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  1. terry bigham at |

    Dancing star Irene Castle was the first celeb to popularize the bob and silent film stars Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore furthered the fashion.

  2. Luke at |

    Im trying to think what hairstyle to have, the one I have is so boaring please help! I have short hair, and without hair styling products my hair is realy fluffy.

  3. Syl at |

    I'm going for the bald look. Because I don't have much of a choice.

  4. Nova at |

    No mohawk?! I have one, it's amazing.

  5. C Photo at |

    I think you forgot about the ones this Chilean dude has on him. Not sure about the name one would give it.

  6. Shell at |

    An Afro and a Natural are two different hairstyles. A Natural is just as the writer described but is fairly short, no more than two inches out from the head. To be an Afro the hair must be longer. Both styles must be teased out with a comb or “pick”, as the grooming utensil made for the purpose was called. otherwise the hair will form into dreadlocks..

  7. Blacktress at |

    Why is Bo Deric under cornrows instead of A BLACK WOMAN? Any time when some other culture tries something that the originals have done, it becomes, sexy, famous….like our full lips, curly hair and voluptuous booties….UN BELIEVABLE!!!!! We have been US from the beginning of time and ONLY when a white person does it or wears it, it’s considered, sexy, hip or acceptable……

  8. Yvonne DeVerry at |

    What about the mullet….lol

    1. TopTenz at |

      Not really a best of all time hairstyle? Or is it?


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