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  • Molly

    I think that is disgusting that men who take women hostage for years at a time get away with it for so long. Those women are damaged for life and the brutality that they go through is unreal. Ariel Castro is a gross person with awful things that he did to women in his home, the fact he is in prison for life plus a 1000 years is totally appropriate. Death would have been way to easy.

  • Mallory M

    I think it is amazing that we are able to still find new animals!! The olinguito is exactly as the description impies, a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear. How much more adorable can you get?

  • RFonseca

    I believe that the vaccine is the most important and exciting to me because the fact is, I am going to be a doctor. If we can make breakthroughs like finding something to help possibly prevent deaths and serious illnesses buy one of the most deadliest diseases of the world then I believe that this will push researchers harder to succeed in their research in the cures for cancer. I have heard that there is a certain part of the AIDS virus that is extracted and put into the bloodstream which then in turn destroy the cancer causing cells. Before that, in Boston, Massachusetts, student researchers and professional researchers had discovered possibilities of finding if a person is prone to cancerous cells through the bloodstream. Malaria, at times, has been more scary to me because I am an outdoors type of person. I will get bit by a mosquito or tick and not think twice about it. Then I started hearing about diseases that insects were carrying from other countries and the lack of preventative care (bug spray and candles doesn’t count). After having a child, who also loves to be outside as much as I, well let’s just say it’s a scary thought…malaria. Although I do not really believe in most of the man made medicines and vaccines out there, I do care for my son’s health and well being so I would consider having him get the malaria vaccine if it were to come available. Does it not scare you to put a disease or a strain of a disease into your body to build up your fighter cells? To me, I have thoughts of so many other things happening….all the “what ifs.”

  • Michael Long

    I believe that the Malaria Vaccine is probably one of the most important things that has happened in August. Being able to save millions of lives each year is a tremendous achievement. Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases that we know of to this day, and to be able to eliminate one of our most feared diseases is a big sigh of relief. Hopefully more vaccines for other diseases come out soon as well.

  • KRT

    In light of all the horrible things that are happening in this country i would have to say that the most significant event that happen in august would be regarding our government and syria. Im very concerned about why our government feels the need to involve ourselves in other country we have yet to finish with iraq and what about iran? which i feel there is more of a threat to our nation then in syria.

  • Ashley Arthur

    I believe the Mallaria Vacine is the most important big thing that has happened during the month of August. The reason I say this is because the disease within mosquitoes kills millions of people and there is no vaccine. So finally scientists have come up with the right thing because this could save so many lives. It is so amazing how technology has advanced through over a decade and is still amazing me with what it can do . So I feel with more technology involved and scientists this will be nothing to worry about anymore.

  • Ethan Rawson

    I think the Malaria Vaccine is by far the most imortant topic on this list. Something like this could save millions of lives not just a specific area or group of people. Plus it’s a poitive subject that I didn’t even hear about on the news. Not the say the other topics are important, but the news like to appeal to our emotional side and focus on tragedies rather than the good.

  • Nathan Craig

    I think the most important event of the month was the conflict in Syria. Things have been getting very heated and this could not only effect our future but also the future of our world. Although I think all of these event were extremely important I would say that the conflict in Syria would be the most important of them all.

  • Christopher Bierman

    Instead of the Justice Dept, crying foul, I would much rather have Ben Stein or another qualified economist do their own analysis on the American Airlines and US Airways merger. When United and Continental merged, yeah ticket costs shot up. Will it happen with American Airlines and US Airways? Probably, but I think economists are better to tell us what the consequences of a merger are then a government body or news agency.

  • Annie Woolf

    I believe that the malaria vaccination is one of the top stories this month. Malaria has been an ongoing problem that doctors have been trying to tackle. There has been a lot of fundraising to get nets that protect people from mosquito bites. This is the most common way malaria is transmitted. If researchers found a cure to malaria it would be a huge break through in the medical world. Vaccinations to prevent malaria is just one step closer to helping solve this huge problem.

  • James Sedoris

    I think the developments in syria are the most important of the month, not only because they were just about the only leading story, but because it showed how polarized public opinion could be on the topic. It shows that the war hawks and peace doves of Vietnam are still around today.

  • gk

    The new species olinguito is uplifting and positive new. to much death and sorrow or politics.

  • Jeremy Snyder

    I think the new malaria vaccine is the most important. It could be a life changing advancement in medicine that effects many many people for years to come.

  • Titus

    Even though there were a lot of big stories in August, eventually most will be forgotten. I think number 10 on the list (New Species Announced) is an important one. Not so much on this one, but I think it great that new species are always being discovered.

  • kh

    I think the new species is the most interesting because it isn’t every day you see a cross between a cat and a teddy bear. I just think its cool to see all of the different creatures that people discover throughout time and what they are.

  • Cody B

    I agree with the others that some of these stories will be forgotten, however a vaccination for Malaria will be remembered for years to come when people are receiving them. Besides that, the chaos in the Middle East is dangerous because of the involvement Obama wanted to partake. You never know what could come of the United States entering even with positive intentions-it is just overall very dangerous for America.

  • Brandon

    I believe the merger of the airlines is most important because i believe if not watched carefully we might be dealing with someone who has a monopoly over the airfair in america, thus eliminitation of competition