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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    I am such a nerd. I knew every one of these.

  2. rajimus123
    rajimus123 at |

    i have a small tolkien nerd in me that needs to be nurtured more with these lists haha. it’s so sad, i love the mythology of Tolkien’s universe but I’ve tried reading the Hobbit and first LotR so many times. the farthest i make it is like chapter 3

  3. Hobbit Friend
    Hobbit Friend at |

    Awesome list that makes me sad that Tolkien isn’t alive to write more stories about these wonderful people.

    This information was news to me, “Also, there are three kinds of hobbits: Fallohides, Harfoots, and Stoors, each with their own characteristics but which were all bred out with the introduction marrying outside your strain.”

    Who new Hobbits used to be purebreds. 😉

  4. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    This is a list that probably should be under (fake) history. I learned hobbits have a glorious, if fiction, history and proud heritage. It is just amazing the Mr. Tolkien could devote some much time and energy into creating a world that is so full of historic presence.

  5. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    These books are an amazing read even for those who prefer movies to books.

  6. Zachary Gillette
    Zachary Gillette at |

    Technically, no Hobbits actually exist.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Astute observation.


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