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  1. g-burn
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    Very interesting list on some of the lesser known ww2 technologies which was completely ruined by a failed attempt at imitating the writing style of Cracked. Stop replicating and start innovating. If I want quip-y, well informed yet slightly crass articles, I go to cracked.com. I hold toptenz to a different standard.

    1. merl
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      Just what I was thinking.

  2. Mark S.
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    Not only is the writing style a bit too flippant, there are a number of major errors in this list as well:

    6. The first plane under this caption isn’t an ‘Arodo’ but an Arado 234 (one of them is actually on display in the Smithsonian in Washington).
    Arado was a German plane manufacturer and produced several types of military planes, ranging from fighters to seaplanes before and during WW2.

    4. The Fieseler 103R was a manned version of the infamous V-1, also known as Doodlebug or Buzz Bomb and was actually the very first cruise missile in history.
    The manned versions were prototypes and used to perfect the V-1. The remark regarding ‘zero kill ration’ is hogwash, since this was a strategic bombing device and not a fighter plane.
    As a strategic weapon the V-1 was, in particular for its time, extremely effective.

    The Komet (Me 163) was neither the first, nor the only rocket plane in history.
    in the mid-30-ties the Soviets were already experimenting with the BI-1 and the Polikarpov Malyutka and the ultimate rocket powered airplane was the North American X-15, to give only a few examples.

    1. In addition to the X4, which never saw combat, the Germans developed a number of similar guided anti-shipping missiles such as the Henschel 293 and the Fritz-X, which were successfully used against allied shipping, in particular in the Mediterranean.

  3. Mick
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    Further regarding the Arado 234: They could be touched indeed. Several Arado 234s were lost to flak in their attempt to destroy the bridge at Remagen. Their near misses with bombs probably contributed to the eventual failure of the already damaged structure.

  4. Dante H
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    Where’s the V-2 Rocket? Von Braun used the technology he helped develop from that weapon to help the USA put a man on the moon.

  5. I. Jones
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    Nazis….I HATE those guys!

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      I always have to give props to a Indiana Jones quote. For that matter I’m embarrassed that we don’t have a single list focusing on the Indiana Jones movies. I’ll have to correct that.


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