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  1. FizzDrop44
    FizzDrop44 at |

    No Black Star? Or at least Kanye’s remix of Kweli’s ‘Get By?’ (Kanye, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kweli, and Busta! Blasphemy.

  2. Hellion
    Hellion at |

    “Regulate” by Nate Dogg and Warren G has a much more lasting impact than any song listed above ever has or will.

  3. davillain420
    davillain420 at |

    Are you serious? No Madvillain? MF DOOM and Madlib?

  4. Jim Ciscell
    Jim Ciscell at |

    I was kind of surprised not to see Run DMC and Aerosmith doing ‘Walk This Way’ really the first cross cultural hip hop collaboration that went mainstream. But I may have misunderstood the question.

  5. Rob
    Rob at |

    Public Enemy and Anthrax.

    End of discussion.

  6. Levothread
    Levothread at |

    Drum roll please,

    the most important, social and cultural Hip hop collaborations of ALL TIME:

    Thank you,

  7. Chuck sleazy
    Chuck sleazy at |

    What about method man and red man and the whole blackout album..

  8. nas correction
    nas correction at |

    Actually, Nas was signed to Def Jam Records. Not Roc-A-Fella. it was significant at the time because Jay Z was president of Def Jam during that period.

    1. KevinJ
      KevinJ at |

      yeah and hes not on the label anymore lol,this author needs to update his rap knowledge

  9. Louis Alexandre Simard
    Louis Alexandre Simard at |

    What about that awesome Jay-z with The Roots acoustic session. Common Big Pumpkin’ was epic on that one.

  10. Mental
    Mental at |

    PJ and Duncan??

  11. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    California Love?


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