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  1. Paul from Hamburg
    Paul from Hamburg at |

    Overall, a good list. Personally, I would have found a place for "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". In that one, John Wayne knew he was the hero, but he also knew that his heroics had to give way and the West would truly be tamed by educated men like lawyers and journalists. Also, I prefer El Dorado over Rio Bravo. I just think El Dorado is more fun plus it has Robert Mitchum and Arthur Hunnicutt.

  2. Albert
    Albert at |

    I agree with Paul from Hamburg. El Dorado over Rio Bravo. The whole singing thing with Dino and Ricky Nelson was just out of place. James Caan as Mississippi was brilliant. Picking 10 John Wayne westerns is a tough task, but I would have found room for Rooster Cogburn on the list.

  3. Buckeye Bat
    Buckeye Bat at |

    I totally agree that 'The Searchers' is THE essential John Wayne movie, however you forgot one that I feel should be on this list 'The Sons of Katie Elder' it again has John Wayne and Dean Martin together again along with a very young Earl Holliman and another actor I don't know as the youngest of the four Elder brothers looking for the person that conned their mother out of her land

  4. moonrunner
    moonrunner at |

    How could you possibly have a John Wayne li8st and leave off "The Cowboys"? This is one of the all time great western movies!

  5. Robert Corbell
    Robert Corbell at |

    How dare you put The Searchers on that list! The slaughter of unarmed Comanche women and children is not justified by a missing white child. Typical Anglo-Saxon arrogance to think that a 14-year-old about to get married off to a guy who would ironically play Jesus is worth more than the lives of hundreds. Plus, Plum Creek was in 1842, not 1874. The Palo Duro raids were on the Kiowa.

    1. robert shut up
      robert shut up at |

      robert how dare u take the time to come on here with ur dumb opinion. leave that bs off websites devoted to the duke. would u be pleased if they went back and edited things out like they did for et.

    2. Stephen Cook
      Stephen Cook at |

      The fact that someone does something in a movie does not mean it’s a good thing. John Wayne’s character in the Searchers was a haunted, driven, man.
      Also would comment that native Americans (I’ve got more indian in me than a lot of people who claim tribe status) committed their fair share of evil deeds also. Kidnapping of women as property occurred on both sides.

  6. Why?
    Why? at |

    The coen brothers “True Grit” is a much better film, also why does the writer make a top ten John Wayne list yet admit at the end that he has not seen many John Wayne films?

    1. worst remake ever
      worst remake ever at |

      as a matter of principle you do not remake a john wayne movie, his movies had a feel about them that movies now days cant duplicate.

  7. Alan
    Alan at |

    Which of John Waynes westerns features a massive brawl that was said to be a real punch up,did it star the late Randolph Scott.Thanks

  8. Waylon J.
    Waylon J. at |

    Mr. Wayne had made many good movies with superb supporting actors. I believe that some of his most touching shows are Rooster Cogburn, The Sons Of Katie Elder, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Cowboys and Hondo. I only wished that he should have acted in some TV Series as a guest star and that would have added more excitement to any TV shows.

  9. Amy E. Macdonald
    Amy E. Macdonald at |

    iohn Wayne movie “the Cowboys” – what is the guitar solo played by one of the kids – orchestral background bu John Williams…..


  10. Jamman
    Jamman at |

    This list seems to favor the later Wayne movies from the 1960’s, which were somewhat formulaic in structure.

    I’m not sure if the brilliant Ford cavalry films “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” and “Fort Apache” are excluded as being military instead of Western…but they contain some of the Duke’s finest acting. To me, they are Westerns and in is top 10.

    “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence” is a classic movie, and the Duke is awesome in it.

    An older movie that is often overlooked, “Tall in the Saddle” is the Duke in his prime, and I would prefer it to the 1960’s movies.

    1. Duke Smith
      Duke Smith at |

      Tall in the Saddle is indeed an often overlooked film that is indeed a great one!

  11. Duke Smith
    Duke Smith at |

    Rio Bravo is a great movie, but the ‘remake’ El Dorado is better. Robert Mitchum >>>>> Dean Martin
    Also, take out Big Jake and replace with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. And where the hell is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon?

  12. Stephen Cogan
    Stephen Cogan at |

    So hard to make a list like this because Wayne made so MANY great movies. I think I would put Big Jake up higher like in the top 3. It was such a great movie because Boone and Wayne played off each other so well. The scenes before the final gunfight with those two are classic. They probably are used to show actors how to show to be subtlely and blatantly threatening.

    El Dorado was a great one too. The Cowboys and Man Who Shot Liberty Valance are worthy of high praise. As is the Sons of Katie Elder.

    Great list.

  13. steve croft
    steve croft at |

    The Cowboys should be number on on the list as it is one or to me the best western he has done although i have to say being a lifelong devotee of his films (and shall be watching rio bravo today again) i shall say all his films (cowboy genre)are fantastic but the list compiled is still great but shall say one thing to the author of this list if you havent watched many john wayne films may i respectfully submit you get out the popcorn sit down start watching and enjoy

  14. RB
    RB at |

    Thank you for the list…always enjoy the John Wayne movies. 🙂 Tough to choose. My son is actually looking for a word from a scene…I hope someone can recall/know: John Wayne rode up on his horse to a campfire. He asked for a drink of the water. He used a term my son did not know(It was not flask, canteen, water bag, or any of the usual words) Does anyone know the word used? John Wayne made a lot of Westerns to narrow the search. I googled it but seems the John Wayne Cancer society is raising money by selling a water bottle and that is all that seems to pop up. Thank you for your help…happy weekend.

  15. David Marsden
    David Marsden at |

    I can’t argue with your choices but he made so many great westerns it would be too difficult for me to narrow it down.Love El Dorado and Rio Lobo as well.As someone else said Liberty Valance was brilliant.It kind of signified the end of the Hollywood western era.It was his final western collaboration between him and John Ford and there was something powerful about the Duke playing someone who knew he was a dying breed in the west and a change of character and attitude was the best thing for the frontier.I also like The War Wagon,which is just a fun action comedy.

  16. Wes Arnold
    Wes Arnold at |

    Just a couple things to start about the Duke. Robert you must watch the Searchers again, Where are all these woman and kids killed? And most of all the Palo Duro battle was the last Dance of the Comanche’s and there leader “Quanah Parker, At Palo Duro canyon here in Randell county ,Texas. Just 20 miles or so south of Amarillo, TX. Next to Canyon ,TX. And John Wayne had the most high regard For are Native Americans!!!

  17. Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell at |

    No El Dorado or the Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance? McClintock and Big Jake shouldn’t have even made the list!

  18. Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell at |

    Also Fort Apache


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