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  1. ? at |

    Epic list. Well-written too. “Overly-developed dog gonads”=courage embodied

  2. Mitchell at |

    Terrific list. What became of Nemo? Did Gander explode?

  3. Jennifer at |

    Even though he was not known for his courage per se, I think Hachiko deserves an honorable mention. His is the same story as Shep, only he trumps Shep’s vigil by 3 years. Hachiko’s owner was a professor and had a brain hemorrhage at work. He never rode the train home that day while Hachiko waited for him. He waited for his master for 9 years until he died of terminal cancer.

    Great list!

  4. Dennis at |

    Great List! Well Done.

  5. Amrendra at |

    Great topic and so very well written…Dogs indeed are the only animals on this planet who love you more than they love themselves.

  6. Matt at |

    What about Smokey the WWII dog???? She is one of the most decorated dogs and saved an entire battalion.

  7. Anon at |

    Great list. However, I don’t think that photo is the original “Barry” . It is more likely one of his descendants. The collar is too modern and too expensive. The head is too square, more like a modern St Bernard, and the hair on his back legs is too long – Barry had short thick hair. Also I’m fairly certain that no photo of Barry was ever taken, although there are several paintings of him which don’t look like that photo. We know the color of his fur because it was preserved and years later a taxidermist used it to cover a modern looking interpretation of him.

  8. Dennis at |

    Great List

  9. Katarina at |
  10. Ernie at |

    What about Sergeant Stubby??

  11. MiloV at |

    I’m not much of a dog person but this is a great list. Well done guys.


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