Top 10 Junk Food-Related Deaths


We apologize, but this article has been removed.

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  1. Wales may be boring but at least we arent all fat, play original sports and dont have psychotics who commit school murders.

    • Apparently the folks of Wales also lack a sense of humor! I don’t know that a comment about a place being boring requires bringing up school shootings. Calm down Connor.

    • Craig Williams on

      So true! The Americans always feel like they have the position to comment on anything. Should stop and take a look around them.

  2. The background on No. 7 seems to me as if a lot of doctors made a lot of mistakes. I really doubt that malnutrition was the main reason there.

  3. I know the family of Noah Akers. I sure hope his little sister never comes across a distasteful insensitive article like this mocking her brother’s tragic death.

    • As the owner of this site sometimes I am not as involved as I need to be. I fully admit I blew it in this article. As I re-read it I was very disappointed in my lack of empathy for those that died. I personally apologize for this and will be removing this article immediately.