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7. He lives on the mean streets of Tokyo, Japan

6. He dissolves history books and then destroys this new found knowledge in the cheapest Japanese drinking establishments possible

5. He thinks the Carver Matrix could fix the world, or at least destroy it more efficiently

4. He loved reading the Top 10 Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared

3. He is most proud of his 10 Wars and Battles Forgotten Thanks To Cover Ups

2. He is a movie addict but needs IMDB to remember the trivia

1. Wants you to know that if you like or hate his lists he’s thankful you took the time to read them.

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Pirates have fascinated the masses for hundreds of years. Romanticized in fiction, the image of a pirate has crystallized into a bearded, peg-legged man, with a funny hat and possibly a parrot on his shoulder. The pirate was almost relegated to a quaint decades-old obsession until Disney revived the swashbucklers by rebooting a Disneyland ride…

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Large predators are feared because they’re so efficient at killing. Humans think they’re the apex of the food chain, but even in today’s tame world there are still man-eaters. When you think of things that stalk and kill our fellow man, the biggest dangers that come to mind are sharks and lions. After the Japanese…

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Prison populations are a huge problem throughout the world. Prisons are expensive to run and can turn into “How to be a better criminal 101,” yet some of those who are incarcerated are among the most evil and vicious people of our societies. Do we try and rehabilitate inmates or punish them? With overcrowding it…

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The study of etymology can lead to some surprising results. Between English’s mixed Latin, Germanic and French origins, explorers traveling the world and borrowing words, and Britain’s time as a worldwide empire, many English words have bizarre and muddled origins. The journeys of these ten words from their original meaning to their modern definition are…

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As we’ve already talked about Poland wasn’t actually that nice of a country before it was crushed under German blitzkrieg but that is no reason to erase Poland’s contribution to WWII.  Known as the spark that ignited World War II the country is widely regarded as just a speed bump and minor inconvenience to the…

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According to the American government, their involvement in the Vietnam War started on November 1, 1955, and lasted until the Americans pulled out in early March 1973. The War, and the protest movement it created, defined the baby boomer generation. Decades later, this war is still shrouded in myths, either from the propaganda during the…

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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about some diamond-encrusted Barbie or a mini-Lamborghini.  No, these toys are somewhere in a closet and, quite possibly, you might have played with them in your childhood.  They are hard-to-find toys and collectibles that, for whatever reason, are holy grails in the collecting world.  Right now they could be sitting in your…

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Mother Nature isn’t dependable, so for those who need to ride the wave even when the water is flat as glass, we have a list of the top ten ways you can surf without those undependable ocean waves.  Surfs Up! 10. Ride A Tsunami Created By A Collapsing Glacier Professional surfers Garrett McNamara and Kealii…

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Some countries like Germany, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran just have a bad reputation.  There are, of course, others I won’t get into (I’m looking at you North Korea).  But other countries like Holland, Canada and most of Scandinavia are looked at as the good side of our small, orbiting pile of rock.  Yet these nations aren’t…

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