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  1. Madhuwrit Hazra
    Madhuwrit Hazra at |

    Where’s Mathematics? That should be nearly on-par with Language.

  2. alexander
    alexander at |

    agriculture? agriculture led to a steady source of food (if weather permitted) eventually led to the first civilisations in mesopatamia, the first empires, the first cities and was arguably the most important revolution in human time.

  3. Gretchen
    Gretchen at |

    I have a question. Can anyone tell me of a human invention that has been a benefit to the earth?

  4. David Grosshans
    David Grosshans at |

    As far as God is concerned I am an atheist however everyone has a right to their own respective faiths. I have a problem with those who feel they must push what they believe on others. Believe as I say or face the consequences and most organized religions still hold to this concept and some to the extreme.

  5. David Grosshans
    David Grosshans at |

    Sorry fruedian slip that should be decendant!

  6. David Grosshans
    David Grosshans at |

    The single most important invention was Guttenburgs’ printing press. Every advancement is a direct defendant of said invention. Without it we would all still be ignorant about science, medicine and religion. Which of course some would have liked.

  7. David Grosshans
    David Grosshans at |

    Ever hear of Stephen Hawking? He can explain it to you!

  8. Ted
    Ted at |

    wait, they have birthcontrol, but not THE WHEEL??

  9. hari
    hari at |

    i think language, calender and wheel are the three major inventions….

  10. Helen
    Helen at |

    Also people carry on about God exisiting and asking non-believers to prove that he doesn’t. Well can the believers prove that he does?

  11. Helen
    Helen at |

    God doesn’t exist, he didn’t create paper, ink, the wheel, aeroplanes, ships, plastic etc, etc, it was creative people that gave us those!

  12. Kuba
    Kuba at |

    God Does Exist.

  13. raj shah
    raj shah at |

    What about transister ?. It was far more imp then t.v or computeras they may not be invented without it

  14. Jefferson
    Jefferson at |

    Humans have not been cooking for millions of years, as we have not been around even close to that long.

  15. josh turner
    josh turner at |

    The wheel of course! Without it we wouldn’t be moving faster than a horse anywhere. Carriages rolled with it, cars roll with it, trains roll with it and even planes take off with it. So how else would you commute to work if there hadn’t been a wheel invented?

    Think about it Einsteins!

  16. taramarriee
    taramarriee at |

    What about *clocks*? They practically invented time as we know it.

    1. Nutkracker
      Nutkracker at |

      clocks didn’t invent time

  17. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    Where was GPS? that should have made the list

  18. Nachiket
    Nachiket at |

    Shouldn’t the invention of zero by the Indians be the first?

  19. Jess
    Jess at |

    # 1= SHAMWOW!!!!!!
    # 2= SLAPCHOP

  20. FCorsten
    FCorsten at |

    I don't think that many people know what the word "INVENTION" means. Electricity, Botany, Fire, Agriculture are not inventions!!! Some people said the wheel which is great, but the invention that should be #1 and isn't even on the list is ANTISEPTICS –soap– without it there would be no such thing as modern medicine.

  21. blahblehblah
    blahblehblah at |

    Happy April Fools Day everyone

  22. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    how about time

    that is, if you believe time is an invention used to prevent chaos and confusion(which it is) .

    what humans perceive as time, is really just matter reacting as the environment around it changes.

    its hard to explain, as almost everything is based on time

    but thats what i believe

    and i believe time is the greatest ever invention


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