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  • Seth

    Ibrahimovic is a Serb, not a Swede.

    • His nationality is Swedish, because he was born in Sweden. His heritage may be Bosnian, but he is rightly characterized as a Swedish player since that is the country of his birth. So, you and the writer are both right…in a way.

    • Steveooooo

      Seth, you know nothing. He is swedish, he was born in Sweden, his mother is Croatian and father Bosnian. He is not Serbian, not in anyway…

      I apologise for YOUR confusion 😉

  • auto devis

    Torres and Kaka were arguably the biggest flops on this list.

  • Jessy

    Wow, over here in Australia, A$3,000,000 is a huge amount for a player to go to a new team for a season in rugby league. It’s amazing how different soccer is, and just how big the fan base is! Worldwide! Imagine making over 100,000,000 for playing a sport you love 🙂

  • Ana

    Little typo in the Ronaldo section: It is Portuguese, not Portugean

  • brando

    I am curious as to how long these contracts all are? 50 million over 3 seasons? 10? Also curious as how they compared to the big baseball contracts here in the states.

    • Daniel

      Hi brando , the list shows the amount of money paid by a given club to acquire the rights of a player , I would say that the salaries of these players(some of the players in the list are now retired ) vary between 8.000.000 USD and 20.000.000 USD not including bonuses and commercial deals

    • Xabi

      Those sums do not include a players wages, just the money it cost to buy the player rights. Ronaldo is rumoured to be on around £250k a week, although the average wage for a top player now days is around £150k a week.

  • Eric

    List is too European.

    See us Americans can do that too! 🙂

  • Smells

    The description for Ibrahimovic says “the biggest move” was when Barca paid 45 million to have him on their team but the heading lists the move from Inter to Barca at 69.5 Million. Which is it?

    • Daniel

      The deal was , 45 Million + Samuel Eto`O , valued at the time at about 25 mils .

  • JAM

    Put it on my tombstone,” He never watched soccer “

  • Autofill

    Poor old Mendieta so much promise. Poor old me as Chelsea flounder after Mutu,Shev,Crespo and FT.

  • Joel

    That is some murders lol