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  1. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    Since you are mentioning the good and bad, you might have mentioned the various claims and instances of plagiarism that have been leveled at him; some are obviously bunk, but other have been proven.
    For example, his dissertation has an attachment that, in legal wording, says that many of the passages are unattributed quotes. Boston College added that note, incidentally, after they decided that revoking his PhD credentials for academic fraud was not necessary as the dissertation still “made a contribution to scholarship”.

  2. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    So, the answer to my years-old question still remains. Did James Earl Ray act alone in the assassination of Dr. King ? Or was James Earl Ray even involved with it ?

    1. brian
      brian at |

      It was James Earl Jones!

      1. Peter Boucher
        Peter Boucher at |

        @ Brian. James Earl Jones is a MOVIE ACTOR !!!! He was the voiceover of Darth Vader in “Star Wars”, also did was a voiceover in “The Lion King” was in the movies “The Sandlot”, “Patriot Games”, “Field Of Dreams”, Return Of The Jedi (again, voiceover for Darth Vader), “Conan The Barbarian”, “The Empire Strikes Back” (Darth Vader), the mini series “Roots”, “The Great White Hope” about the first Black Heavyweight Boxing World Champion, Jack Johnson, “Dr. Strangelove” and oodles of other movies. In all due respect, sir, I will not address you as Brian anymore. I will address you as “E.T.” because you obviously come from another Galaxy if you think it was James Earl Jones……….and by the way, James Earl Jones is a BLACK man. James Earl Ray was a WHITE man !!!!

        1. Jim Ribs
          Jim Ribs at |

          Seriously bro, you can’t tell he was being sarcastic? Weak sarcasm sense dude.

        2. peter8172
          peter8172 at |

          @ Jim Ribs. Let me tell you a short story that might shed some light to my James Earl Ray / James Earl Jones thing. When I attended college, it was not until I was 33 years old and majored in Culinary Arts in which I earned an Associates Degree. So being 33, I was among others from right out of high school (18-19 year old people). One semester was entirely devoted to Bakery, which I am not very good at. On one particular class, we we’re being taught how to decorate a wedding cake and one had been already made, so it was up to me and my classmates to decorate it. I was given a baker’s bag filled with icing and my job was to make the cake look presentable. I was standing next to my professor along with this 18 year old kid who probably couldn’t read time if his life depended on it and how he got accepted to college is beyond me. So, I took the bag with the icing and was ready to put my “artistic” skills (or lack of it) onto the cake and I jokingly said “Well, I am no Leonardo Da Vinci, but I’ll give it my best shot”. My professor laughed, but the 18 year old kid said very seriously “Who is Leonardo Da Vinci ??”. I dropped the bag that I had in utter disbelief, the classroom became very silent and my professor was shocked as well as he rolled his eyes back in disbelief. After a few moments, I asked the 18 year old kid, “What do they teach you in high school these days ??” I had heard of Da Vinci when I was about 4-5 years old !! So the point that I am trying to make, is this guy Brian just joking about James Earl Jones or is he saying this seriously that he was the man who pulled the trigger. Next time that you run into a teenager in high school, pose him or her with a history question and see how many get the answer to your question correctly. No quarrels, just asking and being curious. To me, it’s both thought provoking and rather scary.

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