Top 10 Insane P.E.T.A Publicity Stunts


If you’re a meat eater, you’ve probably heard of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.) Wait…let’s rephrase. If you’re a human being, you’ve probably heard of P.E.T.A., which is an organization based out of Virginia and headed by Ingrid Newkirk. At 2 million+ members strong, the organization has most definitely left its mark in history. The organization aims to emphasize the importance of animal rights, specifically through protests, literature, and publicity stunts that are nothing less than shocking. The group also highlights and spreads the importance of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, promoting its healthfulness.

While the group definitely has good intentions, it’s safe to say that at times it seems some of the marbles are a little loose up there. P.E.T.A is well known for its publicity stunts, some of which are tolerable. However, most are seen as offensive and just downright crazy. Below is a list of stunts that P.E.T.A has done over the years that are sure to make you scratch you head.

10. Veggie Sex Superbowl Commercials

Superbowl commercials aim to be comical yet still be able to advertise some company or product. It is said that around 100 million people tune in to watch. Obviously making note of the huge number of people watching each year, P.E.T.A decided that this was a prime opportunity to spread the word. Hopeful, the organization sent in an ad to NBC, which was rejected and deemed as “depicting a level of sexuality exceeding NBC standards.” The problem is, though P.E.T.A would have grabbed a lot of attention with the sexy women in their ad, the fact that they were all doing some sort of sexual gesture with vegetables definitely makes one wonder. To top it all off, the video’s tagline stated “Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex.”

Lesson learned?

While sex may sell, sex with veggies most definitely doesn’t. Unless you’re into women getting really “into” carrots, broccoli, etc, this commercial most definitely not for you. Maybe they can tone it down for the next Superbowl.

9. Take Kentucky Fried Cruelty to Your Grave

If you know anything about P.E.T.A, you know their long-standing hatred of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The organization claims that KFC brutally slaughters the chickens that are served. To further show their hatred, the group made a visit to Col. Harland Sanders’s burial site at Cave Hill Cemetery, and found their own way to say goodbye. At the cemetery, P.E.T.A purchased a plot near Col. Harland Sanders’ grave and placed a gravestone there with the name Matthew Prescott on it, a living P.E.T.A die-hard. Though the gravestone was originally approved by the cemetery, as it seemed like a nice farewell to Sanders, a further look shows that it actually spells out “KFC Tortures Birds” in red letters if you piece together the first letter of each line. Of course the cemetery director eventually realized this, planned to take up the stone, and banned P.E.T.A from the cemetery.

Lesson learned?

From this, it’s safe to say that P.E.T.A followers are willing, and seemingly like to, play dead for the sake of spreading their KFC hatred. Hopefully P.E.T.A learned that bright red letters are too obvious when you’re doing a bad deed. Try just black next time.

8. Cow’s Milk = Autism

We’ve all seen the “Got Milk?” advertisements in magazines, t-shirts, and bumper stickers and since the phrase became so popular, you’ve probably seen playoffs of it with plenty of other nouns replacing milk. But, have you ever seen “Got Autism?” If you live in Newark, NJ, you just might have. Relying on studies done at Rome University, P.E.T.A immediately jumped on the results that there was improvement in those with autism when dairy products weren’t consumed, as the substance casein was eliminated from the diet. With this, P.E.T.A came to the claim that cow’s milk causes autism, though the study said nothing of that. To spread the word, P.E.T.A decided that a billboard was needed, in no place other then Newark, NJ. Why Newark? It’s said that this location has the highest autism rates out of 14 states. Of course, P.E.T.A got this information from just one study conducted.

Lesson learned?

One phrase sums up this entire publicity stunt: ad Dictum simpliciter. Simply, P.E.T.A jumped to conclusions without looking at what details were actually given. While casein may have some sort of link to behavior in those with autism, it most definitely doesn’t cause it, nor is it only found in cow’s milk. Maybe it’s time to send P.E.T.A back to Psychology and Nutrition 101.

7. Whips, Chains, and Kinky Cows

Who doesn’t love Barnum and Bailey’s Circus? Apparently P.E.T.A doesn’t. Staying with the sex sells theme, the group decided to go to large cities, including Cincinnati and New York, and spread the word of how abusive and traumatizing the circus is to animals. In Cincinnati, two P.E.T.A activists decided to show that whips and chains used in the circus don’t exactly belong there. Instead, they belong in the bedroom, as stated by their sign “Whips and Chains Belong in the Bedroom, Not in the Circus.” One woman dressed up as a dominatrix, in vinyl of course, and stood on a busy public street whipping the other. In New York, a very similar stunt went on, except the vinyl-clad dominatrix wasn’t whipping another woman, but instead a fiberglass cow.

Lesson learned?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite…P.E.T.A, or something of that nature. Of course, P.E.T.A learned that their scantily-dressed dominatrix was no match for the circus, which still continues today. Though I’m sure some passersby enjoyed the show.

6. Human Barbecue

Mmm, I love the smell of barbecue, but human barbecue? Not so much. On a busy Tennessee street in Nashville, P.E.T.A set up their own barbecue with nothing else on the menu but…a human. The organization created their own grill-like platform that was surrounded by paper flames. In the center of the grill was a human, more specifically a naked female, who was barbecuing away. Those who passed-by were given the chance to use black, orange, and red spray-paint in order to symbolize cooking flesh, similar to that of chicken, pork, and beef. Of course, P.E.T.A did get the word out, but most who joined in seemed to make nothing of it but a laughing matter.

Lesson learned?

Naked women on fake grills with fake spray painted flames is funny, maybe arousing for some, but not something that most are going to take to heart. Instead, more people were probably enjoying the nude woman instead of giving two thoughts about the message.

5. Will of all Wills

Wills aren’t meant to be shocking or weird, but when we take a look at Ingrid Newkirk’s will, you may just wonder what is going on in her head. According to her will, published online on the P.E.T.A website, she wants to donate her body to “alleviate animal suffering” and also “draws attention to needless animal suffering and exploitation.” She claims that she wants the “meat” of her body, or at least a portion of it to be barbecued, her skin taken off and made into leather items, such as purses and shoes, her legs cut off and used as umbrella stands, her eyes taken out and delivered to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, her index finger by removed and given to Kenneth Feld, the owner of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and numerous other odd requests. You can view her entire will here.

Lesson learned?

P.E.T.A’s owner is nothing short of insane, but also that she is apparently extremely devoted to her thoughts, even after death. As she once said, P.E.T.A is full of “press sluts,” and yes, this will most definitely get them the attention and press they’ve always sought.

4. Meat Eaters Are Jeffrey Dahmers

In 1991, when the rave about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was taking newscasters and newspapers by storm, P.E.T.A found their own way to spread the word and incorporate Dahmer into their message. In the ad, P.E.T.A relates Dahmer’s acts to things that are done to 16 million animals each year.  In essence, the ad is calling all meat-eaters the next Jeffrey Dahmers, who was convicted of murder and cannibalism, as well as comparing slaughtered animals to human victims of murder. Apparently, P.E.T.A’s idea was to show that humans do the exact things that Jeffrey Dahmer did, and that we should also be afraid and creeped out by ourselves.  However, this wasn’t the last time P.E.T.A would compare a serial killer’s victims to human victims. In 2007, the group ran a similar ad in B.C., Canada with a picture of a pig and a battered woman’s face with the saying “Neither of Us Is Meat.” The pictured woman was said to correlate to a victim of Robert Pickton.

Lesson learned?

P.E.T.A probably learned how to up the shock value in their stunts, but may have also learned that they are subject to higher amounts of censorship and outright rejection. The public was able to see just how far P.E.T.A is willing to cross the line.

3. Holocaust on Your Plate

If you thought P.E.T.A stunts couldn’t get any worse when comparing human life to animal life, this one will surely shock you. Using 66 square feet posters depicting Holocaust victims as well as slaughter house animals, P.E.T.A shared the message that the victimization of millions during the Holocaust is just like the suffering animals go through before being slaughtered. As said by P.E.T.A, both are ripped away from their mothers and families, shipped off to unknown places, stacked on top of each other, and killed in an assembly line. Of course, to get the press and outrage they want, P.E.T.A took this display to nowhere else but Germany. Despite the pure bizarre comparison, a few Jewish writers did side with P.E.T.A, stating that to animals, all humans are Nazis. P.E.T.A also pointed out the fact that 6 millions Jews died in the Holocaust, but 12 million animals are killed every four hours in the U.S.

Lesson learned?

If you want to get some attention, bring up Jews in Germany. Anyone who brings up the Holocaust usually gets some sort of media attention, which is just what P.E.T.A aims for. However, P.E.T.A also learned that the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany doesn’t care much for their ideas, throwing out their claim that their free speech was violated when the stunt was shut down.

2. American Kennel Club = Klux Kanine Klan

Dog shows are of tradition, and have been for awhile, but P.E.T.A decided that these dog shows are  harmful to the pets. To go against the American Kennel Club (AKC), P.E.T.A has begun to stage yearly protests at the Westminster Dog Show. Protests are fine and  legal in the U.S., but the crazy part is that those protesting for P.E.T.A were dressed in white sheet-like clothing to evoke the presence of the KKK. Somehow, P.E.T.A has come to the conclusion that the AKC is attempting to build a master race of pure-breed dogs, and that by doing so, it is extremely unhealthy to all dogs.  So, to depict this, protests handed out papers with their message clear and dry-cut.

Lesson learned?

While some AKC breeders are way too picky and judgmental of other dogs for their own good, I don’t think they exactly relate to the KKK. P.E.T.A again took certain details that proved their point, and left out other majorly important ones. When the AKC Westminster Dog Show starts to lynch and burn dogs at the stake, then I’ll gladly go along with the KKK schpiel.

1. Breast milk Ice Cream

Ice cream is an extremely popular dessert. With companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Cold Stone Creamery topping the charts with ice cream sales, it’s no wonder that so many enjoy the milky, chocolately, strawberry (you get the point) goodness. But of course, with all things good, wonderful, and enjoyable, P.E.T.A will surely come along and put a twist to it. After hearing that a Swiss restaurant owner planned to buy breast milk from nursing mothers, the light bulbs went off in many P.E.T.A heads and immediately they went straight for no other company but Ben & Jerry’s.  The organization decided to send letters to the owners of the company, pleading with them to considering using breast milk as an alternative to cow’s milk in their ice cream. Of course, the owners declined, stating that breast milk is most suitable for children, not everyone.

Lesson learned?

Breast milk goes out of style once you’re no longer a kid. Could you imagine eating Apple Pie à la breast milk mode? I couldn’t. Either way, more milk for the newborns.

Some images from PETA website


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  1. Kevin John Braid on

    i freaking HATE peta,,, google peta freezers,,, the kill far far more than they rescue… man, they even stole someone sog and killed it, was all over the news. ITS A CULT

  2. Ok all of you stop- you are just so uneducated. PETA is not doing anything to hurt you or anything that is effecting you personally, so why do you care? They are trying to make a bold statement. If the head of PETA wants that done to her body after she dies, then she can. Why do you care? Nobody is forcing you to eat the meat of her body after its barbecued. People have done stranger things, I can assure you. You are not better than innocent animals who are being poisoned and tortured through animal testing, breeding and shows, entertainment, or anything else that causes harm to them. They have done nothing to deserve the treatment they receive, and you have the nerve to say people are above animals? People have caused virtually all of the issues that exist on this planet, and now it will most certainly be destroyed one day because of us, killing all of the animals along with it who did nothing to cause this. Whether its acidifying the ocean due to CO2 emissions, or clearing millions of acres of land for wood and taking natural habitats, the things we are doing to benefit us are killing other beings, and it is going to be pretty much impossible to reverse. So please go enjoy your baby back ribs as you inhale carbon dioxide that is slowly poisoning your lungs, and don’t forget to throw some garbage away that will be dumped into an ocean and possibly kill an animal. You may as well keep enjoying life as other creatures suffer due to your utter stupidity. Thanks for your time.

  3. There is mudslinging and massive logic flaws in both sides of what could have been a thoughtful and logical discussion. There is NO winning this argument for either side, and going to extremes just takes away from the credibility of both sides. It will not happen where someone says, “You know what? You’re right. I will change my entire lifestyle based off of your post alone.” So proselyting here to meat/non-meat lifestyles is a failed mission.

    I have seen some intelligent posters on here both vegetarians and meat-eaters… but sadly they also tend to get attacked. It’s especially unhealthy that some seem to come here simply to argue out of simple desire to argue.

    Discuss, don’t fight. No good comes from fighting. Knowledge can come from a discussion, a conversation.

  4. Spurwing Plover on

    PETA idiots only a total idiot would have anything to do with PETA the blabber about Compassion then still kill over 80% of the animals they have adopted

  5. we aren’t perfect…

    god made animals for pets, food and all that, some people are terrible with animals..
    they’ll get punished in due time.

  6. PETA is the MSNBC of vegetarianism, they’re taken as the public voice of one side even though noone on either side likes them.

    • More like FOX news “All UNFAIR and All UNbalanced” with all the untruths and lies that the stray pet murdering hypocrites from PETA spew like a broken sewage like.

  7. All PETA fanboys and girls should all get their anuses drilled by abused animals. Preferably, bears.

  8. PeapleEatiNgTastyAnimals on

    What the bottom ad says is its wrong to milk cows, but it’s fine to milk humans

  9. Are we forgetting that even the PETA is hurting animals? Being vegetarian can kill more animals than actually eating them. Firstly, one is eating the very food many animals rely on for survival being that PETA members are vegetarian and many animals are herbivores. How can they preach about not killing animals but turn their heads to take the very food many animals need to survive? Secondly, how can PETA preach against animal cruetly when they aid in pollution with their pamplets, flyers, propaganda and so forth. Im guessing that adding to the issue of pollution and all that leads to is not expected to hurt animals as well as human in the long run.

    • You’re sort of correct. I’m no longer vegetarian, because I’ve realized that vegetarianism kills animals too. But to say that taking plants is going to kill animals because they need it is stupid, pardon my french. Now, it is true that to actually grow plants that we can eat does kill animals by burning the environments to make space for the crops and by killing animals that interfere with crop growth. But the animals can survive if we all eat plants, after all many of them do it, but youre right that vegetarianism kills animals too.

      • Just because you disagree with a comment does not mean you call it stupid, if you wanna argue use facts not emotions. It makes you look dumb. Thanks for commenting, wont be wasting anymore time on you. See ya!

  10. To all you people out there trying to use the bible as a reason to be a vegetarian:
    JESUS ATE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO DID THE 5,000 PEOPLE HE FED THAT DAY!!!!!!!!

  11. Edward Cummings on

    Anyone have opinion on lab grown meat. You would still need animlas for the mucle cells and it will not as of yet replace other animal products (milk, eggs, leather etc). There is the price issue and the risk that some farmers could lose their jobs but even PETA has given $1 million to sponser the research. Link

  12. Edward Cummings on

    Leading US nutritionist Prof. Linsey Allen claims that parents who feed their children vegan or vegetarian diets might be acting unethically since children who don’t eat meat, milk or cheese in early life may suffer mental & physical impairment.

  13. Edward Cummings on

    All animals can feel pain even plants can feel pain. Measuring pain can be differecute because they sense pain in a different way to us humans.

  14. Edward Cummings on

    The natural human diet is ominvoreous but due to technoloical advances we humans invented we have greater acess to possible food items that our closest living relatives (the primates) do not have acess. Those advances have allowed us to chose a prefered diet.

  15. Edward Cummings on

    When any organisation (company, charity, ngo) does a campaign which involves the use of images/photos ask yourself has the organisation altered the images so it benefits them. For example PETA may show images of animal abuse on a farm (or other location were humans use animals) but said images might not represent every farm in the country, the image could be out of date, does not show the bigger picture of why the abuse occurred the image may of been obtain via illegal methods or the images have been staged/faked for the organisations benefit. This last point can also be applied to scientific research used to support their campaign(s).

  16. Edward Cummings on

    Just had odd idea. When people are saying that going Vegan is good or bad look at the persons cultural background and/or history. For example cowboys and cattle ranchies in the USA or far east Asian cultures were a vegan is more common. Im fine with your diet so long as you are fine with mine. As I write this comment (7th September 2012) there is an an advert for the WSPA wich are more respected charity compared to PETA.

  17. Hm, I do believe that an animal should be put through a painless passing, but not shutting down the meat industry completely. I opt for free range, grass fed, and wild caught choices. It’s been proven that farmed salmon is a heart failure on a plate, but wild salmon is very heart friendly. This way, your body and the animal benefit, you have healthy diet and the animal doesn’t feel a thing.

    • Edward Cummings on

      I agree with you completely but Im going to play devils advocate on two subjects.
      1.A majority of cows (beef &dairy) in American farms are fed on corn/maize based feeds because cows fed on corn based feeds produce less methane compared to grass fed ones.
      2. The farming of salmon is supposed have no effect on wild populations.
      Please check the accuracy of this comment because I don’t live in the USA.

  18. Edward Cummings on

    In relation to number 3 hers a journal u might want to read….
    Understanding Nazi Animal Protection and the Holocaust
    Authors: Arluke, Arnold; Sax, Boria

    Source: Anthrozoos: A Multidisciplinary Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals, Volume 5, Number 1, 1992 , pp. 6-31(26)

  19. Many people (including the OP) do not understand anything about the suffering that is going on, or they are sociopaths who don’t care.

    I will not comment more, just watch the documentary “Earthlings” and then come to your own conclusions.

    If you think people are worth more than animals, then you haven’t understood the whole thing called “Life”, and if you are a religious person (which I am not) I would consider you even a worse being for not having that understanding while running around holding up the Bible.

    • Edward Cummings on

      seen bits of it got me thinking is the current human population growth rates sustainable for the planet? Since the1st industrial revoultion (mid 1800s) the human population has increased dramaticly. Estimates say we will reach 9 billion people by 2050. All these people will be using up the planets resources (food, water, land, energy etc) how do we solve these issues with out harming environment. Or is better to get on a rocket and colonise another planet or in a last ditch attempt bring in a world wide no reproduction policy?? This is a question I would ask to the head of PETA, FAO, UN, and a who host of other government groups and charities.

  20. Okay, these comments are ridiculous. I cannot STAND PETA, and can’t believe there are people who take it seriously, given all the controversy and hypocrisy surrounding them, not to mention how inappropriately they cross the line with their advertising. They care more about attacking than they do promoting what they claim to protect.

    I am a vegetarian. I became one in seventh grade, I never went back. Since I switched, I have not had any problems keeping my protein, iron, zinc, etc. levels in a normal range. My diet is healthy and balanced. People saying that being a vegetarian or vegan is unhealthy or dangerous do not have their facts straight. For many people, that lifestyle does not work because they are not able to get the right nutrients. For just as large an amount, though, it works out very well.
    I didn’t become one for animal rights or anything of the like. The thought of eating meat (and the taste) just wasn’t appealing to me anymore. It hasn’t for years now. Why should I eat a food that doesn’t appeal to me?

    The meat eaters who claim that ALL vegetarians are agenda holding, crazy-minded extremist animal rights protesters who think all meat eaters the devil incarnate and disgusting. You are holding us all to the way PETA acts. Stupid. I don’t care if someone eats meat or not. THAT’S NOT MY BUSINESS. Nor is it YOUR business that we don’t eat meat. Just as it’s not anyone’s business that I can’t stand blueberries.
    I also don’t give a shit about people hunting. I agree that overpopulation of dear and other animals should be kept in check. I would never go hunting, but why should I get mad at other people’s past times, especially if it is for the better of the animals? If the animals hunted are in an endangered zone, THEN will I protest it. Simple as that.
    Now, why are the meat eaters getting SO pissed at vegetarians? You may have met some extremists in your time, but that doesn’t mean ALL of us are like that. I don’t push my diet on my friends; that’s not my business.

    I had to throw in my two cents, because the fighting on this board was getting incredibly stupid – both sides. Is the world so pathetic that we attack each other for our personal diets?

    PETA is overreaching and inappropriate. Using the holocaust to protest meat (In germany)? Comparing a serial killer’s victims to animals? Insinuating abuse and erotica in EVERYTHIeNG they advertise? Sex does not sell THAT much.

    The only thing I can support is their protest about circus. I don’t approve of whipping animals for our own amusement, or hurting them in any way to entertain audiences. Even then I don’t care for they way they protested it on this list (and sending a finger to the owner of Ringley Brothers? The hell is that?)

    • Edward Cummings on

      Just be glad we can post messages like this and are lives aren’t manipulated (via the media, government etc) and we have the freedom to chose. With so much conflicting evidence out there it does make your decision(s) hard but you are individual you don’t always have to go with the herd/sociaty. If you feel like you are being manipulated it is probably because the herd has bing provided large amout of evidence which says your decision is wrong and the people incharge have used the evidence to prevent you from making anymore wrong decisions which could harm you or other beings living on this planet or the planet itself. In short good and bad is a matter of opinion although there certain aspects of life were majority have said that it is good or bad.

  21. Edward Cummings on

    Homo sapiens, of course, fall into to the omnivore class. Through natural selection we evolved the teeth of omnivores, good for grinding grain, stripping leaves, and eating meat. We have long intestines (somewhere between carnivore and herbivore intestinal tracts), and a digestive system that will break down both acidic and alkaline based foods (protein, carbohydrates, and fat). Our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, also have an omnivore diet (not only do they eat plants and fruits but they hunt and eat monkeys, for example).

    Humans beat all other omnivores by a large margin (omnivore comes from the Latin: omni, or everything). People will eat anything including bacteria, fungus, plants, and animals. From the plants we will eat roots, bark, sap, leaves, berries, fruits, nuts, flowers, and seeds. We will eat any animal, including worms, insects, crustaceans, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals (and in some cases, people). We will eat their meat, fat, eyes, brain, organs (including testicles), bones and shells (for calcium), milk, and blood.

  22. Edward Cummings on

    If you practice a vegan life style and still think vegetarianism represents the most ethical position, then think again. If everyone on earth converted to a pure vegetarian diet, then what need do we have for domesticated farm animals? They can’t live without us and if we no longer need their meat or hide, then we have no reason to raise them (except for a few to keep in zoos). If you think the free cattle roaming around the streets of India represents a solution, then you have not thought it through. These poor diseased starving creatures hardly represent an ethical solution any more than free-roaming feral cats and dogs, and they still require humans to keep them barely alive.

  23. I will think I might be at an educational advantage since Im studying for a degree (Bsc) in Animal Science at a University in England. Whos heard of a chairty called Compassion in World Farming? Heres there website-
    Food chocie (meat eater/vegan) is also I would say is part of the coulture/tradition of the country/area a person lives in. Farming cows for meat and/or milk is a big buisness in certain States or countries providing a large influx to the local and/or national econmy so going against them could be considered wrong in one point of view.

  24. Good Intentions, My Foot! on

    What possesses the author to state that PETA “definitely has good intentions”? How do you figure that?

    • Well their intention is to stop cruelty to animals, which seems like good intentions to me. However, their methods are far too extreme for me to support them.

      • Good Intentions, My Foot! on

        A lot of us like animals, but I don’t think it’s a valid moral statement that killing animals for food (or medicine) is wrong. Most societies use animals. Carnivorous animals eat meat too. PETA is very extreme. As I understand it, they are against testing medicines on animals to save people, including kids.

        • I didn’t say I *agreed* with them, just that their basic goals are well-meaning. I completely agree that they are overly extreme.

    • Edward Cummings on

      How do you know, have you met him. Im suggestion that as he came Austria which is famous for its meat related foods such as sausages.
      Biographers who wrote about Hitler (and who knew him quite well on a personal basis) openly describe his love for Bavarian sausages and game pie (meaning wild meat from birds and other creatures).

      Hitler’s own chef openly talked about Hitler’s love for stuffed pigeon.
      In none of Hitler’s speeches or writing did Hitler state he was a vegetarian or speak in favor of vegetarianism.
      Hitler was regularly given injections of a protein serum made from the testicles of a bull – not exactly a treatment that would be tolerated by vegetarians.

      Learn more:

  25. Edward Cummings on

    I wonder how much money PETA uses in there protests & campagions (Im dsylexic) compared to improving animal welfare.
    PETA does fill like a big media celebrity (i.e. Madonna) of the animal charity world and for them any publicity could be considered as good publicity.

    • peta still sucks on

      People Eating Tasty Animals: Where veganism is the new snake oil
      People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

  26. Be a vegetarian if you want but do not lie and make people think a nonmeat diet will keep everyone healthy. I know one girl who was a vegetarian but she got health problems and the doctor suggest she eat meat in her diet. So she eats meat now. I don’t believe in killing animal species off. I don’t eat shark fin soup, I don’t eat endangered animals or delete the sea. I lived on a small farm so I agree with allowing livestock to roam free. The cows were in the pastor and chickens roamed the yard but at night would go back to the chicken coup. However, this doesn’t change the fact Peta for the most part is nuts. In their dream worlds there would be starving cows, chicken, sheep who can not survive in the wild. We would have plagues of rats, mice, and rabbits because heaven forbid we control their populations. Vegans will not have anything to eat if we have mice plagues (like in Australia). Does wild pigs destroying crops and hurting wildlife sound good? I believe in killing animals humanly as possible. Throat, heart or bullet in the head are quik deaths. Don’t expect everyone to be vegan, don’t expect people to want plagues of mice, rats, rabbits. Don’t expect people to want wild hogs to roam around either. If you care about animals support organic farms who let chickens roam and champion humane treatment of them. But right now Peta can be considered a laughing stock since they kill alot of dogs and cats. Champion the phrase have your pet spayed or neutrered. In fact Peta’s fantasy would cause millions of animals to starve to death and probably would increase human suffering to.

    • Starving cows, sheep and chickens? Yeah, because there is so little grass and insects in the wild for them to eat. Besides, mice, rats, and rabbits have natural predators already. It’s not like they need one more. They become problems because we take them places we don’t belong.

      • MySugarApple on

        Im around 3 yrs late.

        Starving cows and sheeps due to lack of grass? I suppose meat eaters ate all their grass. Lol.

        Really if there is food crop shortage, and all people were to become vegans (count 7 billion) plus all animals like cows and sheeps and those consumed were to be kept alive.
        Where will the food crop be produced? There is shortage after all. How many forests will you kill for the sake of food crop plantation to sustain the 7 billion and the herbivores. Plus dont forget the factor that all living organism breed and multiply.

        That’s why there are food chains, because it keeps certain animals that eat a bunch in balanced numbers, if one factor is removed, you kill every specie within, including the sheeps, cows, chickens, humans too.

  27. Edward Cummings on

    The advantge humans and other ominvorves have is that we can adapt to almost any environment we find are selfs in.

  28. If I was incharge of PETA I would help support the use of alternatives to animals in medical research (e.g. tissue culture, computer modelling and clinical trials) I would also donate my body to medical research and encourage its members to do the same. I would also stop supporting the Animal Liberation Front because they portry animal right groups in a negative light and their direct action methods do not work most of the time.

  29. Edward Cummings on

    In 2009 Helmi Risku-Norja, Sirpa Kurppa, Juha Helenius discover that an individual persons dietary choice has little effect on the environment and if the whole world where to change to a vegan it will only reduce greenhouse emissions by 7% which is small compared to if we were to decrease are use of fossil fuel.
    source-• Helmi Risku-Norja, Sirpa Kurppa, Juha Helenius. Dietary choices and greenhouse gas emissions — assessment of impact of vegetarian and organic options at national scale. Progress in Industrial Ecology An International Journal, 2009

    Im just posting facts we live in free countries its your choice what diet you chose. 🙂

  30. Bird of Paradise on

    Okay hollyquinn if you think animals should have the same rights as people then how about allowing them to drive and vote or give up you home where you live for the mice and flies Please think hard before you start thinking this insane animal rights idea

    • ‘Okay hollyquinn if you think animals should have the same rights as people then how about allowing them to drive and vote or give up you home where you live for the mice and flies Please think hard before you start thinking this insane animal rights idea’

      Wow you just took that to a unrealistic stupid level. Comparing giving up your home to bugs to not eating meat and wanting animals to be treated humanely is ridiculous. Its an idiotodic comparison, thats like saying if your let two men get married you have to let a man marry a goat or something. Its not the same thing or relevant to the argument.

      also I LOVE ANIMALS. Its not an insane idea, its a way of life.

      • Edward Cummings on

        Is it an animals (humans included) intelligent (I.Q.) which determinds what rights they have? If thats so some like minded people are suggesting that whales & dolphins should be given equal rights. But why should we be campaining for animal rights when some countries across the planet are commiting human rights abuses right now.

    • Edward Cummings on

      How equal e.g. should they be tryed for murder if they kill someone. Sometimes we have to kill an animal to protect areselves such as diease causing animals e.g. a dog infected with rabies

      • Uh no not a fake post at all. I am vegetarian, and I love animals, all animals. I don’t believe in animal cruelty and while peta may do some out there stuff, in the end I believe in what they stand for so I will gladly support them. Why does everyone have to reply with asshole comments, I am just voicing my opinion just like you are. I care about animals more then I care about 80% of people, and I would be more likely to cry if i saw a cat get hurt then a person. People are shitty. Obviously, read the comments you all write. There is no reason to eat meat any longer, (and if you must eat it buy cruelty free, free range, hormone free etc) there are so many meat substitutes now and replacements, you are heartless if you can read about the horrible things that animals go through so you can have a burger. Make fun all you want but I know I am not supporting the meat industry and I will be healthy & skinny while you all choke on chicken legs from some disgusting fast food place.

        • Freddie Paulson on

          I have a question about your rhetoric then. Is it bad if I eat bugs. Im fairly certain you kill bugs, yet you say all creatures are equal.

        • Edward Cummings on

          I just waiting for the point in the future were all the food we eat is artififical and comes in pill form. And we live cities sorrounded by glass domes with our only contact we have with nature are the robotic animals at the zoo. To make sure supply isan’t over run by demand we the human race are euthanised at age 30. This is the path of total animal liberation will lead to. O this is the plot to Logans Run

        • Edward Cummings on

          Ok would you save a baby gazelle from being hunted by a lion who needs to feed her cubs? Would you kill rabid dog to protect yourself?

        • Well, in both of those cases if one doesn’t die the other does, which is entirely different from farming.

        • I beat a cat do death with a plank that had a rusty nail stuck through it because it clawed my best friend and was foaming at the mouth. How is this bad?

  31. Personally, I think BOTH sides of this argument are going to extremes.
    YES, some slaughterhouses are very cruel to animals, and that DOES need to be stopped. On the other hand, there’s plenty that completely follow the animal cruelty laws.
    However, it seems the PETA believes that the laws aren’t strict enough-and I’m sure they aren’t. The laws COULD b made more strict-but that doesn’t mean to stop eating meat all together.
    If you’re concerned about it, go to a trusted supplier of meat-it’s not healthy to stop eating protein all together.
    If you still wish to remain a vegetarian, then do so, but don’t chastise others for not doing so. For all of the “freedom of speech” the PETA seems to use, they don’t offer that same courtesy to others.

    • Edward Cummings on

      Hannah you make the best argument for this debate. It seems no matter what we discuss in the world their is aways people who take it to the extreme just to get their point across. Its like shouting into someones face.

  32. I don’t understand this, animals eat each other and they don’t bother to use electric shocks to stun their prey, therefore putting the animals through much more pain. And I laughed at the nazi comparison, Godwin’s law is truly the only law of debate.

    • Obviously I had to look up Godwin’s law and was quite amused. Thanks for the reference.

      The law states: Godwin’s law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies) is a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin in 1990 that has become an Internet adage. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1 (100%).” In other words, Godwin put forth the hyperbolic observation that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis.

      Want to know even more?

    • Edward Cummings on

      The electric shocks when don correctly knocks the animal so they don’t feel pain. Anaesthesia drugs are not used because it would make the meat harmful to humans. Before electric shocks it was the gun then before that was knifes, spears and bows & arrows.

      • So if they have no morality, it justifies us eating them. As you stated, they are mindless animals. So why do you care about them so much?

        • They’re INCAPABLE of having morality, they don’t choose to have no morals. We shouldn’t kill them just for being born with a lower intelligence than we have. That’s just speciesism.

  33. Hitler was a vegan Ed you ignoramus you have to stop reading Petr Singers stupid book on animal rights

    • Edward Cummings on

      How do you know, have you met him. Im suggestion that as he came Austria which is famous for its meat related foods such as sausages. By the way I have not read that book.

      Biographers who wrote about Hitler (and who knew him quite well on a personal basis) openly describe his love for Bavarian sausages and game pie (“game” meaning wild meat from birds and other creatures).

      • Hitler’s own chef openly talked about Hitler’s love for stuffed pigeon.

      • In none of Hitler’s speeches or writing did Hitler state he was a vegetarian or speak in favor of vegetarianism.

      • Hitler was regularly given injections of a protein serum made from the testicles of a bull — not exactly a treatment that would be tolerated by vegetarians.

      Learn more:

  34. P.E.T.A is a joke. Animal Rights is one thing. Being a Vegetarian is one thing. Neither is a bad thing, but when you put some animal’s life above a human, that is a problem. I am not going to argue whether it is bad to eat meat, because I would be wasting my breath. I just don’t see how ignorant these people are. They have no consideration and in general just like to cause a situation. Like the holocaust ad. There is no call for an ad like that. To compare a human that went through the holocaust to a chicken is damn stupid. That is insulting. I say be more concerned with the well being of your own species ( helping hungry people, fight homelessness, etc.) before you worry about an animal

  35. Edward Cummings on

    The fact we are having this discussion is due to are protein powered brains which can come from animals or plants or both but are bodies espically children find animal sourced protein easier to digest. A pound of termites contains more protein than a pound of beef.

    • Edward Cummings on

      Adolph Hitler was not a vegetarian and saying he was is just anti-veggie propaganda. To paraphrase Godwin’s Law that mentioning Hitler &/or the Nazis has ended the discussion & who has mentioned them has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress.

  36. Edward Cummings on

    Our brains were improved by meat based proteins, our brains allowed us to farm. The fact PETA exists is someones brain thought up of the idea. Humans are the dominant species.

  37. Just more liberals who think they have a right to make everyone else live the way they want. I care about the treatment of all God’s creatures, we should all be treated “humanly”. If any of the eco/environazi fell they need to they can come and eat me.

  38. Ummm…buying nreast milk from nursing mothers? That’s sick. Any mother willing to SELL her breast milk is probably as insane as the psycho who wants to buy and sell it in icecream. Thus proving, PETA is a totally corrupt, hypocritical organization.

  39. Your absolutly right vegan PETA is nothing but a bunch of animal abusing wackos who have killed 97% of the animals they have adopted that far more the the notorius MICHEAL VICK ever did

  40. Spearheart The Yautja on

    I love animals great and small. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN WHAT PETA DOES! I eat meat as a matter of fact. I can hardly eat veggies, my body wont take them. I’m a STRICT believer in the ASPCA. I hate animal cruelty but understand hunting IS OKAY! I want to hunt. I also know that slaughter houses ARE HUMANE! They kill the cows with 1 bullet the the head. (Bang! Cows dead). No pain at all. The cow twitches becuase it’s called a DEATH TWITCH. When we die, we sometimes twitch due to briefly present messages from the brain that hasn’t yet realized that it’s dead.

    GREAT EXAMPLE: For anyone who loves mother earth take this to heart. (This includes you, PETA) In James Cameron’s film AVATAR. The Na’vi HUNT, just as ALL of our ancesters did. Does this mean The Na’vi are murderers? NO.
    Are lions,tiger,leopards,cheetahs, and wolves murderers? NO THEY ARE NOT! They are doing what nature intended them to do.

    Now if you are a vegetarian or Vegan, then thats fine by me. BUT DO NOT SHOVE YOUR LIFE ONTO MINE!

    • Oh yeah, because everyone knows that it’s okay to kill as long as you shoot the victim instead of torturing them. Your comment is so stupid it almost makes me laugh. Lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and wolves cannot live without eating meat, unlike humans. I see nothing wrong with shoving basic morality onto others.

  41. Vegetarians and Vegans kill me. They dont eat animals or animal products because they think its mean, when in the real world, that God or Evolution created, there is a thing called THE FOOD CHAIN. Humans are naturally built to eat meat. And thier bodys NEED the nutrients that come from it. The ONLY reason Veggies can live a healthy life, is because of vitamin supplements, which are a luxury. Back in the day, those did not exist. So guess what, you would have died. Congrats on knocking yourselves to the bottom of the food chain. You idiots would let a ton of diseased sewer rats eat you alive before you defended yourself and killed them, because its mean. Idiots. And i like how someone said being vegan extends your life. There is no way any tests can be conclusive on this, considering the vegan fad is a fairly new thing, and its hard to study life patterns on one generation of people.

    I wish PETA and its supporters would fall off the face of the planet. The only thing they succeed in is proving that there is lesser intelligence among humans. They flip thier middle fingers to God, screaming "Screw you God, i will not eat these nutritional substances you put on this planet to keep my species strong and to keep going"…..they take manmade pills to keep them healthy. Unnatural nutbags. HAHAHAHA

    • I'm a vegan, and I think the PETA people are out of their minds!!
      I hate it so much! They make all vegan's (not to mention most veggitarians) look like we're insane! I'm not a vegan because of "Free the animals! Hell yeaz!" thing. While I do think that it's horrible what they do to said animals in those industries, and I'll admit when I first started being a vegan I was more for animal rights, I'm a vegan now just because I've felt healthier then I've ever felt before. Being a vegan just works for me.
      However honestly, it's insane to say "EVERYBODY SHOULD BE VEGAN!" There are some people in this world that just can't do that diet. Not to mention, a fair amount that don't want to, which I respect. No diet is better then any other diet.
      So before you go trashing ALL vegans and veggies, please remember we're not all PETA nutcases. There are some of us who are actually normal.

      • Edward Cummings on

        I agree. PETA made a comparsion to the Holocaust but aren’t they a bit Nazi like with them trying to make us go vegan.

        • Nazis murdered and tortured people, so opposing murder and torture makes you a Nazi? How does that make sense? Also, what the HELL are you talking about with that whole sewer rats thing? Opposition to murder=a desire to be eaten alive? What the hell are you talking about?

    • Yes, there is a thing called the food chain. It is filled with MINDLESS ANIMALS, with no higher thought processes and hence NO MORALS, except for this one creature, called a human, that HAS morals, but chooses to ignore them whenever they involve another species. You can get all the nutrients necessary from a vegan diet. You do have to be careful, but it can be done even without taking pills.

      “You idiots would let a ton of diseased sewer rats eat you alive before you defended yourself and killed them, because guess what, it’s mean”.

      So what I’m getting here is that according to you, opposition to murder=suicidal urges. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

      Also, you say “unnatural” and “manmade” like it’s a bad thing. Bricks are unnatural, therefore anyone who has ever lived in a house made of bricks should fall off the face of the Earth. The English language is manmade, so all English-speakers should fall off the face of the Earth. Suuuurrrrrrreeeee.

  42. These PETA idiots are always dumb city kids. They have no concept of things like the fact that milking a cow is GOOD for them. When cows aren't milked they suffer discomfort and can even get infections.

    • You make it sound like you're doing them a favor. The reason cows are used, is because they're easily domesticated, and lactate for a long time(305 days on average). Then the milk people wait about 4 weeks, and make sure they're impregnated again. How would you like to be, either pregnant, or nursing 48 out of 52 weeks a year.

    • Down with peta, up with ethical treatment of animals on

      Don’t forget their idiotic attacks on beloved video game franchises (Pokémon, Super Mario, Cooking Mama, Super Meat Boy, Frogger)!
      People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

  43. What Pita needs to do from time to time is check out dear/elk herds that are not culled regularly. Over population is worse though you'll never get them to admit it.

    What would happen to these animals if left to their own devices? Does pita think they will become some part of an exorbitant petting zoo?

    They never do ask the hard questions, all they know is we're violating a cows rights by milking it.

    • Look at this, another brain surgeon. The reason deer/elk populations(They're mostly solitary animals. Herd?) get out of hand, is because the predators, that hunted them were wiped out. Then hunters say, "We have to hunt them, so the population doesn't get out of control." I was born in the city, and have lived on a farm, and even have a gun license(For target shooting). Please tell me you have a better argument than that.

      • Edward Cummings on

        Humans as the dominant specis on this planet casing damage to the food webs again 🙁

  44. sometimes i think peta is some sort of black ops smoke screen paid for by the meat industry that has become self perpetuating…

    …there are many valid points that surround the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and how we treat animals but when you disenfranchise your middle of the road supporters you weaken the cause…and getting ice cream made from breast milk? that is the most uneducated opinion i've heard in awhile, if some swiss restaurant wants to add it to there menu fine but attempting to collect breast milk on the scale that ben and jerry's would need is utterly impossible…have any of these people seen how much breast milk the average women can produce in a day? i know from experience that its not very much…

    …i suggest that anyone who wants to take a stand for animal rights do so on sane, well researched ground and i also suggest that those of us who eat meat should be willing to kill the animal themselves in a respectful way or gtfo

  45. Henry Coleman on

    I think that number 4 is offensive to the actual victims of Jeffery Dahmer, who are being exploited for the sake of a shocking anti-meat argument. It’s ridiculous to compare them to animals that are born and kept alive for the sole purpose of being butchered. I’m against the inhumane way slaughterhouses, etc. treat animals, but that doesn’t mean we need to all give up meat.

    • If a human was born and kept alive for the sole purpose of being butchered, would it not be better for it not to have been born at all? And if it is possible for the human to live in such a way that they are NOT being kept alive for the sole purpose of being butchered, is that not also better?

  46. I guess we should tell the sharks to stop eating the fish. Make our cats stop chasing birds. Make bats stop eating insects. Spiders eating small insects. Lions eating zebras. Humans eating cows.

    This is life.

    • But that would kill all the sharks, cats, bats, spiders, and lions, without killing a single human.

        • Way to completely ignore what I just said. You can’t deny that what I said is true, nor can you counter it, so instead you just leave a vague and meaningless reply that isn’t actually replying to anything. Not anti-meat, just anti-stupid.

  47. Claude Isbell on

    Hey Whitehorse, why don't you know what you're talking about before you open your mouth. Tofu and many other vegan foods, have far more protein, than meat. That's simply one example. The reality of the situation, is that, "Our Species", started out as herbivores, then became omnivores during the Ice Ages(Yes, there were more than one), because much of the plant life died. We adapted. Also, most of our body is still that of plant-eaters. It's a scientific fact, that mammals that are carnivores, perspire through their tongue, and herbivores through their skin(Sound familiar). Our intestinal tract, is also that of a plant-eating mammal.

    p.s. A list is most beneficial, when not written by someone with an agenda.

      • Claude Isbell on

        Unless, the list was assigned, or they picked it out of a hat, there is by definition, agenda.

        • Claude Isbell on

          TopTenzMaster?! Good comeback! It should be obvious what my AGENDA is, to find out yours. But unlike yourselves, I don't live in my own world, and hide from fact. There is truth, and then there is fact.

        • In this list I have no agenda. I didn't write it or suggest it. I thought it was interesting and made good observations. If you support P.E.T.A. that is good. If you like to eat animals, I'm fine with that too. As long as no one gets hurt, speak your mind.

          My agenda with this site is to provide entertainment for my readers and income for my family. Don't make anything more out of this site than that. Nothing to hide from or behind.

          But I encourage you to feel free to invest the time and money to create your own site on this subject. Just be ready for people such as yourselves to provoke and attack. Controversy makes great reading by can be very tiresome as well. If only you knew the vile, hateful and disrespectful comments I don't let out.

          Very easy to stand in your own shoes and criticize, rather than thinking about it from another's point of view.

          So there is my other agenda, I guess. Tolerance.

    • CherryRasperryade on

      Good on ya Claude! 🙂 Some people are just so ignorant … I feel sorry for them. They should learn a little more before repeating what other sheep have bleated out before.

      If abbatoirs and slaughterhouses were giving tours, i think many people would realise how terrible it is. I think if we all had to hunt and slaughter animals for food with our own hands, it might deter some of the more compassionate ones from eating meat. They would have to be the more highly evolved humans though, because they will be the ones who are able to show more empathy.

    • Edward Cummings on

      food chains. What about eating invertebrates. Actuly are intestinal tract is more carinvore for example a vestgial appendix, single chambered stomach. Cows and sheep have a 4 chambered stomach whilst other herbivore animals such as horses have a large cecum/appendix. If we were to compare all digestive systems are closist animal will be the pig which is also a omnivore.

      • Freddie Paulson on

        I we were meant to be vegans i could eat grass and get nutritional value. but i can’t..

        • If we were meant to be meat-eaters I could eat a hyena skull and get nutritional value. but i can’t…

        • WTF?

          I know of no large predators that make a habit of eating bone? Brain and marrow, yes, but … what a weird statement.

        • To be clear I did not actually intend for anyone to believe what I said, nor do I believe that humans evolved to be carnivores, I was just pointing out the absurdity of taking one specific plant as proof of plants in general.

        • But @avi your comment made no sense, whatever you intended. And the absurd thing was what you wrote.

        • I *meant* it to be absurd. That was the whole point, to show the absurdity of the original comment by making an equally absurd argument for a different position.

  48. The holocaust one is insulting and racist.

    To put it in Germany takes that to a whole new level.

    I feel bad for the people terrorized by P.E.T.A

    • I am a German Jew and I actually do not think it’s insulting.

      What we do to animals is everything like the Holocaust !

      Many posts here, including yours are signs of under education and ignorance.

      Watch the Documentary “Earthlings”, then talk.

      • I like your method. Insult someone’s intelligence and then order them to watch a documentary. That’s certain to win people over and get them to join your cause, and in no way harms your position by making you look like a immature.

        Moving on, I have a colossal amount of respect for those who don’t eat meat, but also don’t try to make me feel bad just because I enjoy it. If you ask me to take some time to read REPUTABLE content about slaughterhouses and inhumane treatment of animals, there’s a good chance I’ll do so, and we can have a mature discussion about it. Hell, I may even be willing to lend my support to an organization created to stop such things (though, certainly not PETA, for obvious reasons).

        On the other hand, I don’t respond well to harassment, which is unfortunately the first choice for many vegans when it comes to this topic. A select group of you are very loud and obnoxious about it, and it hurts your cause far more than you realize. I say this not to start an argument, but because I agree with humane treatment of animals. You’ll probably never stop me from eating meat, but at the very least I’ll fight alongside you to make sure my dinner is treated as a king before it dies.

  49. They are so freakin crazy.

    Animals eat each other, it's a fact. Whether you want to classify yourself as an animal or not the fact is . . . we eat each other! I'm not saying PETA is wrong about what they believe in, they're just freakin' crazy. Watching that video made me so hungry for some reason! haha. Hungry for meat by the way.

    • Humans are different because they have the intelligence to make moral decisions, which other predators dont’.

      • Your opinion is your opinion, but please don’t force it on people that eat meat. While humans can survive without meat we are built to eat it and I love a good burger.

        • I believe that people have the right to stand up for what I believe is right. I am not “forcing” anything I am simply challenging people to come up with an argument.

        • I’m sure it’s a typo … but you believe people have the right to stand up for what *you* believe is right. OK Freud, there’s a slip. Now have a field day.

        • Uhhh… sorry, I meant that people have the right to stand up for what *they* believe is right.

      • Morals are debatable and some people believe animals have their own morals as well so every being has it’s own specific morals.

  50. People are "made of meat" just as much as other animals are, so why is it so wrong to eat them? Why else would God have made us out of meat?

    You can have vitamin and other deficiencies whether you eat meat or not. It depends on what else you're eating. If you eat nothing but junk food, of course you won't be healthy. Not eating meat has nothing to do with it.

    If human breast milk is considered best for babies, why isn't cow milk considered best for baby cows? It's who the cows produce it for. Why is it so disgusting to drink milk from our OWN species, but not disgusting at all to drink milk from another species? Why do we even breast feed babies then? We should just let them suck on cow udders!

  51. tasmanian devil on

    What a bunch of lunatic extremists. I am a Park Ranger and have a strong belief in aminal welfare but I have to disagree with their meat is murder campaign. Vegetarians have their logic completely, 100% backwards. They seem to think that if everyone became vegetarians all these animals would be walking around in the wild and having a good old time. What they fail to realise is that these animals only exist to be eaten, they would not be alive otherwise. Vegetarians think they are saving animals by not eating meat but they are actually stopping animals from being born. Farmers dont spend millions of dollars a year feeding livestock because they are nice people. What they need to be focusing on is ensuring that livestock is treated humanily while they are alive with food, water, shelter, freedom of movement and a quick and painless death. Think of it this way: what would you rather, a happy but short time on earth or not being born at all.

    • Petite Cossette on

      If you'll excuse me, I am a vegetarian and I don't think that everyone should be vegetarians. I don't eat meat, because it tastes bad to me. Nothing else. I think that animals should be treated and killed humanely, but I don't think that everybody should be vegetarian. I also know perfectly well that there are food chains in the wild.

      In a nutshell, I found your post insulting and wrong.

    • Many domestic animals are perfectly capable of surviving in the wild, like goats and pigs. For others, them going extinct isn’t necessarily a bad thing (for example, domestic turkeys, which are too large to naturally mate).

  52. Psychological egoism.

    That's PETA in a nut shell.

    There is no such thing as an unselfish act. In PETA's case, you get the smug sense of self satisfaction that you are better than others.

    • peta still sucks on

      People Eating Tasty Animals: Uncompassionate losers for animals since 1980

  53. YogiBarrister on

    "I had a friend who was only only a vegetarian diet, not half as strict as vegan, and she ended up having to take vitamins because she wasnt getting all the ones she needed"

    OH MY GOD! That's horrible

    • The point is, is that if humans were made to be vegetarians, they would get complete nutritional value from their diet. Do you condemn other animals that eat meat? And what about plants, now? Don't you care about their suffering?

      • “The point is, is that if humans were made to be vegetarians, they would get complete nutritional value from their diet.”

        Now hang on just a minute there. What DID she eat? Just saying “she was vegan” is too vague to mean anything. Besides, what about all the other people who are vegan but DO get their nutritional requirements?

        “Do you condemn other animals that eat meat?”

        No, because as I’ve said, they:

        1) Can’t live without it
        2) Can’t eat plants
        3) Don’t have the intelligence to make moral choices

        None of which apply to humans.

        “And what about plants, now? Don’t you care about their suffering?”

        Plants don’t have feelings, so no, not really.

        • Bears are omnivores, yet they still eat fish. Ravens are omnivores, yet they still eat bugs. Many species of turtle are omnivores, but they still eat fish. These are all animals that are perfectly capable of surviving without meat, yet they still eat it.

          The evolution of eating meat is what helped our species survive. Eating cooked meat was far safer than grabbing whatever berries you saw and hoped it wasn’t poisonous.

          I do not force my meat eating habits onto you. Do not force your cultural postering onto us meat eaters. There are far more important problems out there that need solving.

        • Fair enough, but there’s still the “we can make moral choices” thing. And there is ALWAYS a more important problem that needs solving, but that does not lessen the importance of any other problems. I am not a vegetarian, I simply enjoy challenging others to back up their claims.

        • Omnivorous Omnivore on

          Obviously humans do not always agree on what is moral, which is one of the reasons why the debate on abortion rages on, just as it does on gay marriage, birth control, GMOs, taxation, capital punishment, Stand Your Ground laws, the right to unionize, having a minimum wage, etc. So one person may believe it is immoral to eat animals while another believes it is moral. Who is right?

          As to your devil’s advocate question of why is eating non-human animals morally different from eating humans, well why is having sex with a non-relative morally different from having sex with a parent or sibling or other relative?

          What you’re really asking for is the definition of morality.

        • There are other omnivore animals out there and are actually pretty close to us… The major one I can think of are Chimpanzees.

  54. Petite Cossette on

    Calm down, y'all, no need to start a flame war over this. I am a vegetarian not as much because of the torture of animals, but because I don't like the taste. I am actually a very healthy person, and I get plenty of protein, even without meat. I would sincerely like to hear more from you guys about the studies that show that vegetarianism is unhealthy.

    Thank you.

    • a vegetarian diet is not unhealthy, but for many people meat is the main source of several nutrients, including protein, vitamin B-12, Iron, Zinc, and Omega-3's. It is possible to get enough of these nutrients on a vegetarian diet, but it isn't easy.

    • Edward Cummings on

      for protein go with beans nuts and pulses. Calcium I think is found in green leafy veg as well as iron, zinc is found in yest and yest extract. Its only Vitamin B12 which I can’t think of non animal sources for.

      • Edward Cummings on

        buying vitamin and mineral supplements (pills, powder drinks etc) means you are increasing the income of large drug companies which is ok if if you like the capterlist/corporation agender.

  55. Wow, this is another pathetic attempt at demonizing the respectable organization that strives to promote animal rights through peaceful, non-violent means. While PETA's tactics are offensive to some, they are in NO way beyond the scope of freedom of speech. This article, posted by an obviously biased blogger who has the sole intention of hurting PETA, gets increasingly ignorant of both facts and the opinions of others as it continues its despicable rant. Rather than attempt to consider the alternative viewpoint held by PETA, this writer simply scoffs the beliefs held by an increasing population. To many, many people, animal life is equal to human life, and if this 'writer' refuses to observe that, he ought to find a new career. I hope he wasn't paid for this nonsense.

    • Too right! This is an extremely obnoxious list. The concept is actually quite interesting, but writer chose to inject her jejune point of view into it. I think this site was set up for high school journalism students, I assume Ash is a newbie.

      • ^o^CORVUS^o^ on

        Nice spelling of the word "juvenile" there, especially when you call someone out about their writing. Glass houses, stones, and all of that.

        The writer is a BLOGGER, and as such, free to add opinion into the mix.

    • Henry Coleman on

      PETA is hardly respectable. Maybe PETA should stop demonizing meat-eating people, offense and attacks on self-esteem aren't that great of a way to defend animal rights.

    • ^o^CORVUS^o^ on

      You are ignorant.

      As I said above: The simple facts are as follows: Peta goes over the top and pushes people away from their cause rather than gaining sympathy, from anyone other than the ignorant, the naive, or the lunatic fringe. Peta is filled with hypocrites that say no to animal testing, and yet reap the rewards of modern medicine, which is built largely on a foundation of animal testing. They rant and rail against animal shelters, but have euthanize and mistreated animals under their own watch. They engage in destructive and violent actions, and support even more radical groups. Their vision is a total separation of man's world from the animal world, no contact with animals at all. They should be preaching harmony with the Earth that birthed us, and ALL of its creatures, not segregation. In short, their goal is insane.

      If you want to fight for animal welfare, feel free. But do it with respectable groups like the ASPCA. Don't side with PETA, who preach one set of messages while often doing the things they shout at others for.

  56. Bitter, angry meatheads posting on an obscure thread on an obscure website. Grrr We hate people who don't believe in torturing helpless animals. Watch FOOD INC and learn something meatheads.


      So far you're the funniest poster here, if one didn't know better they'd think you were serious.

      Go back to hanging out in the walmart parking lot before you hurt yourself.

    • “Bitter, angry meatheads posting on an obscure thread on an obscure website”
      1) you have commented on this.
      2) if its obscure why are you here?
      3) i dont believe in the bible but it does say something about us having dominion over all creatures and land.
      4) out teeth are formed to eat meat.
      5) just like someone else said, why is it bad for us to eat meat but its alright for a lion to eat meat or a shark or any other predator?

      • 3) If you don’t believe in the Bible then why are you quoting it?
        4) We have four teeth formed to eat meat, and 28 formed to eat plants.
        5) Lions and sharks can’t live without eating meat, humans can. Lions and sharks can’t eat plants, humans can. Lions and sharks do not have morality, humans do.

        • Probably a 4:28 ratio would be quite a healthy meat/other-stuff ratio. Just don’t try to claim we’re not omnivorous.

          All things in moderation, c.f. PETA’s fundamentalist twaddle.

        • Oh yes, I don’t claim humans are herbivorous by design, and I certainly don’t support PETA. Despite my comments, I’m not actually vegetarian, I just like playing devil’s advocate.

        • So arguing cause you have nothing else. I understand you so much better now.

          No conviction, just looking for a fight, that’s a say way to live.

        • well, PETA also said a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, so if sharks and lions are entitled to eat meat, why arent we? also, each tooth behind your incisors have points on them for a reason.
          PETA is just a bunch of hypocritical idiots. don’t you know they kill over 90% of their rescue animals, most withing 24 hours of rescuing them? smh

  57. PETA is little more than a terrorist organization that funds violent groups such as ALF. They don't care about animals and have no understanding of nature. They have no respect for people and give all of us who do care about animal welfare a bad name.

    • They attacked a girl in my town with anxiety issues when she wore a fur dress to the dance by pouring blood on her… Even though I find fur a bit… Disgusting… She like didn’t go to school for a week…

  58. If God hadn't intended for us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

    PETA cares less about the welfare of animals than they do about their attention-whoring theatrics and publicity. They're a pack of lying hypocrites, and people who admire them are idiots.

    Whether you eat meat or not, if your life is so empty that you have to embark upon a crusade about it, your cause would be better served by a more ethical group.

    Your diet means nothing to me, and I don't care what you think of mine.

    • 1. God made humans out of meat. Does that mean God wants us to eat humans?
      2. Speaking out against murder and torture means your life is empty?
      3. If my diet and the standard diet consists of human flesh, is that not a serious issue? How is animal flesh different?

  59. I happen to be a card carrying memjber of PETA–People for the Eating Of Tasty Animals. Those other people aret brain-dead psychos.

  60. Isn't the PETA president an insulin dependent diabetic? Insulin therapy was first tested on animals, but she says it allows her to keep working for animal rights. What a hypocrite. Also, if one wishes to be a vegan or a vegetarian, that's your right and I respect it. But I have to know why so many of you are such self-righteous douchebags. Don't like meat? don't eat it, but don't bust my chops because I disagree with you. My ancestors didn't climb to the top of the food chain so that I could eat bean sprouts. We are all animals, and some animals kill and eat other animals. That's nature.

    • It's not self-righteous to denounce cruelty and abhorent waste. Your ancestors didn't climb to the top of the food chain so that you could eat government subsidized meat and destroy the environment with factory farming.

      • Freddie Paulson on

        UIm tired of reading your stupid comments. In my school (high school) I know people like you. They think that they are better than everyone and that the government is ruining everything when they’re to lazing to do anything but talk and post things that are hurtful to those who disagree.

      • Edward Cummings on

        To Yogi- Here is a website you might be interested in -

      • Luckily, no animals are ever killed (and often in horribly painful ways) while vegetables are being harvested… oh wait… oops.

    • Edward Cummings on

      Insulin is now made mostly by genetically modified bacteria which contain the human insulin gene. So you have a choice evar use animal inedible products (leather, wool, fire fighting foam etc) or use plant, fungi and bacteria products which more likely to be genetically modified.

    • If everyone around you was eating human flesh, wouldn’t you try to stop them? Why is eating animals different?

      • If eating other humans was what humans did to survive you wouldn’t know anything else and wouldn’t think anything wrong about it.

      • @avi

        Um, because it is different?
        One thing is not exactly the same as another, just because you try and make the link. And in general terms, I don’t think there are that many mammals that generally engage in cannibalism.
        Where it has happened in human populations, it has been about absolute desperate survival, or more often about ritual or religious/power dynamics.

        • “Um, because it is different?”

          Translation: “I have no ability to back up my own claims so instead I shall just insist they are true with no evidence.”

          Not anti-meat, just anti-stupid.

        • I’m simply answering your question. For most mammals, eating flesh is not the same as eating one’s own kind. That’s how it’s different. For 99.99999% of the human population, it’s different. For quite a lot of the animal world, it;s different.

          Call me an idiot if you like, but please address the argument. I don’t think I’m the one doing dodgy stuff with “no evidence”.

        • “For 99.99999% of the human population, it’s different. For quite a lot of the animal world, it’s different.”

          I don’t deny that most people (and some animals) believe it’s (morally) different. That does not answer why. A lot of people believing something does not make it true.

          The only evidence I need is your lack of evidence.

        • And perhaps I should be more clear:

          In answer to the question you posed: “Why is eating animals different [to eating human flesh, if everyone around you was eating it]?”

          Because it is different. Every culture has made that distinction in every part of history as we know it.

          So self-evident, I didn’t really think I needed to provide evidence to claims I didn’t make. I did talk about cannibalism in general and non-specialised ways (responding to you “if everyone around you was eating it” motif). Is that where your “no evidence” comment comes in?

          Otherwise I just kind of assume you’re more about the troll factor than having any educated, adult debate. Because this is just odd.

        • In the sense that you are not eating humans by eating animals, yes they are different. However, this is an astoundingly literal-minded answer. I was intending to ask why it was *morally* different, as I assumed would be obvious.

          Who cares what “every culture”-or even every species-has done? Just because something is the belief of the majority-even an extremely large majority-does not make it right.

    • Depends on whether you're eating free range or factory meat – & what else you're eating. A vegetarian diet is not good; a vegan diet is dangerous for one's health.

      PETA does not have good intentions – at least the leadership which lives large on the money donated. Newkirk is famous for saying "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy," equating human life with animal life – sick. Don't be scared they will attack you, though they have been linked with ALF…

      • Poppycock! A vegan diet is proven to extend life. This is an argument you have absolutely no way of winning, so don't bother trying. Free range meat isn't that much better. It requires too much water, feed, and energy to produce. Even free range animals are shot up with anti-biotics. Watch FOOD INC.

        I would suggest that you are the sick one. Cruelty to an animal or a human IS exactly the same. I'll take anyone from PETA over someone who is completely oblivious to the unnecessary pain and suffering producing his food causes, or the incredible damage to the environment it requires.

        • PETA half the time is just filled with rubbish. They do some good, but with how they mess up they do more wrong.

          Saying a vegan diet is purley healthy is completly wrong.

          I had a friend who was only only a vegetarian diet, not half as strict as vegan, and she ended up having to take vitamins because she wasnt getting all the ones she needed

        • My friend had the same problem and ended up getting sick so she began eating a healthy amount of meat.

        • Muckmud Adadginajad on

          I'd really like to know how anything is proven to extend life. Yes I have common sense enough to know that smoking and drinking can shorten life. But I know a old dude who drinks and smokes cigars everyday had he's 77 and looks a fit as a 30 year old. Manly because he walks everywhere he goes.

          Anyway, what are you going to do when you meet God and he tells you that you missed out on so much of his goodness because you bought peta's kool aid?

          Be well

        • Are you daft? Where do I begin on how wrong you are? Well let's start at some basic grade school stuff, eh? Meat is an essential part of a humans diet. You need the protein and some of the fats in it to have a balanced diet. There is no proof that being a veg head allows you to suffer through a longer life. I've seen animals slaughtered for food, and it's not as gruesome as you seem to think. In fact the animals are killed so quick they wouldn't have time to suffer. The U.S. also has laws against animal cruelty. In other words, lrn2argue.

          But I'll level with you. Lets say you're right. Then that would make other animals, like lions murderers. But that's part of their nature, isn't it? So why then, if it is also part of mine, can I not eat other animals as well? Humans, lions, sharks, spiders(if bugs count), some rodents, puppies, kitties, bears we all eat meat but only humans are wrong in doing so. Something seems off in your argument. Some form of logic is missing here. Could it be that you're.. I don't know, wrong?

        • Really? Painless? Okay look up some videos on kfc or pig farms… Or maybe when they hang cows upside down and slit their throats.

        • Brianne(meat eater) on

          YES cows do have their throats slit while they are hanging up side down.But obviously PETA wouldn’t include the part about that before they slit their throats they shock them and they are brain dead and feel no pain so learn the complete process before you say its wrong. They are cows not humans but they are treated as humanely as possible. We as humans are OMNIVORES believing in God aside, look at our teeth look at our diet requirements. YES there are other ways to get the nutrients and that’s fine but for those of who choose to eat meat to reach those requirements. In AMERICA we have freedom to choose whether or not we want to eat meat let US make that decision.

        • Only humans are wrong in doing so, because only humans are capable of having a morality, and because only humans choose to eat meat while being capable of surviving without any animal products.

        • The Meat-eater on

          Dude japanesse aren't vegan and they have longest life spam -_-' .Sorry, but YOU FAIL haha 8D. And plant feel paint too… That make you a huge hypocrite ''I don't eat meats because animal feel pain but I ate plant because they don't scream'' REFAIL 8D

          Plus i won't becaume a vegan to live a crappy life without savor EPIC FAIL!!!

        • I’d rather live a shorter life with meat, milk, ice cream, etc then live an extra 5 years with none of that. And it is not a proven fact that vegans live longer.

        • Plants can feel pain, but because they don’t have a brain they can’t recognize pain as a bad feeling, unlike animals. Also, a meat-eater’s diet kills more plants than a vegetarian’s, because it takes several pounds of plants to make one pound of meat. Even if plants could recognize pain as a bad thing, that would put us in the same position as lions since we can’t live without eating plants, but we can live without eating meat.

        • And your proof that they don’t recognize pain as a bad feeling? I’ve not seen that there’s definitive proof that such organisms aren’t capable of knowing “bad feelings.” However, since they are incapable of communicating in a way we find intelligible some say that it’s impossible for them to feel pain.

          Talk to a tree, then get back to us.

        • Edward Cummings on

          Are you talking about all animals including pests and parasites is killing them the same? What about the growing of palm oil which the WWF says is destorying the rainforsest.

        • It’s all about feelings. Killing mindless animals (like insects and jellyfish) isn’t murder, killing animals that can feel and process pain is.

        • Edward Cummings on

          For a balenced diet vegtables, fruits and starch based carbohydrates (e.g. breads, rice ,pasta etc) are needed in higher amouts compared to animal products such meat and milk and eggs

        • poppycock? wtf does that mean. I am immediately disregarding what you are “saying”. I have watched food inc. and my mom works at a co-op and is vegan. I still love meat and hunt. I if i eat a bug does it make me a cannibal, if i accidentely step on a insect do I become a murderer. I believe PETA should be shut down. They corrupt our children and tell them that “meat is murder” and ask “how many animals did mommy murder today”. PETA are sick.Do you think that I am an awful person because i hunt. I my opinion you are wrong and should re-evaluate what you have been told by P E T A
          e a a n
          o t s i
          p i t m
          l n y a
          e g l

        • Edward Cummings on

          During my time at High School and I studied food technology which covered vegan diets. Saying its the healthist choice with poor or no evidence to prove it makes it sound like advertising plug. For an average normal person switching to vegan diet will have no ill effects. Through what I learnt at school a vegan diet is considered unadviserble to switch to for growing children but as your parents are vegan I’m gessing they knew already how to provide a balenced vegan diet since you were born. I will agree with you that PETA has corrupted the children but someone could argue that the same methods used PETA have also been used by the Junk food industry which one reason why rates of obesity have been increaseing in devloping countries such as the USA and the UK (which is were Im from). On the subject of Japan fish and seafood form a major part of thier diet and the issues surroding this should be taken into consideration e.g. overfishing, bycatch etc. One important nutrient found in fish is the essential fatty acid (EFA) Omega 3. Some researchers are suggesting that one way to help depleted fish stocks to recover is to genetically modefiy pigs to they make Omega 3.

        • Tiffany Loves Her Dog Illa :) on

          You CAN live as a vegan. It may not be that healthy since meat has some nutrients that the human body may need.

        • Depends on how much effort you put into it. Veganism can be very healthy as long as you are careful about finding other ways of getting the necessary nutrition from meat.

        • The question was whether guinea pigs should die if they go in your yard. Way to dodge the question.

        • You keep attempting to win through sheer absurdity… sheer, unadultered absurdity.

        • That’s a bit cruel… I ca hardly step on the bugs in the walk way and seeing a caterpillar on the road I carry to the other side… I find a mouse in my home… Well here have a ride to this comfy tank where you’ll become an american mouse where you’ll get way too much food… Or… Hey whatcha doing mouse? Get outside!

        • What’s wrong with GMOs? I mean if they didn’t exist many developing countries would be dying. It usually dependent on how the GMO is used. Like splicing some genes from a random crustacean to make this plant more resistent too cold or hot weather is pretty good, but when it’s used too make the organism resistent too toxins so they can spray them everywhere is a bad way.

    • Edward Cummings on

      processed food products not just animals but also vegtable such as hydrogenated oils are a big problem. Meat can be healthy make sure u buy the right cuts.

      • I don’t deny that meat can be healthy, but there are other ways of getting the necessary nutrition without killing other creatures and damaging the environment.

    • Try telling that to a vegan who has health problems by not eating meat FYI There are “Vegetarians” who do eat fish, poultry,eggs and milk products.

    • Muckmud Adadginajad on

      That's a good one.

      I look at it this way, if God didn't want us to eat cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs etc, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

      • It's funny that you say this.

        If God wanted us to eat animals then he would want us to eat everything else that had meat too, including ourselves (since you say this is why he wants us to eat meat).

        Do you think God really wanted us to put other creatures through hell and then kill them off?

        Or kill things just because we can?

        • ^o^CORVUS^o^ on

          First off, I don't really believe in god. If you go from a purely evolutionary standpoint, then its pretty damned obvious that meat is suppose to be a part of our diet, but it seems you aren't doing so. So hey, I'll bite.

          Second of all, human beings need protein, in types and amounts that are comparatively difficult to acquire from just vegetables and legumes and such. While it can indeed be done, its difficult, and often perilous for children.

          Third, human beings need fat and fatty acids in order for brains to grow properly and for the proper development of the nervous system. Adding animal flesh, which contains fat, to our diets as primates is what started us on the path towards sapience.

          Fourth, human beings have a set of teeth that includes canines and bicuspids for a reason, and that reason isn't for show.

          Last, and certainly not least, where is your statement about what god wants coming from? Are you a christian, some other religion, or just stating your opinion about what god wants? I know of no encouragement in, for example, the bible that condones animal suffering. Animals can be humanely killed in various ways, and need not be tortured. That said, a slaughterhouse will always be a slaughterhouse, no matter how humane.

          The simple facts are as follows: Peta goes over the top and pushes people away from their cause rather than gaining sympathy, from anyone other than the ignorant, the naive, or the lunatic fringe. Peta is filled with hypocrites that say no to animal testing, and yet reap the rewards of modern medicine, which is built largely on a foundation of animal testing. They rant and rail against animal shelters, but have euthanize and mistreated animals under their own watch. They engage in destructive and violent actions, and support even more radical groups. Their vision is a total separation of man's world from the animal world, no contact with animals at all. They should be preaching harmony with the Earth that birthed us, and ALL of its creatures, not segregation. In short, their goal is insane.

          If you want to fight for animal welfare, feel free. But do it with respectable groups like the ASPCA. Don't side with PETA, who preach one set of messages while often doing the things they shout at others for.

        • Plus there’s the small fact that the reason mankind as we know it is around today is cuz of eating meat. Homo Habilis, or “Handy Man”, started it all off by cracking bones and eating the contents. This over the centuries developed the big brain that Homo Sapiens has (tho some people, like PETA, don’t make much use of it).

          There were some veggie humanoids around at the same time as Homo Habilis, but get this, they all died off when plants evolved and they didn’t evolve fast enough to eat them. So, if humanoids had stayed vegetarian, we wouldn’t exist. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, PETA.

        • In the first place, you need to get your head examined if you feel that those who do not eat meat are malnourished. Having followed a vegetarian diet all my life and being a fitness fanatic, I (as well as lakhs of other healthy vegetarians) can vouch for the fact that there is no nutrient that you get from meat that you cannot get from other sources. You just come across as plain stupid for saying that.

          Second, though I am okay with people eating meat, it is horrifying for a person like me to see the cruel way in which animals are tortured before being killed for meat. When you torture an animal, iits body releases certain chemicals which mix in the blood stream & meat of that animal. So essentially when you are eating an animal killed in that way, you are eating the fear of that animal i.e., all those hormones which certainly cannot be healthy in any way.

          We human beings think nothing of killing & torturing other animals even their young, but imagine our horror, if someday in the future, some other ultra-intelligent species became the predominant life form on the planet and decided to treat us humans & our children in a similar manner !

          The reason we do not think much about all those animals slaughtered for our sake, is because we lack empathy with animals, though we empathise with other humans. So PETA is trying to place us in the shoes of animals to understand what horrors their lives consist of.

          PETA rocks…I love what they are doing, though it may be unconventional…this is for all you sickos who make fun of PETA !!!

        • Animals live in fear all the time, imagine the fear an antelope feels when being chased by a lion. PETA is a form of extremism that only gets ridicule for being over the top and unnecessary. How is it ok to promote “ethnic animal treatment” while violating human dignity and respect? I agree that animals shouldn’t have to suffer before being killed, but PETA has too many negatives to make them credible, having used outdated facts, such as trying to pin weight gain to milk. PETA doesn’t rock, they can be put parallel to religious fanatics if anything.

          Before thinking about an animal suffering think about this: Spiders trap their prey in their webs making them fear the innevitable before being injected with a fluid that liquifies their insides and then being eaten. Some snakes eat their prey while still alive, others squeeze them to death. Certain carnivourous plants ingest their victims while still alive. When hunting, predators usually go for either the injured, the elder, or the young. It must be painful for an animal to be dragged down to the water to be drowned by a gator, or for a lion to constantly be biting at the neck of an antelope. Animals suffer in and out of the wild. Trust me, we should be humane considering we are of superior intelligence, but animals suffer regardless.

        • To Mohan….
          HAHAHA. You watch to much Sci Fi

          “but imagine our horror, if someday in the future, some other ultra-intelligent species became the predominant life form on the planet and decided to treat us humans & our children in a similar manner ! ”

          Did you read that before you typed it. Well if that happens i guess were screwed. Didn’t you watch the Lion King. Its the circle of life.

          Apperently at the top of that food Chain are “EVIL ALIENS FROM SPACE”
          Wait didn’t robots use us for energy… Oh wait that was a movie called the MATRIX.

          For now on i will argue with imaginary points from the future. HA

        • Eating people is extremely dangerous, and against the bible. So your argument just went down the drain Pheobe

        • Here’s a verse from the Bible that I’d like to share, that I think can sum up God’s view of animals:

          God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” – Genesis 1:28

          As far as I can see (and if you believe in it), God gave Man dominion over the earth, and all the creatures in it. Meaning it’s our decision on how treat animals, whether bad or good. That said, no one says we can’t rule over our dominion wisely, and as Children of God we should treat all things with kindness and compassion. Animal cruelty ftl. :\

        • I do think PETA are nuts, and am an omnivore, but an interesting biblical nuance: Adam and Eve by implication – together with ALL creatures – are vegetarian before “The Fall” (Gen 1:29-30).

        • Edward Cummings on

          That is true due to the risk of Kuru which is a diesase similar to Mad Cow Diesase (BSE).

        • I suspect you’re on speed-dial with that response. What is that possibly contributing?

        • Edward Cummings on

          PETA do like using shock tatics & appealing to the publics ignorance. The sad thing is that animal farming is like this because of the human population size. Humans are omnivores and that some vital nutrients are easier to get from animal sources such as Vitamin A. What makes us equal or not equal to animals? Although on dog breeds I do agree with PETA.

        • Animals (lions,dogs,crocodiles etc) eat other animals, it’s considered nature. Humans too are animals. If you’re going to make us feel guilty, you might as well go follow a lion around and smack it on the nose whenever it tries to eat a zebra.

        • uhhh okay. Lets get some basic WELL KNOWN facts out there, Lions are carnivores. Dogs are carnivores, crocodiles are carnivores. Humans do not need meat to survive or ANY animal based products. Looks at a lions/crocs/dogs teeth then look at your own. We have flat teeth in comparison to any animal carnivore. oh wow 4 kinda sorta pointed teeth, compared to all sharp pointed teeth on a lion/dog/etc. Learn some facts please. Also it is NOT nature for millions of innocent animal to be slaughtered cruelly in a dirty factory & pumped full of hormones. A lion hunting, killing eating its prey is NATURE. Last time I checked you don’t go out and hunt your own prey and kill it with your hand/teeth then rip it apart with your teeth & eat it raw. You go threw the kfc drive thru & get a hormone filled chunk of dead flesh & stuff it down your throat..not the same thing

        • Oh, so the lion is ok because it is hunting. So then you support hunting then.
          Because i hunt all the time. But according to PETA im sub-human for it. Such ignorance makes me sad.

        • Humans are OMNIVORES. OMNIVORE means we need a diet consisting of meat and vegetables. Certain meats have acid that our brain needs, and we need the protein, too.

        • 1. A lion needs meat to survive, a human doesn’t
          2. A lion is incapable of eating plants, a human isn’t
          3. Lions are perfectly fine with killing their own kind, humans aren’t
          4. Lions don’t have the intelligence to make moral decisions, a human does.

        • Edward Cummings on

          u could say that the whole process of farming (crops and animals) is unatral but farming has allowed us to break away from the restrictions of the environment and thirve and some would by too much for the planet and its resources to handle. So if u become vegan u decrease demand and therefor save resources. If u decrease demand for meat in countries which produce large amouts of it (e.g. USA) then u can ship the excess to countries which need it.

        • I like meat. It tastes good. We ate it in the past, we evolved to eat it, and to say that we have no right to is, quite frankly, moronic, naive, and pathetic.