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  • Pat

    Many people (including the OP) do not understand anything about the suffering that is going on, or they are sociopaths who don’t care.

    I will not comment more, just watch the documentary “Earthlings” and then come to your own conclusions.

    If you think people are worth more than animals, then you haven’t understood the whole thing called “Life”, and if you are a religious person (which I am not) I would consider you even a worse being for not having that understanding while running around holding up the Bible.

    • Edward Cummings

      seen bits of it got me thinking is the current human population growth rates sustainable for the planet? Since the1st industrial revoultion (mid 1800s) the human population has increased dramaticly. Estimates say we will reach 9 billion people by 2050. All these people will be using up the planets resources (food, water, land, energy etc) how do we solve these issues with out harming environment. Or is better to get on a rocket and colonise another planet or in a last ditch attempt bring in a world wide no reproduction policy?? This is a question I would ask to the head of PETA, FAO, UN, and a who host of other government groups and charities.

    • Armadillo

      People ARE worth more than animals.

  • Edward Cummings
    Please read this in relation to number 3

  • Edward Cummings

    In relation to number 3 hers a journal u might want to read….
    Understanding Nazi Animal Protection and the Holocaust
    Authors: Arluke, Arnold; Sax, Boria

    Source: Anthrozoos: A Multidisciplinary Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals, Volume 5, Number 1, 1992 , pp. 6-31(26)

  • Awesome Face

    Hm, I do believe that an animal should be put through a painless passing, but not shutting down the meat industry completely. I opt for free range, grass fed, and wild caught choices. It’s been proven that farmed salmon is a heart failure on a plate, but wild salmon is very heart friendly. This way, your body and the animal benefit, you have healthy diet and the animal doesn’t feel a thing.

    • Edward Cummings

      I agree with you completely but Im going to play devils advocate on two subjects.
      1.A majority of cows (beef &dairy) in American farms are fed on corn/maize based feeds because cows fed on corn based feeds produce less methane compared to grass fed ones.
      2. The farming of salmon is supposed have no effect on wild populations.
      Please check the accuracy of this comment because I don’t live in the USA.

  • Edward Cummings

    Just had odd idea. When people are saying that going Vegan is good or bad look at the persons cultural background and/or history. For example cowboys and cattle ranchies in the USA or far east Asian cultures were a vegan is more common. Im fine with your diet so long as you are fine with mine. As I write this comment (7th September 2012) there is an an advert for the WSPA wich are more respected charity compared to PETA.

  • Edward Cummings

    When any organisation (company, charity, ngo) does a campaign which involves the use of images/photos ask yourself has the organisation altered the images so it benefits them. For example PETA may show images of animal abuse on a farm (or other location were humans use animals) but said images might not represent every farm in the country, the image could be out of date, does not show the bigger picture of why the abuse occurred the image may of been obtain via illegal methods or the images have been staged/faked for the organisations benefit. This last point can also be applied to scientific research used to support their campaign(s).

  • Edward Cummings

    The natural human diet is ominvoreous but due to technoloical advances we humans invented we have greater acess to possible food items that our closest living relatives (the primates) do not have acess. Those advances have allowed us to chose a prefered diet.

  • Edward Cummings

    All animals can feel pain even plants can feel pain. Measuring pain can be differecute because they sense pain in a different way to us humans.

  • Edward Cummings

    Leading US nutritionist Prof. Linsey Allen claims that parents who feed their children vegan or vegetarian diets might be acting unethically since children who don’t eat meat, milk or cheese in early life may suffer mental & physical impairment.

  • Edward Cummings

    Anyone have opinion on lab grown meat. You would still need animlas for the mucle cells and it will not as of yet replace other animal products (milk, eggs, leather etc). There is the price issue and the risk that some farmers could lose their jobs but even PETA has given $1 million to sponser the research. Link

  • Ralphy

    To all you people out there trying to use the bible as a reason to be a vegetarian:
    JESUS ATE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO DID THE 5,000 PEOPLE HE FED THAT DAY!!!!!!!!

    • jessa

      Good point lol!

  • jessa

    Are we forgetting that even the PETA is hurting animals? Being vegetarian can kill more animals than actually eating them. Firstly, one is eating the very food many animals rely on for survival being that PETA members are vegetarian and many animals are herbivores. How can they preach about not killing animals but turn their heads to take the very food many animals need to survive? Secondly, how can PETA preach against animal cruetly when they aid in pollution with their pamplets, flyers, propaganda and so forth. Im guessing that adding to the issue of pollution and all that leads to is not expected to hurt animals as well as human in the long run.

    • avi

      You’re sort of correct. I’m no longer vegetarian, because I’ve realized that vegetarianism kills animals too. But to say that taking plants is going to kill animals because they need it is stupid, pardon my french. Now, it is true that to actually grow plants that we can eat does kill animals by burning the environments to make space for the crops and by killing animals that interfere with crop growth. But the animals can survive if we all eat plants, after all many of them do it, but youre right that vegetarianism kills animals too.

      • jessa

        Just because you disagree with a comment does not mean you call it stupid, if you wanna argue use facts not emotions. It makes you look dumb. Thanks for commenting, wont be wasting anymore time on you. See ya!

        • Avi

          I DID use facts, but you ignore them in favor of ad hominem attacks.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Ingrid Newkirk needs to have her head examened she is losing her marbles

  • PeapleEatiNgTastyAnimals

    What the bottom ad says is its wrong to milk cows, but it’s fine to milk humans

  • HERA

    If i see a PETA demonstration I’ll go in front of them and eat a piece of grilled steak 🙂

  • HubbyMcDubby

    All PETA fanboys and girls should all get their anuses drilled by abused animals. Preferably, bears.

  • erjioe

    I was like what the hell?? Like seriously. This is weird.

  • Avi

    PETA is the MSNBC of vegetarianism, they’re taken as the public voice of one side even though noone on either side likes them.

    • Ih8PETA

      More like FOX news “All UNFAIR and All UNbalanced” with all the untruths and lies that the stray pet murdering hypocrites from PETA spew like a broken sewage like.

  • Red

    we aren’t perfect…

    god made animals for pets, food and all that, some people are terrible with animals..
    they’ll get punished in due time.

  • :D

    I love meat (~???)~

  • Jackie

    I was rather horrified at that Ben & Jerry’s fake ice cream flavor!

  • Lamp

    Nice posting, It wake up most of the peoples.

  • Spurwing Plover

    PETA idiots only a total idiot would have anything to do with PETA the blabber about Compassion then still kill over 80% of the animals they have adopted

  • CBomb

    There is mudslinging and massive logic flaws in both sides of what could have been a thoughtful and logical discussion. There is NO winning this argument for either side, and going to extremes just takes away from the credibility of both sides. It will not happen where someone says, “You know what? You’re right. I will change my entire lifestyle based off of your post alone.” So proselyting here to meat/non-meat lifestyles is a failed mission.

    I have seen some intelligent posters on here both vegetarians and meat-eaters… but sadly they also tend to get attacked. It’s especially unhealthy that some seem to come here simply to argue out of simple desire to argue.

    Discuss, don’t fight. No good comes from fighting. Knowledge can come from a discussion, a conversation.

  • Spurwing Plover

    Hitler would fit right in with PETA and its radical ideologies