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  • Peter

    How do you know it wasn't God who made language?

    • Tom

      Because God doesn't exist.

      • Which is your opinion, of course.

        • Haha

          It is not an opinion, it is fact.

          • Oh, I didn't know that had been proven a fact. Thanks for clarifying it for me. 😉

            I guess when we die we'll find out for sure.

      • Unanimous

        God exists

        • John

          How can you prove that, how do you know God isn't just the fabrication of someones mind. I also find it hard to believe that one single being could fabricate such a beautiful expanse of nature, not just on Earth but everywhere we look in in the Universe. Explain to me how one being that has shown absolutely no signs of its existence could create our universe.

          • Fool

            Then how was the world created

          • Tim

            How can you prove he didnt? Science? If God does indeed exist it means he also created science so science cant disprove God.

            Im not even sure if God exists I just cant stand internet atheists screaming there is no God when they cant prove it.

          • art

            by the way God isn’t a being, He’s God
            and everything in the Bible is scientifically and historically proven correct. There is some things we don’t understand but thats why were human.

            • Craig

              HAHAHA, wow, we have a winner for the most ignorant comment!

        • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

          and his name is Eric Clapton

          • Clapton…Guthrie Govan? No right answer in art or religion. Just perception is enough for me. Whatever your prime mover is, let it move you where you want to go through experience and education. Follow your own path & you will enjoy the journey. Anyone who claims to know the destination is lying to you. Disregard those ppl as the fools they are. To live is a life, not an ending.

            • Critical thinking please? Gutenburg did not invent the printing press. He did not even invent moveable type. That existed in (what is now) China for hundreds of years. TAUGHT history is egocentric & often just lies. Educate yourself .Liberate yourself.

      • Colleen


      • You are equal to & just as dangerous as the religious people you exhibit animosity towards. You believe in a dogma based on faith not facts. You have no more proof of atheism than any zealot has of their god. Yet you claim to have the ultimate proof. You belittle & condemn those who think different. You try to convert others to your faith. Sound familiar?

    • David Grosshans

      Language is not an invention. It is an evolutionary development.

      • Ray

        That’s what I thought too! If language is an invention, then the human is too.

      • nathan almond

        Language, that is speech, is a human invention. Through millions of years pre historic existance, the human predecessor communicated as did all other animals, by make sounds generated by air passing vocal chords. This was a necessity in order to survive the very hazards confronted dring the ages of evolution. Speech on the other hand is a man made product, developed in a much later evolutionary time period. The code which we now call speech uses two different sounds types which are combined in rigid format to fashion meanings which includes time as a key element. Human can now talk about things happening in the past and in the future and well as current happenings. At his point in evolutionary history mankind started to label himself as human to distinguish himself from all the other animals. For the modern researchers, there are no stone artifacts to pinpoint this greatest of acheivments, but the exponential develpment of the homo sapien is a direct result of his ablity in using the speech code.

      • Jj

        No speech is. Language is an invention. The article’s author needs to learn the difference between invention an and discovery (I.e. alcohol and fire-cooking).

    • angry face

      everyone has a right to their own opinion!!

  • Manos

    That's some strange response. If you like you could ask "How do you know it wasn't God who invented antibiotics?", but let's see this list in a non-religious way.

  • Bob Loblaw

    The Wheel?

    • Zach Gillette

      Humans didn’t invent a shape, just usages for it.

      • Tyler Wood

        Wheel is not a shape, circle is. Wheel is only a shape in the way a car is a shape. The wheel is indeed an invention to move things by rolling rather than dragging and made a huge impact on civilization.

  • I think the wheel could have made this list and I also wonder about television, radio, the telephone, automobiles, planes and computers. A great list though, narrowing down to 10 was superb feat. Love the name, Bob Loblaw. I'm a big Arrested Development fan too.

  • Matt

    You also forgot TV.

  • Personne

    Electricity ? Plastic ?

    Try to imagine your world without plastic and electricity

    Plastic is always forgotten ! but look around you

  • Delarge

    Surely agriculture deserves a spot within the top 10.

    • John Deere

      #1, without a doubt, Synthetic fixation of nitrogen

      This invention benefited more humans than any other invention. Without it, there would be only a fraction of the humans that are alive today.

  • smokebone

    Sliced bread…..

  • RunTime

    I can't believe air conditioners didn't make it on this list. It is second only to fire in its ability to control temperature.

    I can't imagine being happy with my food spoiling and sweating my arse off to boot.

    Also that peter guy is so completely brainwashed he believes God uses different languages to punish us as in the story of the tower of Babel (guess what we know we hit outer space before God), but when in reality languages of the past reflect the properties divergent evolution and convergent evolution. It would be hard to say there is proof of a language before a HUMAN used it.

    TV is stupid. The internet pwns it to hell.

    Agriculture isn't an invention.

    Plastic could use a spot on this list, and the other million modern marvels that could be put on this list that make our days easier all pretty much spawn from plastics and the use of petro chemicals.

    I still do not think people are masters of energy sources, and do not really consider our current knowledge of generating deserves a spot. We still burn stuff to get the majority of our electricity, and people think they are better then cavemen how?

    Bo ya.

    • Mitch

      Agriculture is an invention, this is fact

      • Mike

        Advancements in agriculture are inventions. However, agriculture itself could not be considered an invention but rather it was discovered,

    • Jj

      Agriculture IS very much an invention. Man people are dumb.

  • RunTime


    If you wanted to add cooking instead of fire by being cleaver then I suggest you replace tools with rocks. It is pretty silly to say humans did not invent fire since no animal species on our planet can produce and only a few plants use it, and in any case you could phrase the invention as "applications for fire." In your wise words "We didn't invent the rock, but were just to stupid to pick something up and swing it for awhile.


    Alcohol is mainly used as a poison, and not as a disinfectant. It kills more people each year then it saves. This invention would have been great if the human race wasn't dumb enough to abuse this drug to the point of death, but they do so this invention is IN FACT a burden on society.

    Bo ya again.

    • The deadly affects of alcohol on humans? That is a thoughtful & well-versed point…bravo & thanks to you.

  • Dano

    The Clapper????

  • mommy g

    @ runtime: agriculture came from the DELIBERATE sewing of seed. not too(!) cleaver (that's clever) are ye? might need some downtime from yer runtime. go have a drink.

  • mommy g

    my bad, that's SOWING of seed. (don't be a grammar hammer if you misspell words, duh…)

  • RunTime

    oh, darn it all! the auto corrections of my firefox browser mixed with my poor grammar from a crappy public school education mommy :(. And all this time I was trying to impress you with my vocabulary, hah.

    I would attest that on my side of the world agriculture is an industry and hardly practiced by the common household. While this isn't the case for most of the world as a person with a public school education I have the knowledge to grow a plant on the basis that they require basic chemicals in the soil, water, and sunlight but have never really done so to feed myself. My real point is there is never a food shortage where I live and decent quality control, and it isn't that important to me as opposed to other things that affect my life.

    Im not gonna boo ya again because that was just rude :/. I did have a few drinks, and I got this email this morning, hah. Looking back I still stick by most of my statements as a factoid and not an insult.

    Credit where credit is due he did put birth control, but the condom is actually more practical because if offers some minimal protection against std's. It is just to bad more people don't have access to it.

  • mhander

    The Wheel. Hellooooooooo……

  • Sadsack

    Top tenz!!!

  • nick


  • thingsThatShouldn&#0

    Soap. Toilet Paper Tissue. TV. The Automobile. Electricity. Gun powder. The wheel. Shoes.

    • Otin


  • Javi

    I think the Electricity is more important than Internet! just think…

    • google

      electricity was not invented

      • John

        But it was harnessed, and put to use.

        • Jj

          Still means discovered, not invented.

  • art

    How about the transistor? It's more important than TV or computers because it is the invention that underlies those sorts of things.

    Gutenberg's important invention was not the printing press, they existed before, but the invention of movable type.

    Both of these fundamentally change the way we communicate.

    • David Grosshans

      Semantics my friend. It is called “Gutenbergs Printing Press” because of it’s movable type

  • Chuck

    Alchohol is a great way for humanity to weed out the members of sciciety who are dumb enough to kill themselves with it.

    • Dan

      What about the millions of innocent lives lost dies to drunk driving, etc?

      Mmmyeah…apparently you didn'y think this one through.

      • John Deere

        Millions? Back away from the kool aid. It’s only propaganda promoting acceptance of tyranny that makes you believe that nonsense. Divide that by a thousand to get a closer assessment.

        Alcohol allowed for the formation of Western Cities. Without it the water born illnesses would have killed most people who tired to live close together. These drinks were only about 1% alcohol, just enough to kill the germs but not enough to impair the drinker. People did not live drunken lives with 1% alcohol in their water.

        Interestingly, in the East, people drank tea made from boiled water and that also allowed them to live in large communities. Generally, Eastern people cannot tolerate alcohol like Western people for this reason.

  • Gorbzy

    What about the Calendar? I'd say without time-measurement we'd be in a big pile of poop organization-wise. And you know what they say about organization and advanced societies…

  • Badguy

    What about polution?

    It's not a good thing… but it's possible it could wipe out civilization as we know it. World leaders meet to discuss it's impact. Surely it deserves a spot on here somewhere.

    • John

      It really doesn't actually.

  • Shii

    I think botany is more important than antibiotics. A lot of modern medicine comes from the active ingredients in plants identified by people around the world.

  • cuihao

    wow, 4 of these things are first invented by chinese….

    • John Deere

      Oh yeah? What 4?

  • what about the wheel

  • the light of course.

    • FCorsten

      light would be electricity and it's not an invention!

  • swamppup

    DUH!!!! The single most important invention, My dear people is one very small pill… VIAGRA, or Cialas, or Levitra….

    Okay, its the most important invention to the Male of our species…

    Oh and you with the wheel, GET OVER IT!!! We heard ya!!!!! LOL..

    Thanks people…

  • Otin

    CIGARETTES should be #10 instead of Alcohol.

    there are countries that Ban Alcohol but NO country Bans Cigarettes!

    btw: Electricity should be #1…

  • td

    Neanderthals had spoken language, so strike that from the list.

  • Anonymous

    how about time

    that is, if you believe time is an invention used to prevent chaos and confusion(which it is) .

    what humans perceive as time, is really just matter reacting as the environment around it changes.

    its hard to explain, as almost everything is based on time

    but thats what i believe

    and i believe time is the greatest ever invention

  • blahblehblah

    Happy April Fools Day everyone

  • FCorsten

    I don't think that many people know what the word "INVENTION" means. Electricity, Botany, Fire, Agriculture are not inventions!!! Some people said the wheel which is great, but the invention that should be #1 and isn't even on the list is ANTISEPTICS –soap– without it there would be no such thing as modern medicine.

  • Jess

    # 1= SHAMWOW!!!!!!
    # 2= SLAPCHOP

  • Nachiket

    Shouldn’t the invention of zero by the Indians be the first?

  • Daniel

    Where was GPS? that should have made the list

  • taramarriee

    What about *clocks*? They practically invented time as we know it.

    • Nutkracker

      clocks didn’t invent time

  • josh turner

    The wheel of course! Without it we wouldn’t be moving faster than a horse anywhere. Carriages rolled with it, cars roll with it, trains roll with it and even planes take off with it. So how else would you commute to work if there hadn’t been a wheel invented?

    Think about it Einsteins!

  • Jefferson

    Humans have not been cooking for millions of years, as we have not been around even close to that long.

  • raj shah

    What about transister ?. It was far more imp then t.v or computeras they may not be invented without it

  • Kuba

    God Does Exist.

  • Helen

    God doesn’t exist, he didn’t create paper, ink, the wheel, aeroplanes, ships, plastic etc, etc, it was creative people that gave us those!

  • Helen

    Also people carry on about God exisiting and asking non-believers to prove that he doesn’t. Well can the believers prove that he does?

  • hari

    i think language, calender and wheel are the three major inventions….

  • Ted

    wait, they have birthcontrol, but not THE WHEEL??

  • David Grosshans

    Ever hear of Stephen Hawking? He can explain it to you!

  • David Grosshans

    The single most important invention was Guttenburgs’ printing press. Every advancement is a direct defendant of said invention. Without it we would all still be ignorant about science, medicine and religion. Which of course some would have liked.

  • David Grosshans

    Sorry fruedian slip that should be decendant!

  • David Grosshans

    As far as God is concerned I am an atheist however everyone has a right to their own respective faiths. I have a problem with those who feel they must push what they believe on others. Believe as I say or face the consequences and most organized religions still hold to this concept and some to the extreme.

  • Gretchen

    I have a question. Can anyone tell me of a human invention that has been a benefit to the earth?

  • alexander

    agriculture? agriculture led to a steady source of food (if weather permitted) eventually led to the first civilisations in mesopatamia, the first empires, the first cities and was arguably the most important revolution in human time.

  • Madhuwrit Hazra

    Where’s Mathematics? That should be nearly on-par with Language.