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  1. Claypot at |

    Ahahahaa very nice list. I first thought the crime seen candy was blood, urine, and sperm…. and i was like WTF.

    I honestly want to try all of these :P

  2. TriviaFan at |

    Awesome list, have never seen most of these lol.

  3. Jister at |

    Bertie Bott is male…just saying.

  4. Khv at |

    Yuck this is Nasty some candy factories are just gross

    1. Anonymous at |

      Jelly Belly is NOT gross.

  5. bigg3469 at |

    Back in 2010 Walmart for Halloween had a item called “Body Parts” Gummy Candy. These wasn’t the Franklin Candy Small single wrapped version but large gummy version of severed feet,hands,brains and a entire face made with Gummy candy!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!

  6. JLRaven at |

    Haha, these are awesome! There are some on the list I wouldn’t touch but certainly some I would like to try. I love the Chock Ca Ca, how insanely awesome would it be to freak someone out with this especially somewhere like a library, love it! :D

  7. Jeri at |

    This is kinda intrusting. Cool

  8. tonydude at |

    All I can sat is EWwwww and awesome

  9. Anonymous at |

    Personally, I’d want to eat the sour flush toilet candy. :D


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