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  1. xdr at |

    Russian inventor Nikola Tesla?! If you said American you would be more right! It's actually Serbian-Croatian. Check your facts!

    P.S. Great list!!!!

    1. Evan at |

      Yep, that's definitely a mistake. Not sure how that one got by me. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

    2. TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks for the correction, making the change now.

    3. andrei at |

      actually Tesla (originally Teslea) is ethnically Istro-Romanian. It's a small community of people that descend from medieval Romanians who settled in what is today Croatia.

      1. Marko at |

        Tesla was 100% Serbian, his father was Serbian Christian Orthodox Priest and Tesla himself wrote "I am proud to be Serbian in America"

        1. andrei at |

          He was born in the province of Lica which was compactly inhabited by istro-romanians since15-16th centuries. His original family name was Draghici ( a Romanian name). His family trade was carpentry which led to their named being changed into Teslea which comes from a specific Romanian carpentry tool.

          1. Nenad at |

            Nice try…

            Tesla is a Serb surname from Lika. Lika is part of Dalmacija, in which Serbs inhabited in the 7-8th century. The surname originates from the village Radu?e on the slopes of Velebit. In the census of 1712, one part of the village had Draganic surname, the other Tesla, from which it is indirectly concluded that part of the family changed their surname. It is assumed that the change could originate from one ancestor who had characteristically pronounced and strong upper jaw that reminded on tool for woodworking(Tesanje, Tesla). Ancestors of this family came from Pilatovci hamlet near Vucji Dol (Montenegro).

  2. Vivek at |

    What? No DNA & Telephone in this list ?

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      The Telephone was the #1 Controversy.

  3. pankaj at |

    its awesome pls keep it up. i like it

  4. Colleen at |

    Charles F Ritchel should be mentioned on the the "first flying machine" one.
    I know wikipedia isn't a "good source" but all of this is true. He was my **4 greats** grandpa. I have a newspaper article about him somewhere but it's barely readable. Just sayin.

  5. essie at |

    i can't believe the discovery of the structure of DNA isn't on this list!!

  6. Alexandre at |

    Regarding the first flying machine, I think it is fair to mention that actually Santos Dumont was the first to build and flight a real airplane (using a gasoline engine), with witnesses (european Press and french glifht authorities), making a complete flight: take off, flight, and landing, on October 23, 1906.

    It was not the first flying machine properly, but was the first flying machine that could be used to flight long distances and had its own propulsion system.

    More can be seen at:

  7. Coralee at |


    Stem Cells?

  8. Anthony at |

    Did you forget the laser? After a 28-year battle, the US Patent office reissued a patent on the laser.

  9. timilehin at |

    the reason for making inquires is because of the rapid development in technology to know the historical background of machinery and from whom it was discover

  10. Chase at |

    You are also forgetting about Glen Curtis for number 4. I think he deserves an honorable mention.

  11. Peter at |

    Pe 18 martie 1906 la Montesson, lâng? Paris, aparatul Vuia I a zburat pentru prima dat?. Dup? o accelera?ie pe o distan?? de 50 de metri, aparatul s-a ridicat la o în?l?ime de aproape un metru, pe o distan?? de 12 m

    You still forget one of the most important contributions to flying-machines. The inventor is called Traian Vuia, a Romanian , who built a real airplane, before Santos Dumont.

    It happened on the date of 18 th March 1906 , near Montesson, France. His aircraft , ” Vuia I ” – monoplane, accelerated on a distance of 50 m being airborne for 12 metres . He did had problems in controlling the plane and flight.


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