there is no way that peanut butter or the traffic light is at the same level of the equations of motion, electricity, radio, airplanes, rockets, lasers, computer chips, steam engines,… the list goes on and on of the truly great inventions made primarily by white men. Other peoples of the earth made significant contributions of course, but none of them were black. None.

      1. Cloud
        Cloud at |

        To say that none of the inventions by Black/African-American inventors are significant contributions is completely ignorant. Without the minds of these so-called halfwits, we may never have gotten the following…

        Air Conditioning
        Cellular Phone
        Clothes Dryer
        Fire Escape Ladder
        Gas Mask
        Hair Brush
        Ironing Board
        Lawn Mower
        Mail Box
        Spark Plug
        Thermostat Control
        Traffic Light

        ^All of the above are very significant to everyday life, so to act as if those inventors don’t deserve any praise is crazy.

        1. Sasa
          Sasa at |

          I disagree. I’m not all about “white power”, but African-American inventors can not be given credit for more significant inventions than, say, Tesla or Da Vinci. But that is not because they are incompetent–there is a historical reason.

          For instance, in one of the most prodigious and innovative countries in the world since 1776, the United States, African-Americans were slaves until 1865, and even after they were freed, blacks did not gain equality under the law until the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s.

        2. Reg Prescott
          Reg Prescott at |

          Cloud – The lawn mower was invented in 1830 by Edwin Budding.

    4. Cambo
      Cambo at |

      Thats because no black inventor has made somthing as great as these people. so fill the chuck out

  11. ed
    ed at |

    edison or Da Vinci #1

  12. Jardash
    Jardash at |

    This list as a horrible American bias to it, as do many lists you will find on the internet. Not only that, nearly all the people on the list don’t deserve a mention. Quantity over quality seem’s to be the order of the day on here, if only to add more Americans on to the list.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Most authors that write for us are American and the owner (me) is also American so this site will have an American focus. If any writers would like to submit an International article that would be welcomed.

  13. HollyWood
    HollyWood at |

    Wow, why are all WHITE

    1. VexxistheWise
      VexxistheWise at |

      Does this amaze you? It perplexed me (an inventor). Do the research and look. Though I would like to pose that Jesus was one of the greatest with his invention of salvation.

  14. Cheesebar
    Cheesebar at |

    Where the heck is Albert Einstein?

    1. Jon
      Jon at |

      He didn’t really invent anything, so he wouldn’t be called a inventor. He’s more of a scientist

      1. Hussen
        Hussen at |

        Dear ,wasn’t relative theory an invention ?

        1. Edison the Businessman
          Edison the Businessman at |

          Stop twisting words. You know precisely what this list is about. Next thing we know a list of top ten engineers would be interpreted as top ten geniuses in the world.

    2. VexxistheWise
      VexxistheWise at |

      Oh yeah! We should include his contribution to the greatest death machine to ever be invented or seen by men.
      Not a good idea.
      As for his “Theory of Relativity” unproven and actually useless if he is wrong (mainly due to the fact that it means we have been barking up the wrong tree for quite some time) and there is growing concern that he may have been.

      1. Sasa
        Sasa at |

        First off, Jon, #1 on this list was a mathematician as well.

        Yea, he invented stuff, but take away his advances in mathematics and science, and he would have not been on this list.

        Secondly, VexxistheWise, Einstein had absolutely no intention of seeing his discoveries turn into a nuclear weapon. To say that the Theory of Relativity is useless is completely ignorant and naive. Were it not for his knowledge, we would not have made advances toward Nuclear Fusion and new forms of energy, bound to be discovered in the future.

        Also, had Einstein not made this discovery, the US would not have defeated Japan and the USSR would have created the Atomic Bomb before the States, probably changing the modern world drastically.

  15. Adana
    Adana at |

    Thomas Edison, really? The guy was a fraud. He simply stole everything.

  16. John
    John at |

    Where is Steve Jobs?

    1. loskop
      loskop at |

      Steve Jobs would be lucky to be in the top 1000 “visionary geniuses”, if individuals were included from all ages, from all corners of the globe, and from all fields of invention like the arts, mathematics, science, philosophy, etc.

  17. Eli
    Eli at |

    Best Inventor- God

    1. Alan B.
      Alan B. at |

      Amen! And it’s not even close.

  18. mike
    mike at |

    Every web sit of this kind has its own spin on the greatest inventors.
    Remember “Curly” of the 3 stooges? his idea of the greatest were:
    Robert Fulton
    Alexander Graham Bell
    and Don Ameche.

  19. Rick Atom
    Rick Atom at |

    Don’t forget Al Gore

    1. RealityCheck
      RealityCheck at |

      Best answer of all!!!! I totally forgot how Al Gore invented the internet!!!!

  20. Mark444
    Mark444 at |

    -Jerome “Jerry” Hal Lemelson – LOL LOL LOL

    -Edwin Land LOL LOL LOL

    -Benjamin Franklin LOL LOL LOL

    -Alexander Graham Bell
    He didn’t inveted the phone. Guglielmo Marconi an italian invertor did it. Don’t know why in USA and Canada teach wrong history.

    -Thomas Edison or better know like “can I fraud your Job?”

    The bulb light in carbon was inveted one year before by Joseph Swan in England.
    Swan’s initial findings from tinkering with carbon filament electric lighting, and his preliminary designs, appeared in an article published by Scientific American. Without a doubt, Edison had access to, and eagerly read this article.

    Swan, felt quite differently, as he watched Edison line his pockets with money made from his invention, and took Edison to Court for patent infringement. The British Courts stood by their patent award for the light bulb to Swan, and Edison lost the suit. The British Courts forced Edison, as part of the settlement, to name Swan a partner in his British electric company. Eventually, Edison managed to acquire all of Swans’ interest in the newly renamed Edison and Swan United Electric Company.

    Did you study at disneyland with mickey mouse?

  21. Povilas
    Povilas at |

    Edison does not deserve to be called an inventor. Its like saying that executive chef of IBM is the inventor of everything IBM has invented.

  22. Tina
    Tina at |

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  23. Andy
    Andy at |

    As always, the Americans over-estimate their influence in the world. Believe me, most of the great innovators was born raised and lived outside the US.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Let me know if you wish to write such a list. We pay for quality writing. Any takers?

  24. Parth sakhiya
    Parth sakhiya at |

    This list is missing the most importat ever invention.. The invention of “ZERO” is the most important..

    1. Sasa
      Sasa at |

      That’s a discovery, not an invention. That’s like saying Europeans invented the New World.

  25. phil
    phil at |

    i can respect this list cause Tesla is ranked higher than edison

  26. ajay
    ajay at |

    The list is creditable and acceptable but how Vincci be inventor

  27. Cambo
    Cambo at |

    This list is kind of ok. Although i think a more fitting name would be, “most popular inventors”. Also, do you call a theory an invention??? I mean, did Einstein invent relativity or did he just find an explanation to a particular act of nature??? …….interesting…….

  28. Slavko
    Slavko at |

    Tesla is not Serb, he is also 50% Croat!

  29. Jason O
    Jason O at |

    RON POPEIL!! 😉

  30. Marc
    Marc at |

    Inventor of the telephone was Antonio Meucci!

    When will correct? When you give the proper honor to the true inventor of the telephone?

  31. Frk
    Frk at |

    For everyone complaining about the American inventors, get over it. Almost half on the list are not American. yes there are plenty of inventors through history outside of America. but, look America is the most progressive country in the world so it is only natural major developments in all Fields of industry and technology come from here.

    also, all most all invention are based on some form of idea from some other inventor from even further in the past. but credit should be given to those who made the initial creation of each therefor.

    its a great list and the writer should feel proud. loved that Tesla was higher than Edison. wished that DA Vinci was higher but the writers opinion did make sense to make.

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  33. vera
    vera at |

    Tesla and Tesla again. No need to explain why.

  34. Marie
    Marie at |

    Edison wasn’t an inventor. He stole the inventions from other people. PS: Meucci invented the telephone.

  35. Steven
    Steven at |

    Where is the man who invented the greatest piece of all?????????…….the printing press!!Johannes Gutenberg!!!! This list is incomplete without him in #1….

  36. Mike
    Mike at |

    So you don’t want to include Michael Faraday………Tsk…………..Tsk

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    1. Arcanik Nathaniel Broddisworth
      Arcanik Nathaniel Broddisworth at |

      I’m sorry, but you aren’t impressing anyone. Actually, I’m not sorry, because anyone who thinks people believe this is not worth my pity.

  38. Cancerkiller
    Cancerkiller at |

    Arcanik, you are simply stunned by the greatest invention in more than 300,000 years of humankind on the planet. Or maybe you are scared by its immensity.

  39. Diegolino
    Diegolino at |

    …. there are a few missing. a few that invented things on which some of those listed above directly depend.

    Galileo Galilei – invented the telescope, thermometer and more…

    Bartolomeo Cristofori – invented the piano instrument

    Enrico Fermi – invented the first nuclear reactor

    Alessandro Volta – invented the first electric battery

    Jacopo Peri – invented lyric opera

    Guido d’Arezzo – invented musical notes and score sheets

    Eugenio Bersanti – invented combustion engines

    Giovanni Alfonso Borelli – first to develop the principles of bio mechanics

    Bernardo Buontalenti – invented ice-cream

    Ambrogio Calepino – invented/produced the first dictionary

    Salvino degli Armati – invented glasses

    Enrico Forlanini – invented hydrofoil and was pioneer in the invention of zeppelins

    Luigi Lilio – invented the Gregorian Calendar as we use it today

    Luca Pacioli – invented modern accounting

    Evangelista Torricelli – invented the barometer

    Ascanio Sobrero – invented nitroglycerin

    George Washington Carver – invented modern agriculture

    Wright Brothers – invented the first airplane

    Pietro Ferrero – invented Nutella… definitely deserves his spot in the top 10 😉

    (yes, I’m Italian)

  40. hansika d karunapathirane
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  41. Ed Sadowski
    Ed Sadowski at |

    Thanks for as good a top ten inventor list as I’ve seen anywhere. I actually found a list on some site that didn’t include Tesla. That’s inexcusable ignorance.

  42. teach children truth
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  43. JULIE R. Miles
    JULIE R. Miles at |

    These great inventors are they from the United States always. Can we really keep the new inventors out of the United States from other countries. We need inventions this is a world project not just one country. Education in America is challenged with terror on the rise. What will the next President do to make inventors and innovative students be known in America and our country. Will he keep them out?


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