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  • good list.

    McKinley was assassinated in September of 1901, not 1903.

  • umberto

    election of 2012 should be number one on the list -_-

  • William Hicks

    1984 was actually a VERY important election as Reagan defeated Mondale, who wanted to raise taxes to close what were at that time by far the largest federal budget deficits in the naton’s history. By rewarding Reagan for his reckless fiscal policies and proving that politically at least “deficits didn’t matter” in the infamous words of Dick Cheney, the voters set the precedent of America trying to have its cake and eat it too, bringing us to where we are today: on the precipice of fiscal ruin.

  • Ms Grammar

    Where have all the editors gone!? It is spelled “skeletons” , NOT “SKELETON’S” (possessive), for pity sake!

    • I’m right here and I just fixed it. … But, don’t you mean for pity’s sake? 🙂

  • Presidentman44

    Come to think of it, 1972 was pretty unimportant except for Watergate, which didn’t even get exposed until ’73 if I recall correctly.