Author Eric Yosomono

Top 10 Things to know about Yosomono

10. He moonlights at

9. He writes for the great minds that make up

8. He can be stalked on his Twitter feed

7. He lives on the mean streets of Tokyo, Japan

6. He dissolves history books and then destroys this new found knowledge in the cheapest Japanese drinking establishments possible

5. He thinks the Carver Matrix could fix the world, or at least destroy it more efficiently

4. He loved reading the Top 10 Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared

3. He is most proud of his 10 Wars and Battles Forgotten Thanks To Cover Ups

2. He is a movie addict but needs IMDB to remember the trivia

1. Wants you to know that if you like or hate his lists he’s thankful you took the time to read them.

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