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  • LR

    I was expecting to see the Mayflower on this list, being the ship that sent arguably the most famous colony over to America… I guess it wasn’t really that important, but it sure is incredibly famous (at least here in the US).

  • Kahl


    It feels like someone just shoved a handful of freedom fries down my throat.

    Considering the Germans played a massive role in WWII and euro history, not even one mention is illogical in my opinion. As one famous ship I can’t remember sunk every allied warship that came after it until it was cornered by several ships while refuelling in the Mediterranean. They couldn’t even get close to it at first.

  • bob

    i dont even see the list of boat names?

  • David J Gill

    More unreasearched internet Top 10 List non-sense… This is both a superficial and a rather anglo-centric sort of list likely written by an American.

    What about the Lusitania, the Bismark, the Hood, the Yamato, the Andrea Doria? One would need to know the details of American history to put the Hunley on a top 10 list of famous ships….more like a candidate for a top 50 list.

  • Stella Conway

    the only ship i knew was the R.M.S Titanic. there was a lot of battle ships. Why? the Titanic is really famous

  • Peter Layzell

    The list is very US centred with several important omissions from the UK/European viewpoint.
    One of the most important of those is HMS Beagle which took Charles Darwin around the world to the Galapagos Islands which was the dynamic in the development of his theory of evolution in 1859 and still forms the centre of scientific belief today as the most important work that helps us understand ourselves.
    Without the sturdy little Beagle we may not have benefited from this knowledge.

  • Ned

    You do realise that America wasn’t the only country to fight in WW2 don’t you?

    • Kirsten

      Sorry, but it’s spelled realize, not realise

      • Zach

        Realize is the Americanised-English spelling… the REAL English way of spelling it is ‘realise’. Most Britons agree you’ve dumbed down, over simplified and ruined our language enough to start telling us how to speak/spell it.

  • Wolf von Witting

    Myth and fact gets blurred as we consider the most famous. There was a mutiny on the Potemkin in 1905, but it was the cruiser Aurora (in St.Petersburg harbor) firing the signal shots of the October revolution 1917. Nevertheless the film about Potemkin elevates the ship out of the crowd of anonymous war vessels.
    Most famous, beyond dispute: the Titanic, 2nd the Bismarck (plenty of books and films on the subject)
    3rd – 11th in alphabetical order: Bounty, Enterprise, Mayflower, Mary Celeste, Potemkin, QE2, Queen Mary, Santa Maria, Victory. (ships famous on both sides of the Atlantic, in books, films and many of them being taught about at school all over the world). Kon-Tiki is famous enough, but a raft and the Arc of Noah (or Utnapishtim as his name was in the epic Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh) has transcended completely into myth.

  • Justino

    The Titanic picture is from the 1958 movie “A Night To Remember.”

    • Actual photo now in place, better? At least we didn’t use this image:

  • Shaking my head

    I’m honestly disgusted at the twitch anti-Americanism in these comments. “OH NOSE SOMEONE NAMED AMERICAN SHIPS IN THEIR TOP TEN THE WORLD IS BIGGER THAN MERICA YOU KNOW!!1 EVIL IMPERIALIST YANKS!!111”

    It’s a guy’s PERSONAL TOP TEN, for cripes’ sake. He doesn’t have to forgo mentioning his country’s famous warships just to placate to your ignorant biases about Americans. If you want to draw more attention to your own country’s naval history, WRITE YOUR OWN TOP TEN.

  • Johno

    Then maybe the title of the piece is inaccurate?

  • Eric

    Is the Maine really “that” famous? Most youth, even American these days, know little-to-nothing about the Spanish American war. In academic circles, it is famous mainly for the conspiracy – i.e., that the Spanish crown did not really sink it, that those in power in the U.S. knew this, and yet opted to use it as a pretext for war (and therein an opportunity to grab the Philippines and access to an exploding trade market in China) anyway. A democratic government must always play the ‘good’ guy, especially when it is – in fact – the aggressor.

  • marcosrtc

    The Yamato was larger than the Bismarck, with an overall length of 263 metres. Although it hardly saw any action it was the largest battleship ever.
    Also missing is the USS Enterprise, which was the longest serving aircraft carrier in history. Another worthy list of ships is at:

  • Robert Potter

    If Warships are built for war then the sheer number of battles participated in has to count heavily. Survivability should not count quite as much as damage inflicted but does display strength and perhaps maneuverablilty. I discount behemoths like the Yamato and Bizmarck, the use of so much resources for so little gain. The HMS Victory owns the title as the Greatest Ship with the USS Enterprise CV6 second. Although the Enterprise participated in more actions you gotta hand it to a ship Commanded by Lord Admiral Nelson that survived and is still with us today. To those who complain about the number of American ships represented in this list I would say, go fight…get your nation involved in more battles and earn your stars. During wartime you cannot have your ships running rum and expect them to do well here.

  • Anonymous

    what about the ark

  • Anonymous

    Ships. Hunley is NOt a ship AND not very famous.what about vasa:biggest of her time and fell over in the breeze?HMS ark royal? How the hell is HMS dreadnought les famous then a ship from an american war that the average american has never heard of and nobody else CARES?

  • Graham

    Interesting list, however I found the following comments also enlightening!!

    The Titanic would probably be the most famous ship, known worldwide & if you asked someone in the street to name a famous ship most would say the Titanic.
    HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin’s ship, The Mayflower, SS Great Britain, Queen Mary, HMS Endeavour, The Golden Hind, HMS Victory & The Cutty Sark. Just a few famous ships that are worthy of mention

  • derp

    Maine my ass. It was an inside job