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  1. Rajimus123
    Rajimus123 at |

    @Jason: oh man, haha a lot of these take me back to elementary and juniour high school. great list, dunno if you’ve ever played the Oregon/Pioneer Trail on the computer (waaay back in like 2001) but that game would definitely be on this list. Also, I jsut found out that in the original Japanese games Yoshi is gay and his “gf” is actually a transvestite, the translation apparently is “he is confused and likes dress like a girl to fool Yoshi”. hahaha look it up, its worth a laugh.

  2. LemuelDave
    LemuelDave at |

    There’s an explanation why there are a lot of Pokemon. Every game is set in a different region of their world. Every region has its own set of Pokemon. Beating the game then gives access to all, new and old. But yes, they’re really milking up money.

  3. asgr
    asgr at |

    What about Metal Gear?

    1. Lucas L
      Lucas L at |

      YEAH! Assassins Creed as well

  4. Wilm
    Wilm at |

    Neat list.

    I think these games should deserve an honourable mention. I know they are quite popular and all but oh man are they a real head scratcher…

    Assassins Creed
    Metal Gear
    Resident Evil
    and Final Fantasy.

    1. CaelumXIII
      CaelumXIII at |

      I don’t know about the others, but Final Fantasy seldom ever makes sequels or prequels. Each game is in a whole different world. In any case, as long as the gameplay is fun and the story keeps being cool, who cares about how many games they make? Actually, the more the better.

      1. Wilm
        Wilm at |

        Good point, guess I should reconsider FF then, to be honest I haven’t played all to many of them. I suppose FF is similar to Zelda franchise, each game takes place in its own story or world and should not be considerd a collective whole. Still though I stand on the rest, you try to make sense of FEAR, mind boggling to say the least.

        1. Lucas L
          Lucas L at |

          FEAR is fairly simple… Alma is your mother she had supernatural gifts, this is why you have incredible reflexes. Paxton Fettel is the main villain in the first game he is a telepathic who lives on both planes of existence life and death and he is your brother. Throughout the game you have hallucinations of Alma because you are facing your dark past. The second game, Fear 2: Project Origin is just from a different POV. But you find out that Alma is still alive and basically rapes the Protagonist. She impregnates herself. Fear 3 or F3AR has the protagonist from the first pointman reunite with his brother Paxton Fettel to kill Alma and the unborn baby which is basically the antichrist. The companies throughout the game are the ones who tortured/tested you during your childhood.

    2. Diya
      Diya at |

      tsk,tsk! Jeff, I’m surprised: you execpt developers to BOTHER with such little implementation details as the particular use of a database column? Attributes? That’s just so old-technology Abstract, mate. Abstract!(rolling eyes )

  5. CaelumXIII
    CaelumXIII at |

    Not all of them have to make sense as a series. The Zelda guys had said once that their goal was not for it to make sense as a series, but to make each game a unique and unforgettable story. And I think they have succeeded. The timeline is just to shut up the crazy fans. Same thing for Mario. I mean come on, who cares about the Italian plumber’s drives and motives? What matters about Mario games is that they are amazingly fun to play, despite getting killed by turtles, growing up with mushrooms and such the nonsense.

    To us gamers, what matters is having fun and getting a cool story on each game, even if they don’t all make sense as a whole series. Unless they are intended to…

  6. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    I agree with asgr and Metal Gear, especially MGS2 for the PS2. I just stopped paying attention to the story after that.

  7. enjnman
    enjnman at |

    i have to absolutely disagree with this list, from numbers one through ten. these games are all awesome and do have the potential for unlimited story telling and display of modern gaming technology. these are proven franchises that are just awesome. this list is not awesome but a joke.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      The author doesn’t say these games suck. Instead they are insanely convoluted. Look the word up in the dictionary, it fits all of these games.

  8. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    i still don’t understand any of the storylines in any of the Dragonball: Z games or shows or movies..i thought that series deserved to be somewhere on this list

  9. Tectonichearts
    Tectonichearts at |

    I’m not sure I quite understand this list. Really none of these games have convoluted stories. They’re actually quite simple plotlines and most of the series you mentioned have games that are all independent of each other – Zelda, Mario, etc, etc. Pokemon is incredibly easy to explain – they’re all just different regions. Having a lot of pokemon doesn’t make a storyline complicated.

    I think you need to go back and see what convoluted actually means. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII, THAT is a convoluted game in and of itself. Unlike half the series you mentioned.

  10. damienjohn
    damienjohn at |

    I don’t think you understand what convoluted means..

    The continuity issues of the Zelda series are because most entries are set in a completely different time period where the ‘legend’ re-occurs.

    Super Mario doesn’t have enough of a plot to be convoluted, and if you want to be realistic, I doubt baby mario in prequel entry; Yoshi’s Island, would remember adventuring at that young of an age.

    You missed out 3 huge franchises that have gained infamy based on their convoluted plotlines; Resident Evil, Metal Gear and last but certainly not least, Final Fantasy. Each entry after Final Fantasy X has made very little sense, SquareEnix need to realize that LESS IS MORE.

    1. MLK
      MLK at |

      i hope i got u right: FF is not that convoluted, each game its on its own alternate/timeline/world.
      but yeah, i agree that after X Final Fantasy is going downright

  11. Taiga
    Taiga at |

    Not like I’m a big fan, but about Pokemon… well, there is a world with different regions, or continents, and there are some species you cant find in one region, the same way asia got Pandas, and poles have pinguins and white bears.

    Is it really that hard for you to understand?

  12. Taiga
    Taiga at |

    On another take… Top 10 Most Convoluted Videogame Storylines, how’s that Kingdom Heart series is not mentioned? Two main games, 5-6 alternate stories (cant remember how many of those are), and the story still doesnt make any sense.

  13. Joe
    Joe at |

    When it comes to convoluted story lines, no video game can hold a candle to Blaster Master. How absurd is the story? See for yourself…


  14. Chris
    Chris at |

    Now wait a sec. With Super Metroid At the end When the metroid dies. That is not the last metroid, see metroids reproduce asexually therefore there can be one left and they will come back. But if you rrealize that throughout parts of Super Metroid you see several other metroids. Metroids dont breath therefore can be in space. It’s all possible they traveled to other planets.

  15. Zach Gillette
    Zach Gillette at |

    This list is awful. Better choices:

    Metal Gear franchise.
    Persona franchise.
    Disgaea franchise.
    Max Payne.
    Splinter Cell.
    Ninja Gaiden.

    1. MLK
      MLK at |

      Persona: each title is supposed to be on its own world/timeline, exception on P3~4 were they do cameos
      Disgaea: agen, each title/own world, and this is confirmed by D1/D3 where u can open portals to OTHER dimensions/worlds

  16. MLK
    MLK at |

    Megaman Fan: DONT RANT MY MEGAMAN!!!!
    ok, now i got out ^w^

    aboot Megaman/Rockman games:
    >Megaman 1~10 <<~between MM & X series: Willy creates Zero who kills almost everybody, except Dr. Willy & Dr.Light. Gets sealed
    >~before X series: Dr. Lights builds “X”, a next gen robot with conscience and real human-AI, doesn’t follow Asimov’s laws, so he is able to kill humans if the needs arise.
    >Megaman X: X wakes from his slumber, followed by a enraged Zero who goes berserk on some robots & Sigma (who will become later the titular villain)

    after X5 the plot divides in 2 but lets save more rant for later ^w^

  17. Wertty
    Wertty at |

    I have a big problem with #1, why? Because whoever made this list completely forgot that it’s about STORYLINES yet all he does is complain about how many pokemons there are. And how is it convoluted? The stories in the games are barely connected to each other, except the ”colour” and ”ore” generations where you go to Kanto and fight the gym leaders who are older BTW. Oh and BTW Mario has no storyline and yet it’s #10. It’s just a simple platforming game. Oh and I almost spit out my drink in Ninja Gaiden part, because again the dude forgets what list he’s doing and whines about how Ninja Gaiden changed when it jumped to 3D.

  18. ???
    ??? at |

    10. Mario
    First, the Koopalings were not Bowser’s kids, nor did the game ever claim so. They are relatives, nothing more.
    Second, the idea that Mario has never been to the Mushroom Kingdom is a player assumption, not game-text canon.
    Third, the scene where you stop by Yoshi’s house in Super Mario World hints at the fact that Mario and Yoshi HAD met before.

  19. Esso
    Esso at |

    Xenogear has huge amount of story and theme. Kingdom hearts explain more and more in each successive games but it gets even more confusing in each explaination. I would say they will top these 10 any time. These games you mentioned are mostly one game after the other with not much good story for examples, in megaman X, you keep killing sigma in every games. Link also has to kill the green guy many times and Mario have to keep rescuing Peach. And those fighting games aren’t much of a complex story either. They just assemble for some reasons and fight to the death.

  20. hayden
    hayden at |

    A horrible list, super mario does have a cinematic story, and its the same with most of these oter games, pokemon are you taking the pissed its up there as the most overrated game ever, its boring, no story, where isheavy rain, crysis and uncharted, older games like the 1’s on ur top ten list, weren’t made to have a story, so this webpage is invalid


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