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  • I’ve heard that leviathan is also commonly interpreted as symbolic of God himself.

    Neat topic, though I’m surprised none of the more bizarre, alien-like angels are mentioned, or the “four living creatures” covered in eyes who sing God’s praises. Those guys are pretty neat.

    • avi

      But in Psalms, they say God crushes the heads of Leviathan. Why would God crush his own head?

      • God

        I work in mysterious ways

        • Ed

          Oh my God, I found God.

  • zach

    nice list I think most of these monsters are supposed to be symbolic for something else like the leviathan sounds like satan and what not

    Im not quite sure about the unicorn thing I havent seen it in the bible before

    • Liz

      You will find unicorns in the Bible if you read the King James version. Newer translations have substituted “wild ox” because of linguistic discoveries since 1611. An illustrated article on the discoveries and translation of unicorn:

  • zach

    “sigh”the ignorance of atheists still surprises me

    • Amy Hall

      I’m in a religious debate with a friend and she brought this up. It’s the first time I’ve heard about a few of these creatures and I have very little knowledge of them. Would you mind explaining about them?

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  • lugojiano

    reality is stranger as fiction, some beasts are not matching the photos and some other are just idiomatic metaphors but the Bible is truly the Word of God! Praise Jesus!

    • mostscents


  • Cole Towers

    Personally, I think that nephilim are half-gods from ancient mythologies. Theory “sons of god” and “daughters of men” fits into mythological tales like ones of Zeus where he takes the role of Casanova of ancient times, having intercourse with human females, from which half-gods were born, like Hercules. It could be possible that gods from other mythologies had similiar actions with human females, which as a result had nephilim.

  • rachel

    i think the old english word unicorn actually meant rinocerous.

  • ceez

    the behemoth is the beast of land and the leviathan is beast of the sea obviously by the first picture

  • Daryl

    The beasts of Revelations, when taken in context, are symbolic. Dragons are mentioned several times and is not specific to an animal. To call it a croc or a jackal is just as presumptuous as dragon. These translators are doing the very same thing the King James translators did.

  • They’ve killed at least 40% of these on supernatural

  • Mohammad Nikkhah

    I agree with Connor they’ve killed at least 40% of these on supernatural. Thanks Dean (Jensen) and Sam (Jarad).

  • Mohammad Nikkhah


  • Hasan Nikkhah

    Yes thanks Dean and Sam and Castile.

  • Sam

    There is another creature in the book of revelations. It looked like a grasshopper