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  1. Keith Watabayashi
    Keith Watabayashi at |

    Do another list of Bukowski. Great read, thanks man.

  2. The Blackbird
    The Blackbird at |

    HST quoted in No. 4: "until the dark thumb of fate presses me to the dust and says, ‘you are nothing’, I will be a writer."

    You quoted in No. 7: "It’s true, he did not ever claim to be anything other than these things. "

    How do you reconcile these two statements? I'll bet there are plenty of other places HST has claimed to be something or other. This is an example of how clouded one's judgement can become when a person idolizes someone famous.

    1. The Blackbird
      The Blackbird at |

      Sorry, "these things" refers to "a nice guy and an athlete."

      Also, given that he has been evicted from every place he lived in aside from the place he owned, I'd say his people skills probably needed some adjusting. And he sure as hell doesn't look athletic.

      I'd say the only thing he ever should have claimed to be is confused. I don't think he'd argue with that either, if you put it to his face because, ultimately, how can all of us not be confused?

  3. Kennypo65
    Kennypo65 at |

    My favorite thing that HST said was he called Cheney , Rumsfeld, and Poindexter, "The evil eggs that Nixon laid while in The White House."

  4. Oberstminga
    Oberstminga at |

    You forget the very best one:

    “America is nation of 200 million second-hand car dealers with guns”

  5. nina
    nina at |

    great, but you forgot the best one (at least for me :))

    Walk tall, Kick Ass, Learn to speak Arabic, Love music and never forget that you come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers and warriors!

  6. namenogood
    namenogood at |

    “We can’t stop here it’s f**king bat county!”
    lol joking

  7. Phil In York
    Phil In York at |

    “Never fire a warning shot. It is a waste of ammunition.” HST

  8. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I always enjoyed the movie “Where The Buffalo Roam” starring Bill Murray as HST. And in the beginning where he is in his office at his Aspen, CO. residence, he has at his typewriter enjoying a bottle of Chivas Regal along with his pet Doberman Pinscher and a standing full size mannequin of Richard Nixon. There is a moment of silence, HST turns to the Doberman and yells “NIXON”, in which the Doberman proceeds to rip and tear up the balls of the mannequin of Nixon with its canines……Too Funny !!!!

  9. buzz AKA HUNTER
    buzz AKA HUNTER at |

    I decide ta name my son hunter I enjoyed Hunter S. Thompson’s work even tho iam young I sought out all info I could find on him he was well respected . He had a wonderful mind. Very intellectual……………….


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