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  • bob

    What about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in Manhattan. That’s a pretty famous fire. Books and documentaries have been made about it.

  • FMH

    I think the London fires are a bit difficult since nearly every major European city suffered devastating fires in medieval times.

  • pat

    i think the worst fire for human culture was the fire in the library of alexandria. the loss of knowledge could be felt for centuries. scientists have often claimed that the middle ages wouldn’t have been as “dark” if this knowledge hadn’t been lost.

  • DrSnide

    Also of interest, many think that the Chicago fire and the Peshtigo fire had the same cause. Both occured on the same night during a large meteror shower that was seen clearly in both places. Some think falling meterors may have sparked both fires. I believe there was another fire on the same path in Michigan that same night.

  • dsghrth


  • Anthony

    In an article titled “Top 10 Most Famous Fires in History”, how could London 1666 be placed lower than Peshtigo or Texas, or most other entries for that matter. If the article was “Top 10 Most Deadly Fires in History”, or “Top 10 Most Costly Fires in History”, or “Top 10 Most Destructive Fires in History” then London’s lowly ranking could be understandable. But in terms of fame or notoriety the top position should be a line call between “The Great Fire of London” and “The Burning of Rome”. Even Boston, Chicago and San Francisco just don’t come as readily to mind as these ones, and that is surely the test of fame. Then to preface lesser known but higher ranked entries with such words as “Most people have never heard of this event”, or “few people are aware that a second fire was taking place at the same time” is proof that these entries fail the test of fame.

    It’s a good list for American pride, but not as described. A better title would be “6 Famous North American Fires, Plus a Token Few From Some Other Places That We Don’t Really Care About.”

    At least you acknowledged top spot to the Great Kanto Earthquake, but where were the Tokyo and Dresden firebombings in this list? They were at least as famous or notorious as half this list.

  • doi

    Your pathetic Anthony. Your mad just because London isn’t in the “top ten anything” .grow up!! And we Americans don’t brag how our country is the best country in the world. (facts shows it is the best country in the world) I suggest you calm down on your British pride! because you just degrading your country when you talk like that.

    • Anthony

      How fortunate you are, doi, to live in the best country in the world. If this Top 10 was “The Top 10 Best Countries in the World”, your remarks might even have been on-topic. Thanks for commenting anyway, and showing what a master of ironic humour you surely are. Oh, how I laughed!

      By the way, I never said I was British. I’m not British. My country, Godzone, doesn’t have an entry in this list, and doesn’t even have a contender for 10th place let alone 1st place. Things here are so perfect that our fires never escape the fireplaces, stoves and furnaces. We don’t even need firefighters.

    • pat

      “facts shows (sic) it is the best country in the world”? this citation should be sufficient to not reply to you any longer. it tells everything one needs to know about your state of education, your level of maturity and pretty much anything else.

  • Close Enough

    Ahh I was close enough. You kiwis cling on to the U.K. like leeches.. Anyways since you accuse me of being off topic. Let’s go off of topic. Weeeeeeeee…….

    You guys and the aussies should change your flags. Seriously your country and Australia will never become a serious country worldwide unless you do something with the flag. I mean doesn’t the U.K. flag look like gift wrap anayways? And I believe Queen Elizibeth is YOUR queen. I know the U.K. has no power in your country but how do you guys have ANY pride in your country? Are you guys brainwashed. Was that the reason you are team London? Canada has the same thing (at least Canada changed their flag). I just found it odd that’s all.

  • doi

    oh and another thing. The phrase “Godzone” isn’t that well known. I actually had to look it up. So we all know “godzone” wouldn’t be in the top tenz phrases/country nicknames. I’m sorry am I giving you bad time? 😉

    • Anthony

      Not at all, Brandon. But I’ve seen your nation called Godzone as well. I’ve seen writers use it in regard to their various homelands for longer than I care to admit. There’s nothing uniquely NZ about it at all. Hope you didn’t waste too much time googling “Godzone”.

      Oh, and another thing. You missed again. But don’t bother going on a fishing trip to guess my nationality ’cause I won’t admit where I live even if you stumble upon it It’s completely irrelevent to the the discussion.

      • Brandino

        Damn this is really bugging me. Please oh please tell me what country you live in 🙁

        YEAH RIGHT. I don’t care where you live…..

        Uhmmm now we’re like totally off topic.

        You live in Gibraltar right? :S

  • Aleina

    Great collection.However Russian scientist have developed a fire fighting bomb.

  • RKae

    Seattle, 1889. That was a bad one.

  • cowtipper109

    Hi this is an amazing article thanks for posting it!!!

  • cowtipper109

    Texas that one was insanely wicked

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