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    Thank is way better in Canada than USA because it before halloween and it my least favourite holiday

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      I mean thank giving is better in Canada then usa

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    Disagree with#10

  • No

    Our Mountain Dew way better than mellow yellow

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      That all eh! And goodnight!

  • No

    I like tootsie roll , all the Hersey , Reese pieces and resse peanut butter, milk choclate m&m. And skittle and rocket/ sweet tart . That was all favorite halloween candy and also ripple and wavy lay plain chip.

    Least favorite candies / candy apple, smarties , bubble gum, carrot that has sugar in it.

  • Rebecca

    those orange and black candies are called halloween kisses and they were my favourite other then chocolate!!!!!

  • Jeannine

    The black and orange things are called Molasses Kisses, and are made exactly as you described LOL! I hated those things! Look up Kerrs dot com

  • Gpenguin

    Good N Plenty are my favorite candies, im not sure of anyone that doesnt like them, you must have a really shady pallet.

  • zman420

    Ring pops/candy necklaces, chocolate coins and dubble bubble were always scores. rockets werent the worst either. anything wonka or bags of chip, as well as caramilks, coffee crisps and crispy crunch along with butterfinger were always my favorites though.

  • bit o honey is the worst.

    • I hate Mary Janes! Molasses and peanuts, blech

  • Steve C.

    Love Necco, Kit Kat, Peeps, Chowards (violet..:)), Butterfinger, Malted Milk balls, Hershey ANYTHING, Flicks, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

    • Steve C.

      And the Circus Peanuts and anything chalky by Necco.

      Circus Peanuts are public domain candy (heck, they’ve been around since at least the mid-19th century), but it seems Melster and Spangler are THE two major makers of them. The differences is (1) Melster is usually sold in its own bags and Spangler is found in store brands or in Big Lots (the former Pic ‘n’ Save in USA and maybe other countries) as Queen City Candy/Sweet Treats, and in some major drug stores (“repackage” brands listed below)

      (2) Melster is mostly found in Dollar Tree, Rite-Aid, and Big Lots!, nee Pic ‘n’ Save, most frequently, and Spangler is in other stores, including the three major nationwide USA (and possibly Canada and some Mexico outlets) drug stores, with the aforementioned “off-brand names”:

      Spangler brand Circus Peanuts, and which store brands as whcih:
      Rite-AID (originally as Pantry, now, then for some reason the name changed sold as Grab(??)
      Walgreen’s (sold as Nice!)
      CVS/(sic)Pharmacy (Gold Emblem)

      Big Lots, as mentioned, sells them under the outside brand of Queen City which isn’t a store brand

      It’s Sugar (here in southern Cal. at Universal Citywalk and in Las Vegas as you enter the Venetian) sells Spangler’s in various flavors (standard banana orange color, lemon yellow, red punch, and vanilla marshmallow white).

      (3)Melster is the more “Circus Peanut” like, aka the artificial banana flavor, while Spangler is more barbecue flavored and they use pectin, which really may go a long way to explaiing the jelly like texture.

      (4) I identified Spangler as such by the stamp. They’ve been doing these since 1941. Melstr’s ite ha claimed to do them longer (Sathers and some others make Circus Peanuts as well).

      (all comments regarding Spangler as being somewhat different are simply meant as that, as they are still tasteful, and are written with ALL due respect to the fine company).

      BTW I love Good and Plenty..

      • Steve C.

        Oh..the Spangler candies stamp on their Circus Peanuts simply means like on many other candies, the imprint, no stamp or philatelic ref intended! 😀

  • Jim Brazier

    Ha!! I Googled “Halloween Molasses Candy” and came across this site. As I have been craving for that hard, chewy, molasses taste of item #2 and as it is getting near Halloween, I have beekeeping an eye out for it in the grocery stores. I’m now thinking they don’t make it anymore. I trick-or-treated in the ’50s &’60s in Scarborough, Ontario. I don’t especially like black liquorice (except for Liquorice Allsorts) like some of the other folks here, but I happily gobbled it down with the rest of the loot.. some of which appeared unidentifiable but it was a safer era back then.

  • tammy green

    2nd last candy is called Halloween kisses, and I actually loved them as a kid…but then again in the 70s, in rural Ontario, Canada, we also grew up where we went to farms and got homemade candy apples, fudge, etc… as ell as huge chocolate bars. But since you keep saying “in Canada”, I take it you are in the States and then this list makes sense….after all you guys did start the supersize revolution, and put together bacon and chocolate…

  • Bridget

    I give away 2 different kinds of Kit Kats (brown and white chocolate). It does kill me to give the brown ones away, but not the white kind. I think white chocolate should have been on the list! As for candy corn, young Michael Myers from the Halloween remake ate candy corn from his treat bag and then went on a killing spree. Coincidence? I think not!

  • stacey

    Mary Jane’s and peanut butter kisses were some of the best cndy that I’ve ever had. I grew up on penny candy and I’d rather have that over the junk that rots teeth nowadays.

  • Ggfhffbcghhtgh

    I think this is a ok article thoe I have seen a better article on the same topic and one of the candy was a lollipop with a real scorpion in the middle Yuck I would not want to eat one of those