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  • John

    Am I the only person who wishes women were more like women? Not the women of today, who f and blind, are covered in tattoos, are built like Geoff Capes, or are airheads like Cheryl Cole? I like women to be women.

    • 5minutes

      You are not the only one. Too many modern women have turned their lives into a competition against the very people they’re trying to get to pay for their dinner. I enjoyed this planet more back when dames had class.

      • Amrendra

        Well said John. Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Rachel

        There are still many classy women in the world and a woman who has class doesnt necessarily mean she has no tattoos especially these days. What does the build of her body have to do with it either? There are plenty of women who are also considered classy yet have no brains. Classiness is about how a woman presents herself from inside. It has nothing to do with what she looks like. The classiness you are speaking of is of submissiveness. The way women used to be and grew out of over time having been tired and weary of being treated like second class by their husbands and a male dominated society of the past. Things are changing, women are speaking up. It makes them no less classy just not weak, quieted and submissive.

    • Mr. X

      Agreed. American women are abrasive. They often possess more manly attributes than American males. Horrible.

      • LovelyandEmpowered

        Do you feel threatened that women will no longer be subjugated?

        Oh and by all means stay in whatever country you are in-but fair warning the word is spreading and women everywhere will not be taking the back seat for long;)

        • Mr. X

          Subjugated? Not really. Looking at your moniker, it appears that you have issues for males for some reason. Well, I love women, respect them, and prefer being with women than men. It’s the haters I don’t like; ones who hate males simply because they are males. God made us different; both physically and psychologically. It appears that as a feminist, you don’t understand that. It’s women who obviously took the “women’s study” course at college who are the haters. For me, I love women; except for the haters like you.

          • LovelyandEmpowered

            Lesson #1 do not make assumptions silly goose, none of this comes from a course in women’s studies;). My degree is far from liberal arts, though I am well read.

            Say what you will, however, the fact that you assume any “enlightenment” a woman may have or her feelings to the contrary comes from knowledge garnered from anything outside of a course in women’s studies is proof of what you really think of women.

            Lesson #2 I do not hate men, quiet the contrary. I enjoy them very, very much and take great pride in my femininity. Women’s liberation affords me this. I love being female.

            :)…walk on neanderthal, walk on…(snickers)

            • Mr. X

              Carry on with your delusion, little girl. 😉 it’s safe right now in your neighborhood isn’t it? No crime, and plenty of quaint little cafes where intellectuals solve the world’s problems over a latte, right?

              Yes, the western world is a civilized little place right now, where women (rightfully) have an equal presence and equal opportunities in the safe little world that men (or as you prefer to refer to them as neanderthals) have created by fighting to establish a safe world for their loved ones where women can flourish with equality, and this something I support. Not bad for a neanderthal, right? 🙂

              If, God forbid, civilization ever breaks down and all the masculine men are gone, and the barbarians where men are still men coming knocking on the door, who will protect you? Rome thought it would last for an eternity, and men became feminized. Guess what? Their empire collapsed by the invading barbarians and conquered a once glorious civilization.

              Civilization is more fragile than what you think. Look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NY and NJ. Didn’t take long for a “civilized society” to revert to more base behavior, did it? Remember what happened in New Orleans after the hurricane there? Where were your wonderfully compliant men when the women who were raped in the stadium in the aftermath? Trying to reason with the rapists and appeal to their decency? A real man would have defended his woman – another neanderthal trait. 🙂

              I enjoy being a neanderthal, so I can look after the women I love. I don’t think that is something a feminist can comprehend. 😉

      • sebhai

        Oh by the way,it seems there seems to be a lot of abrasive american women who are more than willing to gave themselves up for barbarians already(even converting to their religion)

    • Mr. X

      No, John. There are many of us out there wishing that women were still women. Glamorous women who enjoy being women, and allowing men to be men instead of trying to make them conform to something we are not..

      • sebhai

        @Mr X
        Don’t worry Mr x,women are resilience,if some barbaric civilization takes over,women could easily surrendered themselves as concubines/mistress/whore or whatever..
        It is men we should worry about,they could easily being wiped out if those barbarians do takeover.but then again who can guarantee the cycles wouldn’t get repeated itself.These barbarian could developed into an advanced civilised people like the romans then become feminized.I assumed eventually these barbarians would get tired of living neanderthal lifestyles.I mean who would want to live in a society where men had to constantly look over their wife/mother/sister just in case they end up being raped??
        Those barbarians which conquered the romans has indeed today end up being another feminized males but then again I doubt any of these men would like to go to the past.If you takes pride being neanderthals who protect their women constantly..Feel free to to go afghanistan you would feel like a hero..You would be thankful there are no feminism there…

  • devis

    The article is a little biased towards the country of Morocco. The history of the region is more complicated than just colonialism and if the women in the Sahara were so powerful why aren’t they part of the sahraoui government in exile, which is one of the last government that uses the one party system.
    Please post my comment.

  • Steve

    Amish Rumspringa? This has to do with a culture “ruled” by women how?
    Not a well-thought-out list.

  • devis

    One more thing about number 10. These are the same people who force little girls to get fat by feeding them camel milk and couscous until it they puke.

  • Amrendra

    Point number 2 ” In Hindu culture, where women’s rights are always under threat”. This is not completely right. I say this because I’m a Hindu. We have had muslim rulers invade out country and ruled us for more than 800 years coming as far off from Turkey, Iran, Afganistan etc. We used to be a very open culture with women having more power than men but our openness was not in accordance with the Islamic culture hence we lost a lot of our heritage, our culture and our freedom. Lots of unwanted things creeped in and also Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists were converted to Islam and made to follow rules made by these foreign rulers otherwise they would be punished. Currently a huge revolution of cultural change is taking place in India.

  • brian

    Women fighting for equal rights? what a joke! they are fighting for even more rights than they already have!

  • Tok Padang Jeringau

    “Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country in the world. Many areas of Indonesia follow strict Islamic law, which limits the rights of women. ”

    Couldn’t be furthest than the truth.

    Islam gives women the right to life, to education, to inherit, to conduct business and yes, to vote ( this is known as the baiah ).

    For example, a Muslim woman may divorce her husband for the simplest reason of no longer being in love with him, with no repercussions. A Muslim woman may not be married off without her permission. She chooses her own husband and keeps her maiden name if she so chooses.

    As a wife, she has the right to demand her own home ( separate from her in-laws). She may not be forced to work, and if she does work, she is under no obligation to contribute to the household. Providing for her and her children are the sole responsibility of her husband.

    As one delves deeper into what Islam says about women’s rights, we will see that the claim that Islam limits the rights of women to be false and perhaps even malicious.

    Indeed, long before Western women were liberated, the Muslim world had produced centuries-long history of women scholars.

    • rajimus123

      all well said in theory, but in reality how many muslims do you know that actually put these tenets, with respect to women, into practice. I think if women’s rights really was such a well known concept from Islam, then we wouldnt have modern concepts today like honour killing, purdah, love-jihad not to mention the almost endless list of extremist Muslim organizations that view women as dirt. Taliban, AlQaeda, Laskar e Toiba etc etc

  • Diglossia

    What’s with the whole calling people’s cultures as chauvinistic? I mean, what the hell? You do realize that that’s offensive and crude, right?

    • LovelyandEmpowered

      Are you familiar with the phrase calling a spade a spade? How about if the shoe fits? Get over being “PC” Diglossia.

  • Neelam

    Information on Pakistan is not authenticated – says “half the country is run by taliban” – WTF who wrote it?

  • Sunjay

    “In Hindu culture, where women’s rights are always under threat,” unlike followers of Abraham, no?… typical rhetoric of sky daddy worshipers.

  • Sheikh

    @ No.1
    “Half the country is run by Taliban”

    Ummmm…. not true at all.