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7 Responses

  1. Koozies at |

    What U share above really help me a lot, It blow away my wondering ! So thankful !

  2. Tanya Bennett at |

    I love this list – I hadn't heard about most of these places.

  3. Paris at |

    I only recently found out about micronations, I think I might start my own! Zealand is by far one of the most intersting things I've ever read about, I think it's awesome that people start micronations and I would love to go to Sealand some day… 😀

  4. Anon at |

    Lol Peter Kirkland is number one. <3

  5. The Hero~ at |

    Peter Kirkland! :3 Ahhh, Sealand, though, would really be cool to visit.

  6. Micropatrologist at |

    How can you include that joke Talossa, but ignore the very real Molossia?

  7. The Investor at |

    Anyone who is blown away by the incredible idea of a micronation and is ready to start really needs to pick up a copy of “How to Start Your Own Country.” It is old and hard to get but absolutely essential reading.


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