Arizona and Mexico Once Played Volleyball Using the Border Fence as the Net


Let’s be honest here, after reading the title you’re only here to see a picture, so here it is.

Canada's got next game.

Canada’s got next game.

As hard as it might be to believe, yes, that’s the US, Mexico border and there are citizens from both countries happily playing volleyball while using the division of an entire country as their net. There hasn’t been a use of land that petty and yet awesome since Abraham Lincoln invented the chokeslam.

That game took place during the 1979 celebration of international friendship day, keen to embrace the spirit of being international friends, Mexico and US citizens thought screw it, we have a fence just sitting there and we want to play volleyball dammit! So that’s exactly what they did.

So the next time you see immigration in the news, just remember that 30 years ago people of all colours and nationalities forget their differences for 10 minutes just to serve each other at volleyball.


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