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  1. Fred
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  2. Jon
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    Current student at North Texas, Mean Green was actually the nickname given to our entire defensive core when Joe Green was there. The name was adopted as a school nickname at this time. Joe Green wasn’t referred to as Mean Joe Green until he played for the Steelers. Also, it’s a bit unfair to say that no one under the age of 40 knows who Mean Joe is.

  3. Joe
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    The fact that the author actually believes that football is the biggest money-maker for the average athletic department is all we really need to know about his credibility when speaking of college athletics.

  4. Jim Ciscell
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    One of my favorite stories is of St. Johns. They were known as the Redmen because way back when, there team wore long johns over their uniforms. The long johns were red. That was the whole reason why they were called the Redmen. Then, they changed to the Red Storm to not offend the Native American community with their name. When a simple explanation would have let every one know it did not even reflect that community. But they changed to Red Storm anyway, In truth, it should be the St. Johns Long Johns. That would be a bit more reflective of their heritage

    1. Rajimus123
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      or the Red Johns? haha

    2. David
      David at |

      Well if that’s true, then they should not have had a huge picture of an American Indian in their cafeteria (which they did)! It was only his profile so I do not know if he was wearing long johns. In addition, ALL of the literature SJU distributed from catalogue, to PR info packets had that image and explained it as representing and America Indian NOT some “Native American” in long johns.

      Personally, I think the long john explanation is an insult, patronizing and condesending.

  5. Bob R
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    I was sure Stanford was going to top this list. Not only is their team nickname a color, that absurd mascot is the silliest thing in organized sports.

  6. William
    William at |

    Recent Ole Miss grad and long time rebel here.
    The administration really took this and did there own thing. After banning Colonel Reb from the field in 2003 with absolutely no say from the students, the administration opted for no mascot for years. The vote in 2010 was a joke. That is why Ackbar was a candidate. We either wanted Colonel Reb or nobody. Neither of these options were possible on the ballot for students. Rebel, the black bear, was pretty much forced onto the students and fans. Some people have let him grow on them, but for the most part, Rebel is ill received to this day. As proud of a rebel as I am, he deserves to be on this list.
    Shame aside, great list! Been following forever!
    Keep it up y’all.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks, William. I really enjoy hearing from people who were somehow a part of list we added. Thanks for adding the additional information and thank you for being a frequent visitor and reader!

  7. David
    David at |

    St. John”s University in Queens New York changed its team name Red Men,( the logo was the profile of a red American Indian), to the polictically correct name Red Storm.

  8. 5minutes
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    Not exactly sure why Elon’s on the list. Phoenix isn’t a terrible name for them to move from, even though I do prefer Fightin’ Christians, myself (although it sounds more like a high school football team name).


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