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  1. Skye
    Skye at |

    I have a big bowl I empty different things into & let the kids pick…this year it’s gummy body parts, fun size snickers & Mars, spooky themed temporary tattoo sheets (these were the first to go last year & I was universally hated by the parents), Freddo Frogs & chuppa chups.

    As I’m in Australia we don’t have the same lollies you guys have & we don’t get nearly as many kids trick or treating so they’ll all get a handful of sugar & tattoos & be happy little Monsters.

    Also, my parents recently came back from Hawaii & bright tootsie rolls (among other things) & they’re gross. WTF is it supposed to be? It’s like a very bad chewy worthers caramel had sex with a space food stick & had really awful babies.

  2. bigg3469
    bigg3469 at |

    You forget Mary Janes. Those are the most dreadful candies to give out on Halloween.??
    And I’ve seen those black and orange wrapped candies but they were Peanut Butter Kisses not Molasses.

  3. Ggfhffbcghhtgh
    Ggfhffbcghhtgh at |

    I think this is a ok article thoe I have seen a better article on the same topic and one of the candy was a lollipop with a real scorpion in the middle Yuck I would not want to eat one of those

  4. stacey
    stacey at |

    Mary Jane’s and peanut butter kisses were some of the best cndy that I’ve ever had. I grew up on penny candy and I’d rather have that over the junk that rots teeth nowadays.

  5. Bridget
    Bridget at |

    I give away 2 different kinds of Kit Kats (brown and white chocolate). It does kill me to give the brown ones away, but not the white kind. I think white chocolate should have been on the list! As for candy corn, young Michael Myers from the Halloween remake ate candy corn from his treat bag and then went on a killing spree. Coincidence? I think not!

  6. tammy green
    tammy green at |

    2nd last candy is called Halloween kisses, and I actually loved them as a kid…but then again in the 70s, in rural Ontario, Canada, we also grew up where we went to farms and got homemade candy apples, fudge, etc… as ell as huge chocolate bars. But since you keep saying “in Canada”, I take it you are in the States and then this list makes sense….after all you guys did start the supersize revolution, and put together bacon and chocolate…

  7. Jim Brazier
    Jim Brazier at |

    Ha!! I Googled “Halloween Molasses Candy” and came across this site. As I have been craving for that hard, chewy, molasses taste of item #2 and as it is getting near Halloween, I have beekeeping an eye out for it in the grocery stores. I’m now thinking they don’t make it anymore. I trick-or-treated in the ’50s &’60s in Scarborough, Ontario. I don’t especially like black liquorice (except for Liquorice Allsorts) like some of the other folks here, but I happily gobbled it down with the rest of the loot.. some of which appeared unidentifiable but it was a safer era back then.


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