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  1. Duane
    Duane at |

    I agree with everything except Don John. "I'm so evil I'm going to break up the wedding! BWahahahahaha!" I always envision him in a black hat and cape twirling a handlebar mustache ala Snidely Whiplash.

    And how in the world do you have a lesson in Titus at the top of the list, and leave out the cannibalism? Titus may not have been the villain, but he's the one who cooked Tamora's kids and fed them to her.


  2. suze
    suze at |

    he was the result in the death of many characters in the play and all this for a silly reason , and i think that the life of people is very important but Iago equilateral the matter of life with human and ins ant people life he become like animals and don't think how his evil grow like a plant and it's end by killing his wife by his hand ………….. he is a very trouble man

  3. Ash
    Ash at |

    Honestly I believe Iago should be in the number one spot. He is ridiculously manipulative, and knows exactly how to play his pal Othello, and everyone around him. All while seeming trustworthy and sincere, with everyone's best interests at heart.

    While yes, Aaron the Moor was harsh and kind of evil, he didnt pass for innocent the whole time. No one knew Iago was behind everything till his wife got kind of smart.

    Iago is hands-down the best.

  4. Keith Watabayashi
    Keith Watabayashi at |

    Richard III should be number 1. He even says "Since I cannot play a lover…I am determined to play a villain."

    Unlike Tamara and Aaron he doesn't kill his wartime enemies, he kills his OWN FAMILY, including his brother and two small nephews. Granted the things Aaron talks about while he is captured are horrible, do we really believe him, or is he just making one last great stand against the world he despises so much? Richard III is evil to the bone, admits as much, then revels in it. Aaron and Tamara plot to destroy their WARTIME enemy, which is cold-blooded murder but not as evil as killing your own blood during peace time.

    I agree with all ten people on this list but I would rank the child killers and family murderersd higher; Richard II, Edmound, Claudius, and Richard III.

  5. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    I have only seen 18 plays live and several on DVD, I have seen most of the popular ones… and have to go with Aaron on the fact that he is pure evil… I ended up writing a blog about Aaron after seeing Titus, it can be found here:

  6. This is aload of cra
    This is aload of cra at |

    To be honest guys, i think this is aload of crap and the only reason i used this is for my english homework to not get a detention, LOL.

    Forget shakespear, now its modern day not crappy shakespear!

    1. Robinanna neibauer
      Robinanna neibauer at |

      It’s Shakespeare not shakespear.

  7. English homework
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    Hello Everyone in bexleyheath school. I know someone is probally going to read this. 🙂

    I just thaught i would post an comment to say 'HELLO' xD

  8. Pain
    Pain at |

    ha we are reading titus andronicus right now in my high school class

  9. SomeGirl
    SomeGirl at |

    Richard the Second isn’t really a villain. He’s a tragic hero. If you don’t get that from the fact that Shakespeare named some versions as the “tragedy” of Richard II, I can’t imagine not getting that from the play itself. Yes, he’s arrogant, but he’s been brought up in a situation where everyone else thinks for him and tells him how great he is. Then comes a point where he’s just a confused young man (Richard was in his twenties) trying to make decisions for himself for the first time in his life. He makes mistakes because those gross errors in judgement are the same errors most of us have enough expirience with decision-making to prevent.
    Also, Don John is really lame. I love Much Ado, but come on. “I hate my brother so much I’m going to play pranks on his new friend.” Really? He just sort of walks around being all Angsty-Mc-Angstypants. Macbeth is a much better villain. Just saying.

    1. Robinanna neibauer
      Robinanna neibauer at |

      What about Shylock?! I never thought of him as a villain. He’s just a victim who has had enough. Then he’s forced to convert in the end. It’s not like he had a chance in court either, He’s a Jew. Do you really think he’s going to win?!

  10. anon
    anon at |

    my teacher said that maybe king alonso from the tempest was the most evil character becuase his has no consious for sending his brother and niece to live in the sea or an desolute island so he can be king. Thats pretty evil but he never actually drowned them and they did live and if you think about it Alonso never actually killed someone during the play so maybe his actions arent really that evil. I agree with the list espcailly the first one, becuase he is purely evil not Alonso from the tempest

  11. Miss Faulkner
    Miss Faulkner at |

    Don John may not be the most despicable villain ever, but he fascinates me because he is a villain who KNOWS that he’s the villain in his story. Most literary bad guys at least see themselves as the protagonists of their own warped perspective, but Don John in under no such illusion. and if played correctly, he can be a really great antagonist – see David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s version of the play.

  12. Tim
    Tim at |

    The worse thing about Aaron is what he says at the end- “I have done a thousand dreadful things..and nothing grieves me heartily indeed but that I cannot do ten thousand more”- he is the complete opposite of remorseful- he repents any good deeds.

    1. Todd Snethen
      Todd Snethen at |

      by worst you mean best!


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