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  1. random
    random at |

    I’ve heard of Find Your FaceMate; never been on it and I’d like to keep it that way! 🙂

    Also, I honestly thought Beautiful People was fake (as in nonexistent)! :O

  2. Trolololo
    Trolololo at |

    I really liked this list. It was hilarious, the only list to ever make me laugh out loud. I’ve been on this site for two months and never commented but I had to comment for this!

    Great job 😀

    PS: The way their mouths match is truly scary.

  3. Lou
    Lou at |

    Creepy fact: the couple on “American Gothic” (where FarmersOnly gets it’s avatar/title page are actually father and DAUGHTER.

    Who’s up for a shower now?

  4. A BiPolar Guy
    A BiPolar Guy at |

    Between the dating site gold digger and a prostitute – go for the digger every time. They have many advantages such as not being illegal, being respectable escorts, will do many other things that a wife or girlfriend might do but a hooker won’t unless you keep them on the clock which really adds up.
    Besides all the best sugar daddy’s “adopt” one permanently as a trophy wife and this site is a good way to test drive your future purchase. You can always hire hookers on the side.

  5. Wendy
    Wendy at |

    re: Gleeden: “What happened to the good old days, when marriages were destroyed through alcoholism and domestic abuse?”

    Are we living in Victorian times? Are you guys the papal courrier? It turned into civility and people finding outlets for crappy marriages that they can’t get themselves out of. Way to bash an entire society of people who feel pathetically trapped in their marriages but can’t afford divorce financially or psychologically–not to mention, custody battles for the kids.

    There are worse ways to operate within a dysfunctional marriage than by discreetly finding another lonely spouse out there and connecting for some fun.

    1. Rachel
      Rachel at |

      Aww someone is having an affair. I have an idea, how about you work on your marriage. You know like responsible adults should. Or better yet don’t get married because you get pregnant or after dating someone for 3 months. People like you make me sick.

    2. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      “pathetically” seems to be the main word of that post…

  6. Wendy
    Wendy at |


    Your presumptuous attitude make me sad. You have no idea who I am beyond an inquiry into hyperbole left in the form of a playful comment on a redundant website. Grow up and learn to use your words.

    I am not having an affair; nor would that be any of your business in the first place. I’m happily dating the man I met in Israel three years ago, and we have a highly functional (some would call it “normal”) relationship to the point that we work, live, commute, camp, cook, and play music together. I got lucky there, have no doubts. I work hard every day to maintain allostasis in my relationship and my life, and i take neither for granted; the thought of following my parents’ path of cheating and seething makes me sick to my stomach, just like it makes you upset, too. We’re on the same page there.

    I have no desire to have kids. My wanderlust is way too strong, and my finances are way too slim, to take care of a helpless human being for eighteen years at the very least, thanks very much. It’s my opinion that negligent parenting leads to lost, judgmental kids with stifled perspectives and negative self-esteem.

    Having said that, I wish you a pleasant life free of harping on others’ personal life choices. I imagine you’re here because you have some interest in dating sites, be it hateful spite or confused curiosity. Good luck with that.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Firstly, don’t insult the website by calling it redundant. It’s done nothing wrong.

      Secondly, you seem delightful.

  7. J
    J at |

    I thought Gleeden was a dating site for people who like to watch Glee?

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Best… Comment… Ever…

  8. ManCream
    ManCream at |


    Just remember that from the male viewpoint the act of giving you an engagement ring is viewed as the “lease with option to buy plan”……

  9. malamutes
    malamutes at |

    Re: FaceMate. Date a woman with a face that looks exactly like mine?!?! OhMiGod, that poor, poor woman! IF such a sad, twisted wretch of a woman does, in fact, exist, dating her (it?) would be the last thing that comes to mind. A simple mercy killing perhaps, or helping her to pay for tens of thousands of dollars of the plastic surgery she desperately needs…but not date her. If I wanna see hideous, I got a mirror…

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I’m sure you aren’t hideous. Each person has good qualities and characteristics attractive to someone.

  10. dating
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    hmmm not sure if some of your sites are “least”


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