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  1. TopTenz (@toptenz)
    TopTenz (@toptenz) at |

    Top 10 Mario Games http://t.co/TVxYUj0 #top10

  2. Esteban Eordogh (@eeordogh)
    Esteban Eordogh (@eeordogh) at |

    #Top10Lists: Top 10 Mario Games http://t.co/LrRXxbD #TeamFollowBack

  3. dewi (@titittuittt)
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    Top 10 Mario Games: For many, Mario is the embodiment of great gaming. In the vast majority of video games featu… http://t.co/coa41DX

  4. Traffic Vesuvius (@TrafficVesuvius)
    Traffic Vesuvius (@TrafficVesuvius) at |

    Top 10 Mario Games http://t.co/shbuQYq

  5. keviola
    keviola at |

    Mario kart ! you got the first bit right but Mario kart 64 is the best mario game ever. I started plying it many moons ago and still play it now and again and it never gets old. Nice list :))

  6. The Rizzle
    The Rizzle at |

    Now I’m going to let you finish top tenz, but Super mario bros. 3 was the best mario game EVER.

    1. Wolf
      Wolf at |

      Dude Sunshine cant even COMPARE to SMB3 its simply the best mario game

  7. dreamcatcher (@poisonlandia)
    dreamcatcher (@poisonlandia) at |

    Top 10 Mario Games http://t.co/afmtjUw via @toptenz

  8. Fortunato5678
    Fortunato5678 at |

    This doesn’t make the game any less fun, but Super Mario Bros. 2 is entirely different than the other games because it’s not a Super Mario game. It’s a game called Dream Factory: Heart-Pounding Panic with Mario Sprites added in because, supposedly, Nintendo of America felt that the real Super Mario Bros. 2 was too difficult and too similar to the original. The original Super Mario Bros 2 is included in Super Mario All-Stars as Super Mario: The Lost Levels, though.

  9. theduke
    theduke at |

    mario vs sonic and no mario galaxy ? weird

  10. Matt
    Matt at |

    Oooh man. I lost count of how much I played mario kart.

  11. fragge
    fragge at |

    Why on EARTH is Super Mario Bros Wii not on this list? Have you played this game???? It brings the best qualities of every Super Mario Bros release and puts them into quite possibly the most enjoyable and in-depth Mario experience available since Super Mario World. Also, Sonic & Mario at the Olympics was possibly one of the worst titles ever released for Nintendo Wii. ALSO, like Fortunato said, the SMB2 you have on your list isn’t actually a Mario game, its a Japanese port of some crappy promotional game for an obsolete console – all they did was replace the character sprites with Mario characters, call it SMB2 and sell it to America. The real SMB2 gave Mario and Luigi distinct character advantages/disadvantages and was MUCH harder than SMB1.

    On the positive side of this list, it was nice to be reminded of Super Mario Land 2 for the first time since the 90s. Other than the omission of SMBW, your list was a pleasant walk through memory lane =]

  12. Christian willis
    Christian willis at |

    you have no idea what you are taking about if your putting THE MARIO OLYMPICS GAME ON HERE

  13. Adam
    Adam at |

    How bout Mario rpg

  14. 8bithero
    8bithero at |

    There are no bad Mario games. Everyone is a gem. A treasure we are lucky to have.

    I do disagree with the Top Ten list presented because it has left out some new classics, but it will suffice.

  15. Jean
    Jean at |

    I almost expected SMB3 to be number 1 until I scrolled and saw it at 4. *gasp* Most of these lists usually list it as number 1. It’s a great game, yes, but come on now. Mario Kart was fun for its time, but Double Dash beats it by far.

    Still, great list, and gg including Super Mario Land!

  16. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    The fact that Super Mario Galaxy has no mention on here eliminates any credibility whatsoever. The list is even more absurd by the inclusion of the grayscale Mario’s, to the exclusion of many better ones. The Mario series is something that has developed very well over time and improved the formula each time. The lacking recent games makes me think this posters only thought was his own specific personal nostalgia, and not a top 10 of anything substantive or relevant.

    Seriously, the only thing included from the DS/Gamecube/Wii era is Mario Olympics?

    Shigeru Miyamoto is the mastermind and creator of all things Mario. Hes Nintendo’s star employee and has supervised the development of every Nintendo Mario game ever developed, his involvement always shows. The two Game Boy gray-scale Mario’s are the only ones he was not involved with. They were OKAY, but clearly lacked the luster of a true Miyamoto developed achievement. Super Mario DS and Wii are the highest quality 2D Mario’s created yet, your refusal to list them is an offense to the achievement of the series. Booooo to this list!

    This does not deserve to be google searched. Booooo!

  17. Seppe
    Seppe at |

    no Super Mario 64? what the heck…

  18. Batman666
    Batman666 at |

    7 out 10 games on this list could be played on the Super Nintendo.

    The SNES was the best Nintendo console.

  19. Matt
    Matt at |

    Super Mario Bros. 3 is too high. It’s in the top 2 at least.

    Where the hell is Mario Party?!?!?!

  20. KlayMan
    KlayMan at |

    This list is rubbish. Check out mines though:
    1. Super Mario Bros. 3
    2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3. Super Mario World
    4. Super Mario 3D Land
    5. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
    6. Paper Mario
    7. Super Mario 64
    8. Super Mario Galaxy
    9. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    10. Super Mario Bros.
    Better? Worse?
    I could also list best versions. (when 2 games have slash it means they are equal.)
    SMB3: Super Mario Advance 4
    SMW: All-Stars + World Version
    SMW2 YI: SNES Version
    SM64: N64 Version (not DS)
    SMB: Deluxe/Original NES
    (NES because of bigger viewing area.)
    What do you guys think?

  21. Copter Games
    Copter Games at |

    A nice piece, thank-you from a fellow gaming addict!

  22. Mark Fisser
    Mark Fisser at |

    Great list but In my view “Sunshine” does not come close to “SMB3” as it has be far the best representation of the known Mario universe!!


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