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  1. Levothread at |

    I remember Bill Kazmaier. In the early eighties, when the strongest man competition was in its infancy and not yet broadcast widely, He won three straight times and was not invited for four years.
    He was so dominant one of the competitions involved lifting kegs up, walking about ten feet and dropping them into a stake bed truck. At least that is what everybody else did. Kazmaier just lifted them up where they were and threw them into the truck….. Unbelievable

    anybody else remember watching him throw those kegs? I looked on you tube and could not find the video.

  2. auto devis at |

    The anchor feat is just amazing

  3. adeyb at |

    Carried an anchor?


    I caught a bus once…

  4. Mal at |
  5. leeann at |

    this list is awesome and the writer; hilarious. great read

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Agreed. Karl did some excellent comedic writing for this. Just one of the many reasons we love his writing at You can see more of his writing here:

  6. warsong at |

    This list is a masterpiece….gratitude from a Zimbabwean,


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