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  1. Lee Standberry
    Lee Standberry at |

    finding the existence of extraterrestrial life can only mean one thing…namely, that life exists elsewhere! Not really earth shattering

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Other than earthquakes, what is really “earth shattering”? 😉

      1. Lionel
        Lionel at |

        Meteors and comets, and my girlfriends experience last night.

        1. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS
          Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

          Speaking of earth shattering… Do any of you think we will end up in a nuclear war with North Korea this year? Sincerely, MZ

    2. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS
      Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

      Do you think we will ever find complex life outside of Earth in the not-too-distant future? Best, MZ

      1. Jim Ciscell
        Jim Ciscell at |

        I think that it has already been found, they are just trying to introduce it in stages. Its like a daughter telling her family she is pregnant. She starts out with “Mom, Dad, I met a boy”

  2. Jonathan Reiter
    Jonathan Reiter at |

    If North Korea doesn’t stop being a bunch of nipple heads, we just might have a Nuclear Conflict…
    China, who’s been backing them, should take North Korea into the back room away from all eyes and ears, then hand out a colossal verbal beat down with a warning to not do it again, EVER…

    Hopefully, then, there will be world peace for a little while…

  3. ThisListSux
    ThisListSux at |

    I cant help but pick up on the propaganda slant in this so called “list”. Bad Korea! Bad Chavez! Bad Guns! So what’s your day job, Lister? Fox “news” writer??

  4. Rex
    Rex at |

    I definitely think Human beings were either mad from “a big bang in this universe” or we were once a great and populated world that was left by an ancient species who realized that we were a failed experiment of some sorts….I mean we have to be right? Look at us, fighting over land, greed, murderous, and selfish creatures we are, and we do it all the sake of money, power, sex, drugs, or worse…we are definitely not alone, but we also will never probably be accepted into the “galactic community” once we actually gain the experience and technology to actually find and communicate with either our makers or extra terrestrials in general….

  5. Kayla Leech
    Kayla Leech at |

    Out of this top ten the most intriguing to me is North Korea’s nuclear threats. With that all has been happening lately here in the states it is becoming more real that something horrible may be approaching..end of the world? The news about the new pope was a big importance as well.. at least for the members of the John Carroll community as they celebrate the first Jesuit pope. A new addition to this list can now be the Boston Marathon bombing , which is tragic that an event can never be held without someone doing something crazy. What is this world we are living in coming to ? Great article !

  6. Dani Dolezal
    Dani Dolezal at |

    Well 2013 has certainly been a busy year and this post proves that point. In regard violence against women remaining a global concern, I am very much plugged in to this issue. Hearing about the case in Steubenville made me sick. The press coverage and stories that came from this incident were equally appalling. Many people were expressing their concern about how the futures of the two young men were going to be ruined by this incident. This bothers me immensely because it seems to add to the rape culture that has become such an issue in recent years. I could probably go on about this topic for hours, but I will stop here for now. I am also concerned about the news coming from North Korea. My main concern is that the last conflict in Korea was never really solved, it has just been stewing for years. I am nervous to think about what could result from this.

  7. datdemdar
    datdemdar at |

    There must had been life previously on Mars. Maybe they had at one time their own form of North Korea. Humans for the most part are evil and extremely greedy.

  8. Chelsea P
    Chelsea P at |

    Out of all the articles I have read, I found this top ten list to catch my attention the most. I love learning more about what is going on in the world, and it’s amazing how much goes on in just one month. I do not keep up to date with certain events, so this article helped to better my understanding with our involvement in Korea. Also, I found the women violence part of the list to be very interesting. Some problems never cease to end.


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