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  • ajay

    The list is creditable and acceptable but how Vincci be inventor

  • Cambo

    This list is kind of ok. Although i think a more fitting name would be, “most popular inventors”. Also, do you call a theory an invention??? I mean, did Einstein invent relativity or did he just find an explanation to a particular act of nature??? …….interesting…….

  • Slavko

    Tesla is not Serb, he is also 50% Croat!

  • Jason O

    RON POPEIL!! 😉

  • Marc

    Inventor of the telephone was Antonio Meucci!

    When will correct? When you give the proper honor to the true inventor of the telephone?

  • Frk

    For everyone complaining about the American inventors, get over it. Almost half on the list are not American. yes there are plenty of inventors through history outside of America. but, look America is the most progressive country in the world so it is only natural major developments in all Fields of industry and technology come from here.

    also, all most all invention are based on some form of idea from some other inventor from even further in the past. but credit should be given to those who made the initial creation of each therefor.

    its a great list and the writer should feel proud. loved that Tesla was higher than Edison. wished that DA Vinci was higher but the writers opinion did make sense to make.


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  • vera

    Tesla and Tesla again. No need to explain why.

  • Marie

    Edison wasn’t an inventor. He stole the inventions from other people. PS: Meucci invented the telephone.

  • Steven

    Where is the man who invented the greatest piece of all?????????…….the printing press!!Johannes Gutenberg!!!! This list is incomplete without him in #1….

  • Mike

    So you don’t want to include Michael Faraday………Tsk…………..Tsk

  • Cancerkiller

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    • Arcanik Nathaniel Broddisworth

      I’m sorry, but you aren’t impressing anyone. Actually, I’m not sorry, because anyone who thinks people believe this is not worth my pity.

  • Cancerkiller

    Arcanik, you are simply stunned by the greatest invention in more than 300,000 years of humankind on the planet. Or maybe you are scared by its immensity.

  • Diegolino

    …. there are a few missing. a few that invented things on which some of those listed above directly depend.

    Galileo Galilei – invented the telescope, thermometer and more…

    Bartolomeo Cristofori – invented the piano instrument

    Enrico Fermi – invented the first nuclear reactor

    Alessandro Volta – invented the first electric battery

    Jacopo Peri – invented lyric opera

    Guido d’Arezzo – invented musical notes and score sheets

    Eugenio Bersanti – invented combustion engines

    Giovanni Alfonso Borelli – first to develop the principles of bio mechanics

    Bernardo Buontalenti – invented ice-cream

    Ambrogio Calepino – invented/produced the first dictionary

    Salvino degli Armati – invented glasses

    Enrico Forlanini – invented hydrofoil and was pioneer in the invention of zeppelins

    Luigi Lilio – invented the Gregorian Calendar as we use it today

    Luca Pacioli – invented modern accounting

    Evangelista Torricelli – invented the barometer

    Ascanio Sobrero – invented nitroglycerin

    George Washington Carver – invented modern agriculture

    Wright Brothers – invented the first airplane

    Pietro Ferrero – invented Nutella… definitely deserves his spot in the top 10 😉

    (yes, I’m Italian)

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  • Ed Sadowski

    Thanks for as good a top ten inventor list as I’ve seen anywhere. I actually found a list on some site that didn’t include Tesla. That’s inexcusable ignorance.

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  • JULIE R. Miles

    These great inventors are they from the United States always. Can we really keep the new inventors out of the United States from other countries. We need inventions this is a world project not just one country. Education in America is challenged with terror on the rise. What will the next President do to make inventors and innovative students be known in America and our country. Will he keep them out?