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  • TJ

    Interchange George Lazenby and Peter Sellers and this will probably be the list I would make. But great list. Does your site already have a Top 10 Bond Movies list? I’d want to check that one out.

    • I have thought about doing a list on Bond films, but I feel that has been done ad nauseam, so we have avoided it. But if there were enough requests we would add it to the site.

  • 5minutes

    To answer the question about what Mr. Moore thinks of Hogwarts… League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century covers that (it’s kinda covered in part 2 (1969) and really covered well in part 3 (2009)). Not to spoil anything, but considering that Moore is currently reveling in his status as a dirty old man…

  • David

    I would have put Brosnan a lot higher and Daniel Craig a lot lower in my opinion. Brosnan saved the series with Goldeneye and Craig nearly killed it with Quantum of Solace.

  • Lee Standberry

    I have to disagree with David. I’ve always been a Roger Moore guy, but admittedly the series was kind of campy. Daniel Craig, I believe, has taken Bond to a whole new level with a nice dangerous edge to the character.

  • David

    Am i the only person who finds it funny as hell, when Roger Moore kills Kananga, and the way he explodes like a balloon? “He always did an inflated opinion of himself.” We should have more deaths like Kananga`s..

    • That was a good one. Make me want to look up more post-mortem puns:

      (After a hearse flies over a cliff and explodes) “I think they were on their way to a funeral.”
      (After a gangster is crushed in a car) “He had a pressing engagement.”
      (After harpooning someone) “I think he got the point.”
      (After a villain’s death by snow blower) “He had a lot of guts.”
      (After using a villainess like a human shield while dancing) “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.”
      (After cutting his own boot off his foot and watching a baddie fall to his death) “He got the boot.”
      (After watching a villain get crushed under a statue of the Duke of Wellington) “He met his Waterloo.”
      (After watching a villain fall from a cliff) “He had no head for heights.”
      (After electrocuting a henchman) “Shocking. Positively shocking.”

  • David Verney

    Where is Austin Powers? Surely he deserves a place on here somewhere

  • skywatcher

    For histoical reasons, if nothing else, you should really have inccluded the FIRST interpretation: Barry Nelson as CIA agent “Jimmy” Bond.

  • Peter Boucher

    Let’s just get to the bottom of the line. Sean Connery is to James Bond as Babe Ruth is to Baseball. Mr. Connery has no peer when it comes down to performing James Bond. The others ? Just flush down toilet.

    • Gitch28

      Your opinion is irrelevant, Sean Connery is annoying as Bond.

      • Peter Boucher

        @ Gitch28, Well, you have to admit that when Darrell Hammond (of Saturday Night Live Fame) did his Sean Connery impersonation on SNL’s spoof / parody “Celebrity Jeopardy”, I found that to be funny as hell and certainly not annoying. Trivia question for you : Name the only James Bond movie where he (Connery) accepted a Martini stirred but not shaken ??

  • Punkoid

    You only live twice

  • Punkoid

    Moore should be at number 2, no question.

  • JackLW

    Bond to me as written by Fleming was not a very pleasant fellow, cruel and perhaps a borderline criminal… heartless. In describing his appearance in Casino Royal he said his face was a taciturn mask; ironical, brutal and cold. Eyes where the warmth had been extinguished and a 3” scar running down his right cheek. Although judged very handsome by women he was not a pretty boy and worst of all, he has a rather cruel mouth. Hardly a description one could use in describing George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore or even Timothy Dalton. Daniel Craig on the other hand, almost fits this vision too a tee. So while I respect and love the movies done by all of the Bonds on this list I think Daniel Craig’s Bond is by far the best. Even “gasp” better than Sean Connery, and I love Connery’s Bond. I just think Craig’s is better. Now… let loose the hounds of trolldom!

  • deadpooldeathstroke

    you forgot Austin Powers, Johnny English and Archer… expected at least Archer in the Top Ten

  • Zukakis

    Well, as always, it is a matter of taste. To me Mr.Brosnan was the best and I can’t stand the current interpretation.