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  • jay

    what about bret hart.?

  • ME!

    Seriously, no Pamela Anderson?!?!?!?!!?

  • Stick

    Celine Dion, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, Howie Mandel, Joni Mitchell, Kiefer Sutherland, Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Bryan Adams, etc….

  • Keith

    I’m surprised John Candy’s not one of them…

  • Little_Sam

    There are way too many “pop culture icons” for my taste on this list. Seven of the ten are “pop culture icons”. I think you need more historic figures in your list. I would like to see more people like Alexander Graham Bell, Pierre Trudeau, and John Kenneth Galbraith. Maybe you should break this up into two lists. One dedicated to historic figures and the other to “pop culture icons”. That is my suggestion.

    • brian

      Yes, those people are completely not on this list….fail

      • Little_sam

        I don’t your comment brian. The three people I mentioned ARE on the list. The point I was trying to make is in my opinion there are too few historic figures on the list for my liking. I think this list should be split into two. One list with just historic figures like the people I mentioned and other list with just “pop culture icons”. This is purely my opinion of course.

  • Anne Iredale

    Leonard Cohen isn’t there but Shania Twain is…..

  • I agree that Mike Myers and Jim Carrey should be on here above Shania Twain, but so far all the other suggestions aren’t really more famous the who is here, in my humble opinion. Remember this is based on how famous or well known the person is, which is subjective to a point.

  • And finally a list that is NOT USA focused. Maybe this will ease the pressure from some of Totpenz readers? Maybe? Do we at least get credit for trying? Hmmm?

    • carolluvzbieber


  • Mati

    David Sazuki anyone? and Sandra Bullock is definitly not canadian. but Ryan Renyolds, Ryan Gosling, Ellen Paige, Michael Cera, Rachel Mcadams, K’NAAN, Gary Carter, Seth Rogen, Lorne Michaels (creator of snl), the Ashmore twins, Steve Nash, k-os, Tommy Douglas, Drake, Russel Peters, Jann Arden, Stan Rogers, Adam Beach, James Naismith (invented basketball), there all canadian.
    good list except,

    • Mati

      wait. i take that back. i completely understand that if this is written by an American, there idea of famous Canadans is very different from who is actually famous in Canada. Of course these people are famous canadians in America. i dont mean that to sound rude at all, it just completely changes the perspective. in canada the “most famous people” look very different. but there fame doesnt always extend over the border lol 🙂

      • I have changed the title to Top 10 Most World Famous Canadians, better?

        • Mati

          lol i didnt mean you had to do that, i was just confused on my first post haha 🙂

  • Ashley

    You have Sandra Bullock listed as a Canadian at the bottom… she is not Canadian, she was born in Washington DC.

    • Corrected. Thanks for letting us know. She sure hangs out with a lot of Canadians…at least in one movie (Ryan Reynolds). 😉

  • Peter Boucher

    Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, who comprise the rock group RUSH. They are the leading exponents of music in Canada, have the greatest drummer on Earth (Neil Peart). Have 24 Gold Albums of which 14 are either platinum or multi-platinum to their name. They call Toronto as their home base. Another serious omission is of Glenn Gould, the internationally famous Pianist also from Toronto. Though he was very eccentric and a hypochondriac, he has been considered the greatest interpreter of the Piano Music of Bach with his renditions of The Goldberg Variations, The Art of The Fugue and The Well Tempered Clavier. He died tragically young at the age of 50.

  • Peter Boucher

    Two omissions. The Rock Group RUSH who are Canada’s leading exponent of music out of Canada with 24 Gold and 14 Platinum albums. And Glenn Gould, the Internationally known Pianist who many regard as the greatest interpreter of the Piano Music of Bach. Both are from Toronto.

  • skywatcher

    Last line of intro says this is list of most famous Canadians in United States. I think a lot of people might know Tommy Douglas now (created Canadian health care system), but Brent Butt, creator and star of the funniest tv show in Canadian history, doesn’t qualify.

    • I love Corner Gas, by Brent Butt. It was Canada’s answer to Seinfeld. I own multiple seasons on DVD.

      • Jim Ribs

        That was their answer to Seinfeld? What an unfunny and poorly acted answer.

  • TriviaFan

    I nominate Ben Johnson (the disgraced Olympic sprinter). Surely he was famous.

  • Peter Boucher

    Mordecai Richler (world famous writer) and Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens (regarded as the Babe Ruth Of Hockey

  • Kenton

    Don’t forget about Jann Arden an amazing muscian.
    Also on a lighter note I know personally three Canadians that are over 6’8 including 7’1 and 7’4 lol

  • The Riddler

    Terrence and Philip anyone?

  • So2Speak

    Three names that are missing that are just insanely obvious (listed smallest to biggest name):

    – Drake – – has gone beyond superstar status as a protege of arguably one of the biggest artists/superstars of our time in Lil Wayne

    – Steve Nash – – back to back MVP winner in a predominantly American-Dominated NBA


    • So2Speak

      And these are all Canadians IN the US market that are HUGE

  • Peter Boucher

    Who can forget the Canadian who is probably the Greatest Hockey Player whoever lived…….BOBBY ORR !!…… He won 3 scoring titles…….as a DEFENSEMAN !!!……..C”MON GUYS, LET’S WAKE UP !!!!

    • Brian

      Never heard of him, I watch some hockey – couple reg. season games and playoffs. But seriously lacking in NHL history knowledge. Hockey is a small sibling to the NFL and NBA. A 70 year old player is not going to be super recognizable no matter how famous. I thought Pele was known to everyone but still find many who have never heard of him.

  • Sean

    umm what about Mark Rowswell ( Dàsh?n – ?? )

    The most famous Canadian in China, and probably the most well known Canadian outside of Canada.

  • BAHMonkeyman

    RUSH!!!! YEAAAH and also Justin Beiber and Nickleback…

    • Peter Boucher

      RUSH……God Bless Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and the World’s best drummer Neil Peart. I’m going on 35 years as them being my favorite group. I can also add these rock groups from Canada. TRIUMPH, LOVERBOY, FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH, MAX WEBSTER, THE GUESS WHO.

  • Peter Boucher


  • Newave

    Canada has only two real exports: Beavers, which come in pelts; and Biebers, whom we’d all LIKE to pelt. (P.S. Seeing “Rush” here makes me laugh. Yes, they belong. But, seriously…the most rabid fans on the planet.)

  • Dulci

    Hahaha… it’s amazing, how when I’m stateside and ask “Who is PM of Canada?” folks STILL answer “Pierre Elliot Trudeau”… odd, considering he passed away 12 years ago…

    In most nations around the world, even the least educated know who’s head of government in their AND their neighbour’s countries… Only the USAnians have the ignorance and arrogance to declare, “Most Americans rarely know the leader of their northern neighbor is (nor, the truth be told, do they care)” – Hey, there, “WE, the People”… get an education AND a life! (No wonder Canadians come across as intellectuals in the world… and USAnians as Goofy!)

    Regards to President Osama…

    • Newave

      As an American (or, rather USAnian), I totally agree with you, Dulci. When Quebec threatened succession, and it went to vote, most Americans didn’t know (or care). And we lived just NORTH of Windsor — in Detroit! My sister married a Canadian and now lives near Niagara Falls. Canadians know more about the U.S. system of government, and our political leaders, than do most Americans. It’s very sad — but telling. We’ve earned the reputation we have around the world as egocentric and arrogant.

      • Dulci

        Well, now, dear Newave, not all USAnians suffer under ignorance and apathy (the “I don’t know and I don’t care”-illness). Folks like the delightful Michael Moore, who is constantly declaring his LOVE for Canada (“Bowling for Columbine”, “Sicko”) show that SOME people can dress down, but think up… as opposed to politicians, who dress up but think down – if at all.
        And THAT goes for BOTH sides of the border!

        (Actually, the latter applies to most of the world, oddly enough…)

  • Peter Boucher

    For both Newave and Dulci. I was born into a very French-Canadian family. My Grandparents were in Thetford-Mines, Quebec (my Grandfather) and the town of Beauce (my Grandmother). They eventually retired at a house in a small village called Scott-Jonction. All are a 30-40 minute drive to Quebec City. I have been there hundreds of times and the people their were always cordial, helpful and very friendly (if you go to Paris, France that’s a whole different story as they seem to be NOT fond of Americans). So instead of me rambling on, I will say this. It will take many years or even centuries before a law is passed that will have Quebec secede from Canada despite that its been going on for decades. Personally, I love Canada and I just happen to live in Arizona, the complete opposite as far as weather is concerned. Especially The Winter Carnival every February is an outrageous blast of fun

  • Katie

    Trudeau was actually not the longest serving Prime Minister, just so you know! 🙂
    The longest serving was William Lyon McKenzie,King closely followed by John A. McDonald (first PM, WOO!) and then Trudeau. He was also tied with Wilfred Laurier- our first French speaking prime minister. That’s what happens when you don’t have term limits.
    McKenzie King was quite the character too! He established much of the welfare state in Canada and is often cited as the most influential PM we’ve ever had. However, he also regularly communed with spirits, and his dead pets, and was known for his kooky beliefs in spiritualism. So… yeah. Win some, lose some, haha.

    • Peter Boucher

      @ Katie, I am of Canadian ancestry but American born (My ancestors came from Quebec City). There is only one thing about Pierre Trudeau that still baffles me to this day. How in the world did he get married to Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Bianca Jagger. That’s almost like a teenage boy being married to Zsa Zsa Gabor !!!???

  • Beebop

    Drake, the rapper is also Canadian

    • jfauser


  • Emma

    JUSTIN BIEBER THEN?!?!??!!?!?!??!!??!??1

  • Dave Darling

    Celine Dion should have the top spot on this chart, and it shouldn’t even be up for debate – The only thing Shania has on her is looks – So if you’re talking about the best looking female artist in Canadian history Twain’s got it, but as far as talent, sales, fortune, influence and worldwide recognition is concerned Celine blows her away – And where is Shania now anyway ? . . . Her star has definitely fallen while Celine’s has remained strong – C’mon buddy give your head a shake and do the right thing – DD

  • Alice

    Shanias in Vegas which is what Celine has been doing 🙂 it’s doing very well too! It just got extended!

  • John Joseph D. Montegrejo

    Celine dion is the most successful artist in canada.she is the only artist can lineup to whitney and mariah…one of the greatest icon of pop music,she should put in number 1 then shania is at number 5 because she is just a ant compare to QUEEN CELINE DION OF QUEBEC CANADA……