Top 10 Cute Animal Videos


Everybody loves watching cute animal videos online. They rule the Internet and people can’t get enough of them. Perhaps no other animals have risen to fame as quickly as the sneezing panda and the surprised kitty did. They are the stars of this list, but also less famous animal videos are guaranteed to make you smile.

10. Moki and the AC

Living without AC during those hot summer days sounds impossible and Moki, the White Lab puppy, couldn’t agree more. Take a look at this sweet puppy sleeping right over an air conditioning vent. According to Moki’s owner, this isn’t an unusual occurrence: “she moves from vent to vent around the house seeking out cool air.”

Fun fact: During the first weeks of life, puppies sleep 90 % of the time.

 9. Chicken Police

Two nasty bunnies get out of hand and the chicken police has to step in to restore public order. Bad bunnies, bad bunnies, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do? When the chickens come for you? Inner Circle’s Bad Boys would be a great background song for this amazing video.

Fun fact: chickens turn out to be tyrannosaurus-rex’s closest living relatives.

8. Little Guy vs. Big Guy

This video was taken in 2009 when Dude, the Chihuahua, was just a puppy. Despite its size, Dude is the one teasing Maggie, a 6 year old English Mastiff. Maggie loves Dude, but all that jumping and biting and running would get on anyone’s nerves after a while. The Chihuahua should find other creative ways to unleash his excessive energy.

Fun fact: the world’s largest litter of Chihuahua puppies ever recorded is 10.

7. ‘Bad’ Hair Day

Faye looks like a cute porcupine after being rubbed with a blanket and she doesn’t seem bothered at all by this. She actually loves it. This dog is positively charged, literally and figuratively!

Fun fact: the Peruvian Inca Orchid and the AHT (American Hairless Terrier) have no fur.

6. Surprised Kitty

A couple of years ago, this 17-second viral video hit 7 million views on YouTube in two weeks. Believe it or not, the kitten’s name is Attila Fluff. According to her owners, she is fierce just like Attila, the greatest Hun leader, but also cute, so Attila Fluff was the perfect name for her.

French journalist Aude Baron predicts Attila Fluff – the surprised kitty – will dethrone Nora “the piano cat”, “the keyboard cat” and even “the ninja cat”. What do you think?

Fun fact: Born in 1972, Lucy from South Wales is believed to be the oldest cat in the world.

5. Sneezing Baby Panda

The Sneezing Baby Panda is heading from the internet to the big screen. The widely popular video (with almost 120 million views) is being turned into a mockumentary. The documentarians who captured by chance this cute moment are Jenny Walsh and Lesley Hammond. Their plan is to release “The Life and Times of Sneezing Baby Panda” in 2013. The $1.3 million production is set to begin shooting this fall in China.

Fun fact: Chinese call the panda bear Great/Big Bear Cat -???

4. Gibbon Defending Its Territory

This adorable video features a naughty gibbon ‘monkeying’ around with Pang and Sua, two tiger cubs. The tigers’ playground is Taloum’s kingdom. The agile gibbon repeatedly slaps and pinches the cubs. Gibbons are usually more aggressive when defending their home, but Taloum is so cute and playful. Worn out, the cubs have no choice and leave Taloum’s territory.

Fun fact: according to, gibbons are the fastest of all tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals.

3. Half Asleep

The Internet is full of cute animals falling asleep. They give a whole new meaning to being half-asleep.  I couldn’t agree more with “not all naps are created equal. Sure, sometimes you lay down for a snooze and wake up feeling fully rested, but other times you’re left feeling groggy for no good reason — like you would have been better off without the nap altogether.“ This dog is hilarious! Did you ever see an animal sleeping like this?

Fun fact: the sun bear does not hibernate.

2. Polar Bears and Dogs

These adorable polar bears just want to cuddle and play and hug and be friends forever with Brian Ladoon’s sled dogs. Wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing captured some fantastic shots of these unusual playmates. “It’s like the lion asleep with the lamb story,” said Brian Ladoon. “It happens and it happened naturally. It was not something that was planned and I worked with it instead of fighting it.”

Fun fact: polar bears are the world’s strongest swimmers. No other four-footed animal can swim as fast.

1. Taste of Freedom

This is a precious video I’ve been watching over and over again since I first saw it.  Thirty-eight lab chimps have been released into a wonderful sanctuary near Salzburg, Austria after 30 years of captivity! Injected with HIV and hepatitis, the chimps were the subjects of countless, painful experiments. Pumped all day long, year round with chemicals and hooked up to machines, the chimps “were truly prisoners of utter despair. With no stimulation, no nurturing love and no hope, many were driven to the brink of madness and sometimes beyond”, wrote Allan Hall for Their ordeal came to an ended in 1997, when the experiments were over, but the chimpanzees gained their freedom after a 14-year battle/campaign. The process of readjusting the ex-lab chimps to the outside world has been extremely challenging, but it finally paid off.

What emotional footage! It shows how the chimpanzees reacted to the new environment: sun, fresh air, grass…freedom. They hugged and laughed and rolled around. The chimps continue to enjoy their well-earned retirement in Austria at the Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary.

Sad fact: Gabon and the United States are the world’s only countries that still allow such cruel experiments on chimps. You can help the 1,200 chimpanzees used in nine American laboratories by asking your congressional representatives to support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (H.R. 1513/S. 810). Save the Chimps.

What’s your favorite animal video? Add it to our YouTube playlist of cute animals by leaving a link in the comments below.

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  1. Continuing innovations in alternatives to the use of invasive research on great apes is the civilized way forward in the 21st century.
    Americans can no longer justify confining these magnificent and innocent animals to traumatic invasive research and life imprisonment. Many new techniques are cheaper, faster and more effective, including computer modeling and the testing of very small doses on human volunteers. In vitro methods now grow human cells and tissues for human biomedical studies, bypassing the need for whole animals….There are many articles/scientific papers on this topic. Each one of you will have to come to your own conclusion. My goal is not to persuade the reader, but to explain my point of view.

  2. Before you write letters to Congress about using animals for medical experimentation, ask yourself if you are willing to let your cancer, HiV, heart disease, etc., go untreated. If you are willing to die of cancer rather than taking medicines or undergoing surgeries that were developed through animal testing, then go ahead and write your letter, and let your family know that you will die an early but animal-friendly death.

    While animal testing can be sad, it’s necessary to create the medicines and surgical techniques that saves lives. Drugs that are tested on animals end up being sent around the world. Animals were used to develop the surgical techniques that saved me when I had testicular cancer. My son has spina bifida, and surgery has been necessary for him almost thirty times. Until human beings volunteer for the very early stages of testing drugs and techniques – PETA people never seem willing to volunteer, oddly enough – using animals is necessary.

    • On a similar note, go back onto YOU TUBE, and type in “Bella and Tara” the elephant and dog. There is a couple who own a sanctuary or refuge for elephants, they also have a pet dog that has bonded with one of the elephants. And they do everything together and are inseperable. They walk, run, eat, sleep, drink water and play together. At one point, the dog accidentally broke one of its legs and had to stay in the house for 3 weeks so that it may heal in the couple’s house. For those 3 weeks, the Elephant held vigil at the front door the entire time. The one amazing thing about the video is showing the lady giving the dog a belly rub and the elephant followed along and gave the dog a belly rub as well with his huge hoof. Its amazing to say the least….