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11 Responses

  1. Equalizer at |

    You forgot to mention: "GAME ADDICTION"

    I know you mentioned about Internet Addiction (facebook, tweeter, youtube, WOW etc…). But Game Addiction can be acquire even if your not connected online like a stand alone PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Wii (this game consoles can be played even if your not online!) or just playing air hockey, slot machines, board games or any sports like basketball.

  2. Lou at |

    Sadly, I kind of fit the description of being an "exercise addict". But it's not so much the exercise itself as it is the endorphin rush. It's been likened to heroin addiction. I noticed some symptoms myself when researching heroin addiction, and, unfortunately, I recognized a lot of the same behavior.

    I'm doing better now, but it seems to be more of a mental thing now.

  3. dwindle at |

    Robert Palmer is dead. Most people don't know that.

  4. Kennypo65 at |

    That woman looks like an extra on a sci-fi movie. The surgeons who continued to alter her appearance were completely unethical(were they blind, or blinded by greed?).

  5. Arg at |

    Hopelessly incomplete without fossil fuel addiction.

  6. at |

    Addictions… are good if they produce results. I don’t know for sure but not that plastic surgery one for sure.

  7. Gale Mcleod at |

    Great read. I think the important word is "abuse", as long they don't abuse it and has no long term side effects it should be OK, if not they should warn them. I tried Dimethocaine recently. Some elements are definetly cocaine like, a certain mental clarity, crispness, fatigue relief, rebound stimulant. To me it seems just slightly less potent or about the same as street cocaine but it lasts like 3 hours. It works pretty good for my toothaches which are pretty severe.

  8. health care administration degree at |

    I think the most devastating modern addiction wasn’t mentioned here, and I got the idea from Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave new world’, it’s the addiction to comfort. Everybody these days spends almost 99% of their time in their own comfort zone, their own routine. A wise man once said that habit is man’s second nature, I think our habits define us and most of the people I know seem to get stuck in their comfortable habits and no longer have the adolescent drive to challenge their own dreams, ideas and hopes.

  9. skebhe at |

    Did you mention Gambling? Devastating!

  10. Kendall at |

    So many addictions… But not all addictions are bad you know! :)


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