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  1. THATguy
    THATguy at |

    # 10. So clearly size DOES matter after all….and THIS from America’s #1 femi-nazi….now THATS sweet sweet irony, folks!

  2. Big J in PA
    Big J in PA at |

    How could anyone forget Liza Minnelli and “Leatherface II” nominee David Gest?

  3. stan
    stan at |

    Christina Hendricks is the sexiest woman in Hollywood but her husband looks kind of nerdy, he’s a lucky guy, gives ordinary guys hope.

  4. Ethan Guild
    Ethan Guild at |

    Waren Beatty, a himbo? The man wrote and directed Reds, you ignorant twit!

    1. Jen Iffer
      Jen Iffer at |

      Calling him a “himbo” is being nice. That guy got AROUND. Just because he can write and direct doesn’t make him a saint.

  5. Ronnie
    Ronnie at |

    I’m not a fan of Lyle Lovett, but your attack on his appearance is both cruel and unnecessary to make your point. You could have used the country music angle if nothing else. Shame on you. I wonder what you look like.

    Also, for the record Elvis Presley is the KING of rock and roll, not a pop star. Get it right!


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