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  • Tiffany

    Ok all of you stop- you are just so uneducated. PETA is not doing anything to hurt you or anything that is effecting you personally, so why do you care? They are trying to make a bold statement. If the head of PETA wants that done to her body after she dies, then she can. Why do you care? Nobody is forcing you to eat the meat of her body after its barbecued. People have done stranger things, I can assure you. You are not better than innocent animals who are being poisoned and tortured through animal testing, breeding and shows, entertainment, or anything else that causes harm to them. They have done nothing to deserve the treatment they receive, and you have the nerve to say people are above animals? People have caused virtually all of the issues that exist on this planet, and now it will most certainly be destroyed one day because of us, killing all of the animals along with it who did nothing to cause this. Whether its acidifying the ocean due to CO2 emissions, or clearing millions of acres of land for wood and taking natural habitats, the things we are doing to benefit us are killing other beings, and it is going to be pretty much impossible to reverse. So please go enjoy your baby back ribs as you inhale carbon dioxide that is slowly poisoning your lungs, and don’t forget to throw some garbage away that will be dumped into an ocean and possibly kill an animal. You may as well keep enjoying life as other creatures suffer due to your utter stupidity. Thanks for your time.